Genshin Impact Baizhu Builds and Backstory (2023)

Name: Baizhu

Vision: Dendro

Birthday: 25 April

Constellation: Lagenaria

Titles: Beyond Mortality, Owner of Bubu Pharmacy

Genshin Baizhu Abilities

Baizhu is the second Dendro healer and the first to make Dendro shields. As a doctor, he’s committed to keeping allies alive and healthy and has many related abilities in Genshin Impact.

His Elemental Skill, Universal Diagnosis, sends out a Gossamer Sprite that attacks 3 nearby opponents. It then returns to the character, healing the party. The amount recovered is based on a percentage of Baizhu’s max HP. If there are no enemies nearby, the Sprite simply returns and heals.

Holistic Revivification, Baizhu’s Burst, creates a Dendro shield around himself (it stays when switching him out). The shield regenerates every 2.5 seconds, and every time it does, it sends out a Spiritvein and heals the on-field character. Healing and shield strength is based on Baizhu’s HP, while the Spiritvein attacks scale from his ATK.

Lastly, his exploration passive, Herbal Nourishment, allows him to concoct remedies from various materials you can pick up in the world. This heals around 2.5% of his max HP for each one collected. This includes:

  • Flowers (Sweet Flower, Mint, Violetgrass, etc.)
  • Fruits (Sunsettia, Apples, Lavender Melons, etc.)
  • Mushrooms (Rukkhashava Mushrooms, Starshrooms, Matsutake, etc.)
  • Vegetables (has to be planted, not from a crate, basically wild Carrots and Radishes)
  • Cooking ingredients (Pinecones, Eggs, Seagrass, etc.)
  • Some local specialties (Onikabuto, Sango Pearls, Starconch, Sand Grease Pupa)

The last four products aren’t included in any other category but can be reasonably used in medical concoctions. Like the crates, Mushrooms picked up from Shroomboars will not trigger the passive. The resource has to exist in the open world for it to activate.

This only affects the on-field character, so you must switch to the one you want to heal. If you’re farming for these resources, bringing Baizhu along will reduce your visits to the Archon statues. If you have Nahida, it takes effect when collecting them using All Schemes to Know.

It doesn’t activate when you pull up a disguised Whopperflower or harvest your planted seeds in the Serenitea Pot. Using the Seed Dispensary to get two products (plant and seed) does not double the healing effect. Neither will it trigger when picking up similar-looking quest items, such as Fresh Qingxin.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu Builds

Of course, Baizhu’s specialty is in supporting allies. Whether healing and shielding or buffing characters, artifacts have a few options.

Ultimate Support Baizhu

For the best utility support, a 4-set Deepwood Memories is the best. While you don’t need the Dendro DMG bonus, the 4-set effects suit any team with a Dendro DPS. Putting in HP main stats on the timepiece, goblet, and headpiece is enough for high healing with his skills. Alternatives are Ocean-Hued Clam, Noblesse Oblige, or even 2-sets of Tenacity of the Millelith and Vourukasha’s Glow.

Main Stats: 3x HP, or you can have an Energy Recharge timepiece and/or Healing Bonus hat

Substats: HP, Energy Recharge


While Baizhu isn’t a fighter, there are viable DPS builds for him. You can set him up for a Spread team with the Gilded Dreams set. An alternative is to drive Dendro reactions with a Deepwood set. This could rely on what weapons you have on hand.

Main Stats: Elemental Mastery, Dendro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG (Spread team) or 3x EM (Dendro driver)

Substats: EM, ER, HP (Dendro driver) that and Crit DMG/Rate, ATK for Spread

Genshin Baizhu Weapons

Jadefall’s Splendor is his signature weapon and the best-in-slot for him. However, for a DPS Baizhu, there are better alternatives.

Spread DPS

  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  • Tulaytullah’s Remembrance
  • A Thousand Floating Dreams
  • Solar Pearl

Driver DPS

  • A Thousand Floating Dreams
  • Wandering Everstar
  • Hakushin Ring

Support Baizhu

  • Jadefall’s Splendor
  • Favonius Codex
  • Prototype Amber
  • Sacrificial Fragments
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Genshin Impact Baizhu Backstory

Baizhu was born in a small village in Liyue. However, it soon got stricken by the plague, taking many lives, including his parents. Fortunately, his master was practicing (with Changsheng along for the ride). He was able to stop it from spreading even more.

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However, this does not bring back the dead, and Baizhu decided to follow his master and learn the art of medicine. He saw countless illnesses and ailments. However, his master could cure them all. He remembered a straightforward truth from all the traveling: diseases may be dangerous, but the human intellect can triumph over them.

And so it was, until his master collapsed under all the sickness he took on according to a contract. Baizhu then realized there was one ailment the medicine had not conquered: death. Was there really no cure for this, he wondered.

With his master buried, Changsheng offered a contract to Baizhu, the same one that led to his master’s end. The little snake wondered how many more people would take on the contract, but her new holder declared, “No, this contract ends with me.”

So began the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Baizhu had trouble starting it up, as by law, businesses required an auspicious day to be open. It was to be divined through Zhanbu, and following it will make the endeavor prosper and enjoy fame and fortune.

Baizhu had gone through all the trouble following bureaucracy. However, a few nights before they were set to open, a distraught mother brought her sick child to the still-closed pharmacy. Neighbors were surprised to see it open the next morning, days early and without fanfare.

Changsheng chided Baizhu, asking what if the pharmacy goes bankrupt. He only replied, “Which pharmacy wants business to boom?” He follows it up by saying they weren’t asking for more people to get sick. Still, he hadn’t thought of a name for the shop or a message, so he thought of one on the spot.

Bubu Pharmacy’s message is thus: “No matter the fortunes of this shop, or the diseases affecting our patients, or our fates, we don’t need to ask the gods or use divination any longer.”

The name comes from the ‘bu’ in Zhanbu, which means refusal or negation. This affirms Baizhu’s beliefs and message.

Though many call him Mr. Bai, that is not his last name. The appellation came from Qiqi, who had a memory like a sieve at the beginning of the acquaintance between the doctor and the zombie. In those days, the little zombie often forgot to go home after picking herbs all day and could not remember Baizhu or Changsheng’s names.

However, Baizhu was patient and repeatedly reminded Qiqi that she lived at the Bubu Pharmacy with him. He also picked her up whenever she was late to return home. His efforts eventually bore fruit when he gave her a notebook to write in.

Following that gift, there came a day when Qiqi woke one morning and didn’t ask who he was. Still, his full name escaped her, and she ended up with Mr. Bai. When Changsheng eagerly asked her, the zombie could only say, ‘long snake.’

Afterward, Mr. Bai was always on Qiqi’s lips. ‘Mr. Bai said this or that’ or ‘Mr. Bai won’t allow it’ constantly fall out of her mouth. The pharmacy always had a customer or two to overhear, so they brought ‘Mr. Bai’ out of the pharmacy and into the city.

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Because many people look to him for prescriptions and cures, they overlook that Baizhu is a shrewd businessman. His prices are fair, focusing on many customers buying but with small margins. However, the ‘Everlasting Incense’ is a curious exception, priced at 2,990,000 Mora even with a discount.

Fortunately, his customers don’t care about price. They care more about the quality and effectiveness of what they buy. Why try to haggle in the markets for questionable products when Mr. Bai’s service is guaranteed? It is more expensive, but it’s worth the extra cost.

More than that, many of his customers are business partners. They give him herbs and supplies while distributing Baizhu’s medicines outside Liyue. It’s a mutually beneficial deal, as both profit much from it.

Still, it doesn’t explain why Baizhu takes care of Qiqi, which doesn’t add to the pharmacy’s ledgers. Baizhu also has a bleeding heart, so he doesn’t charge those who can’t pay or discount an already discounted price. He also only charges a token fee for treating rare ailments.

Because of that, people from all over Teyvat seek him out for treatment for all kinds of sicknesses. Baizhu will never turn down a patient, whether or not they can pay for the service. In fact, Anthony actually asks him about his sister Anna’s ailment, which can get cured when you do enough of his commissions. This reputation of his spread, bringing him more diseases to study and fix.

You might wonder why he does that. It all has to do with his goal to achieve immortality. Sharp-eyed customers will notice the books the doctor reads or the drawers filled with rare and valuable ingredients. Those are never used in everyday prescriptions, but the contents are depleted and refilled regularly.

Anyone with a background in alchemy or thaumaturgy can recognize them as ingredients for an elixir of immortality. The layperson might not understand its implications or importance, but some do. Generally, people who know about it have one of three opinions:

  • They want to know how far he’s come (and steal his knowledge/research)
  • They want to stop him
  • They don’t really care about immortality, but what trouble could come from researching it

The third group is primarily the Millelith, but that’s covered by his everyday routine and personable nature. He turned the gossip to his advantage, and the people spread the word that his research had no ill intent and won’t cause any trouble.

Baizhu already has a working relationship with the second group. He already knows he can’t change those beliefs. Curiously, the representative for this group is the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor down the street. Despite opposing views on life and death, they work together when the doctor fails to find a cure. He understands that he won’t be able to cure everyone, so he works with Director Hu to ensure the dead can rest.

And for the first group, Baizhu finds them laughably easy to deal with. Their methods are crude, and though his practice is the healing arts, he’s surprisingly capable in combat. You can see this in his character demo. While brewing a cold medicine, Treasure Hoarders surround him, thinking he’s making a valuable elixir. He fights them off, calling it medicine for cognitive impairment.

Everyday life in Bubu Pharmacy goes like this:

Baizhu wakes up early and drinks some water before brewing tea.

(Video) C0 Baizhu is a STRONG Healer with Simple Artifacts & Weapons! (Baizhu Build Guide)

Friendly shops nearby frequently deliver pastries (and groceries) to the shop, with two big plates and one small. The doctor and Herbalist Gui take one of the big plates, while Qiqi and Changsheng share the small one. Even if they eat their pastries at different times, it counts as having breakfast together.

After breakfast, the clinic opens for business. Baizhu stays in the shop to receive patients. Herbalist Gui delivers medicines for older people and those with reduced mobility. Changsheng leaves her post around Baizhu’s neck to wander. She sometimes accompanies Qiqi’s calisthenics or asks about the recent gossip if she encounters Gui.

After that, lunch comes next. Baizhu prepares a nutritious meal and a sweet soup, enough for the staff and whoever comes in time for a bite.

In the afternoon, Herbalist Gui staffs the shop, Changsheng and Qiqi people watch, and Baizhu stays in his clinic. Despite being closed off, the doctor still hears and pays attention to what’s happening outside.

Evening comes, and Bubu Pharmacy closes its doors. Herbalist Gui might stay for dinner or go home to his family. With the doctor, zombie, and snake left alone, they can eat and drink their fill, returning to their rooms once the moon’s out.

Though that’s the typical day in Bubu Pharmacy, there are times (usually when the weather turns cold) when a crowd gathers in front of the shop. Only Herbalist Gui is there; the doctor is nowhere to be seen. Repeat customers know it’s ‘one of those days’ when the doctor is ill and cannot see you today. They take their prescriptions and wish Baizhu a swift recovery.

The Doctors themselves are their worst patients, and Baizhu is no exception. His condition will astound other doctors, as his internal organs are diseased, and he has a weak constitution. Throughout the day, Gui and Qiqi bring him water, cold towels, and plates of fruit.

His condition comes from his contract with Changsheng and the eventual demise of his master and the masters before him. Still, he’s dedicated to finding immortality. Though the pain makes him think he’s dying, he won’t succumb until he succeeds.

Genshin Impact How Baizhu Got His Vision

Soon after accepting the contract with Changsheng and declaring he was the last one, he received his Dendro Vision. The running theory (for now) is that those who act on their beliefs receive this element’s powers. He’s doing everything he can to be the last contractor for Changsheng.

It’s the trend among Dendro holders (so far). The exception could be the yokai, which likely has different rules similar to adepti. Still, it’s just a theory.

Have fun and enjoy playing Baizhu (and Changsheng)!


What stats does Baizhu need? ›

You're probably better off contributing to team damage, and Baizhu needs the stats of 5-star artifacts. 4pc: Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members' Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s. Think of this as the Elemental Mastery equivalent of Noblesse Oblige.

What is the best artifact set for Baizhu? ›

If you want to purely use Baizhu to heal, then the Maiden Beloved artifact set is a good option. Players will be able to maximize the artifact set's 4-piece effect, as the healing occurs after the player uses Baizhu's Elemental Skill or Burst.

Who will Baizhu work well with? ›

Alhaitham – Yae Miko – Fischl – Baizhu

Moving away from Hyperbloom, we also have an Aggravate team that works well with Baizhu. Alhaitham and Yae Miko will be dealing the majority of the damage, while Fischl and Baizhu help to keep the Aggravate reaction going.

What is the best 4 star weapon for Baizhu? ›

The Prototype Amber is the best 4-star weapon that you can use with Baizhu. It has everything you need to to scale his capabilities. For Baizhu's support role, stacking as much HP as possible is the goal, with elemental mastery and energy recharge being good secondary stats.


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