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The Genshin Impact Fatui has been a part of the Genshin Lore from the moment you enter the game. They're the primary antagonists of Genshin Impact, running around collecting the gnoses of the archons for an undisclosed reason. The Fatui hails from Snezhnaya and is a military force to be reckoned with, even declared the strongest of all the seven nations.

In this organization, there are executive officers called the Fatui Harbingers. These Harbingers manage their own divisions of the Fatui, and they also own "delusions" which makes them even stronger than they already are. The members of the Harbingers also act independently, which means they don't always agree with one another.


This page lists all the members of the Fatui Harbingers and what we currently know about them.

This page contains spoilers for Genshin Impact's story.

Pierro - The Jester (The Fool)

Pierro is the 1st of the Fatui Harbingers. He's the very first member of the Fatui who only shows up during important occasions. His actual achievements are unknown and it seems that he prefers to work in the background.

He has recruited several Harbingers including Il Dottore, Pantalone, Signora, and Scaramouche.

La Signora - The Fair Lady

La Signora is the 8th of the Fatui Harbingers. She wields a Pyro vision and has a Delusion of a Cryo vision. She is known as the Crimson Witch before joining the Fatui. She was the Harbinger who stole Venti's gnosis during an ambush in front of the Mondstadt Cathedral.

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Pulcinella - The Rooster

There seems to be little information about Pulcinella. All we know about him is that he's the 5th Harbinger and that he handpicked Tartaglia (Childe) to be inducted to the Fatui. Tartaglia shows deep trust in Pulcinella and says that he seems genuine in wanting to help him. Apparently, Pulcinella also treats Tartaglia and his siblings like family, often bringing his siblings pastries and other gifts.

Scaramouche - Balladeer

Scaramouche is the 6th Harbinger and is first encountered during the Unreconciled Stars event in which he acted as the main antagonist. During the Inazuma arc, he was successful in obtaining Raiden Shogun's gnosis. But right after obtaining it, he cut off ties with the Fatui which made them think he has gone rogue. Childe even went to Inazuma to track him but returned with nothing.

Tartaglia - Childe


Tartaglia is the 11th Harbinger, and the first to be made playable. He seeks strong opponents everywhere he goes and often challenges them to a fight to the death. Despite looking like a very friendly person, make no mistake as behind that mask lies a bloodthirsty warrior.

He's also a family man often making sure his siblings are safe and will even put himself in danger just to make sure they aren't harmed. He also dotes on them a lot. His hobbies include fishing, which he uses to meditate and contemplate his fighting style.

Il Dottore - Doctor

Il Dottore is a Harbinger with little to no regard for human life and is interested in the concept of "enhanced humans". He was a former student in the Sumeru Akademia where he studied creating humans that can surpass even the gods. He wasn't shown favor from his professors and peers and was shunned as a monster and a madman due to his research.

Not long after, he was approached by Pierro who heard rumors about a student performing heretical acts. He invited Il Dottore to join the Harbingers which he accepted because one of the conditions is resources from research.

Capitano - The Captain

The only thing we know about Capitano is that Childe has seen him in battle once before, and that he strongly admires his battle prowess.

Sandrone - The Puppet

Not much is known about Sandrone besides the fact that she's always accompanied by a machine that's much taller than her. According to Childe, she appears to always be engrossed in her research.

Arlecchino - The Servant

The defining part of Arlecchino is that she manages an orphanage presumably in Snezhnaya. Children that are members of the orphanage are trained to become Fatui soldiers and are sent out all over the world for various missions. According to Childe, he doesn't like Arlecchino at all. He thinks that she would betray the others in a heartbeat.


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Columbina - The Maiden

Columbina is the 3rd of the Fatui Harbingers. Not much is known about her other than her ranking in the Harbinger and Childe's puzzlement about it.

Pantalone - Regrator

Pantalone is the ninth of the Harbingers and is the wealthiest of them all. He also handles Snezhnaya's economic policies. He apparently was born into poverty and has never received a Vision.

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