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Pelosi says Congress must create jobs while giving up hers Susan Cornw well ell (Front Front Row Washington )

As she handed over the House Speaker’s gavel to the other party,

so Democrats will judge what comes before Congress from either side of the aisle as to whether it creates jobs, strengthens the middle class, and reduces the deficit,” the first

downturn of 2007-2009. While Democrats may now ask what the new Republican House majority is doing to get people back to work, Republicans m ight point out that Democrats still have

Nancy Pe losi thatfoot the shoe was nowpoint on ed theout other and the new Republican-led Congress would be judged by whether it creates jobs. The California Democrat, now House minority leader, probably would like her old job back, and setting such a high performance bar for the Rep ubli can s now in charge of the House of Representatives might be one way to get it. Lessons from the November elections are still burning — it was public anger and anxiety about the economy and job losses that partly led to Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives. “Our most important job is to fight for American jobs … And

wo man a sp eak gavel er said as new sh e handed huge to the speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner. Boehner also addressed job concerns. “We gather here today at a time of great challenges. Nearly one in ten of our neighbors are looking for work,” he said. “Hard work and tough decisions will be required of the 112th Congress. No longer can we fall short. No longer can we kick the can down the road. The people voted to end business as usual, and today we begin carrying out their instructions.” He also didn’t disappoint those watching for his now trademark show of emotion when he dabbed his eyes with a white handkerchief as he waited for

control po we r of —two th eother Se nakey te levers an d thof e White House. So would an improvement in the jobs pict ure help the Rep ublicans or the Democrats in congressional elections two years from now? Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Pelosi yields podium to Boehner), Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Boehner dabs his eyes as Pelosi gets ready to hand over the Speaker’s gavel to him) This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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Pelosi to hand over the gavel. economists anticipate the U.S. Pelosi congratulated Boehner and unemployment rate, currently at the new Republican majority 9.8 percent, will remain elevated several t h e y “times, c o m eand f opledged r w a r d that w i tif h solutions that will address these American challenges, you will find us a willing partner.” But it will be hard for either party, Republican or Democrat, to make a big improvement in the joble ss rate anyti me soon. Most

throughout 2011 term. - half of the House members’ That’s because the monthly rate of job creation is expected to average well below the 200,000 or what would be required to make a significant dent in unemployment after some 8 million U.S. jobs were lost during the financial



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Washington xtra – New Year state of mind

Tabassum Zakaria akaria (Front Front Row Washington )

New Year often means out with the old and in with the new. On Capitol Hill, the new 112th Congress will start its 2-year run that will end after the 2012 p r e s i d e n t i a l e l e ct i o n. ( F o r numerologists — that’s an awful lot of 2s). Today was Nancy Pelosi’s last day as the first Madam Speaker. The most powerful woman in American politics and second in

only smoke for Obama these days since he gave up cigarettes). Here are our top stories from Washington today… R epublicans seek to bleed Obama’s health reform Although Senate Democrats can pro babl y reb uff any att empt to repeal the president’s healthcare overhaul, House Republicans say they will try to choke off its funding and delay its implementation. “They are not going to get what they want on funding for healthcare. The House is not going to give it to them,”

“Rwanda moment” if violence explodes in its wake. U.S. officials are cautiously optimistic about the vote, which is expected to see southern Sudan opt to split off as an independent country in the last step of a 2005 peace deal that ended one of Africa’s bl oo di es t ci vi l wa r s. For more of this analysis by here.. Andrew Quinn, read here Air bags, poor economy save road lives: study Air bags and the economic recession have contributed to the biggest drop in road deaths in the

line to the presidency turns into House minority leader next. Her exit line: “No regrets.” Tomorrow will be John Boehner’s first day as speaker when Republicans take control of the House and the new Tea Partiers get seated. We’ll be watching for tears of joy. Before embarking on something new, Republicans have promised to rehash something old —

said a senior Republican Senate programs would be e xempt from December meeting that the aide. their efforts to trim $100 billion economy still needed help despite For more of this story by Donna from the U.S. budget. signs of strength, according to here.. Smith, read here For more of this story by Andy minutes that showed little appetite For a Q&A on the future of the Sullivan, read here to trim bond-buying plans. The here.. health law, click here. here. Funding uncertain for food safety rather dovish tone of the minutes Tax code overhaul is heavy lift in overhaul suggested anyone thinking the near term Even before President Obama central bank might curtail its President Obama wants to signed food safety legislation, controversial bond-buying plans revamp it. Some Republicans congressional Republicans were m a y b e g e t t i n g a h e a d o f want to rip it up. But the U.S. Tax promising a fight over fundi ng it. t h e m s e l v e s . “ T h e r e i s n o Code, more than a million words HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius indication that members are

United States since World War II, researchers said. Changes in driving patterns and safety features both contributed to a 22 per cen t dec lin e in roa d dea ths b e t w e e n 2 0 0 5 a n d 2 0 0 9 , according to a report that studied federal data looking for the causes associated with fatal crashes. For more of this story by Maggie here.. Fox, read here What we are blogging…

n a m e l y signature P r e s i d e nhealth t B a r care ack Obama’s law. House Republicans will likely approve scrapping health care reform at a Jan. 12 vote, but a repeal was unlikely to succeed since Democrats still control the Senate and can block it. President Obama has returned from Hawaii and it’s back to dealing with Congress and world

long, will likely have to wait until after the 2012 presidential election. For more of this analysis by Kim here.. Dixon, read here Military not exempt from spending cuts: R epublicans U.S. military programs will not necessarily be exempt from sharp spending cuts that Republicans in the House of Representatives plan to put forward in coming months,

calls it “the most significant foodsafety law of the last 100 years.” But some Republicans have questioned the necessity and cost of the overhaul — estimated at $1.4 billion over five years — and have warned that the administration could face a tough fight to fund provisions designed to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. For more of this story by Emily

inclined to curtail the program,” said Eric Green, chief economist at TD Securities. “The Fed will follow through with the $600 bi ll ion .” For more of this story by Pedro da Costa and Mark Felsenthal, read here here.. Sudan vote tests Obama’s Africa diplomacy South Sudan’s independence referendum on Sunday marks the

Regrets? Madam Speaker has none Nancy Pelosi spent her final full day as speaker of the House of Representatives saying she had “no regrets.” “I don’t really look back. I look forward,” said Pelosi, who as speaker became the most p o w e r f u l w o m a n e v e r i n American politics. “When our Republican colleagues have positive solutions, again, they will

incoming l e a d e r s . Nicolas H e mSarkozy e e t s Fon r e nJan. c h Leader President EricHouse Cantor Republican said. House 10, will they go to Ben’s Chili Republicans have previously said Bowl for a half-smoke? (It’s the defense and domestic security

here. . bar for Stephenson, read here Fed sees “fairly high” stopping bond buys The Federal Reserve felt at its

start of a in new forwhich U.S. diplomacy the test region, analysts say could yet present President Obama with his

h a v e a w i in l l i solving n g p a r tproblems ner (in Democrats)

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for the American people,” Pelosi said. For Tom Ferraro’s full post, click here here..

due to term limits. here.. For more of this story, read here Photo credit: Reuters/Gary Hershorn (New Year celebration

From N e welsewhere… Year ski tweet for Medvedev and Schwarzenegger? Russia n President Twitter pals Russia Dmitry Medvedev and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took their chummy online relationship into the New Year with a series of new tweets. “Can’t wait to see you again — maybe skiing?” the actor wrote Tuesday in reply to Medvedev’s wishes for success after Schwarzenegger stepped down from his governor’s post

Times Square) inThis entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

BP firms made risky decisions before spill: report (Reuters: Reuters: Top News )

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WASHINGTON| Wed Jan 5, 2011 5:21pm EST WASHINGTON(Reuters) - BP and its partners made a series of cost-cutting decisions that ultimately contributed to an oil spill that ravaged the Gulf of Mexico coast over the summer, the White House oil spill commission said on Wednesday. In its final report on the causes of the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, the commission said BP and its collaborators on the doomed Macondo well had lacked

a system to ensure their actions were safe. "Whether purposeful or not, many of the decisions that BP, Halliburton, and Transocean made that increased the risk of the Macondo blowout clearly saved those companies significant time (and money)," the report said. This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


Will Food Prices Continue to Rise in 2011? The Daily ily Reckoning (Business Business

up 4.2% in just a month, and “First, maybe because corn prices

Insider )

“Food inflation will become America’s top crisis,” in 2011 reads one of the top 10 forecasts issued by the National Inflation Association (NIA) this morning. “Americans can cut back on energy use,” the NIA surmises, “by moving into a smaller home and carpooling to work. They can

brea king the prev ious rec ord of 213.5 in June 2008. “It will be foolish to assume this is the peak,” says FAO senior economist Abdolreza Abbassian. He calls the situation “alarmin “alarming,” g,” but dutif ul burea ucrat that he is, he won’t call it a “crisis.” Heck, even the Super Big Gulp ain’t what it used to be: Now with 9% less! 7-Eleven has surreptitiously

have ralliedthis so much in the past 12 months, is indicative of a rise in the price of corn syrup. “Or second, maybe – since the cost of the cup is worth more than the soda inside – this was an energy saving technique in the face of higher energy prices. Either way, they’re clearly shrinking the size of a beverage to increase margins. “But!” Alan continues. “This may

cut entertainment, travel and back otheron discretionary spending. “However, Americans can never stop spending money on food. “The days of cheap food in America are coming to an end,” the forecast continues. “The recent unprecedented rise that we have seen in agricultural commodity prices is showing no signs of letting up.” Indeed. You’ve already seen sugar futures at a new 30-year high. Coffee futures reached a new 13-year high last week. Orange juice, corn, soybeans and palm oil have a ll stretched to near three-year highs in the past week or so. Last month, global food prices surpassed their mid-2008 records, according to a report out this morning from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The FAO’s food price index clocked in at 214.7 in December –

shrunk famous beverage containerits from 44 ounces to 40. Seems people started noticing it last summer…but only this week did the lid get blown off (so to speak) with a column in the Austin American-Statesman. An alert reader compared the Super Big Gulp with a true 44ounce container from a competitor…and it came up four ounces short. 7-Eleven confirmed it did make the change. But pr es se d fo r an ex pl an at io n, a hapless PR flack could merely say, “We don’t have announcements; we just have information, so I’m not sure if we ran an announcement or not.” “This is called short sizing,” says Resource Trader Alert editor Alan Knuckman,, who has almost single Knuckman -handedly propped up 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp business in recent years. “And it could have come from two different commodity-related angles…

not be the placeiswe’ll see a change. If only 7-Eleven REALLY watching their commodity prices closely, they’ll soon realize that the price of coffee has nearly doubled since last year. “The best way to make this whole short sizing debacle a nonissue” according to Alan, “is to simply profi t from the same forc es that are shrinking our servings. In 2011, as always, it will all come back to c ommodit ies!” Addison Wiggin for The Daily Reckoning Will Food Prices Continue to Rise in 2011?originally 2011?originally appeared in the Daily Reckoning. Reckoning. The Daily Reckoning, offers a uniquely refreshing, perspective on the global economy, investing, gold, stocks and today's markets. Its been called "the most entertaining read of the day." Join the conversation about this story »

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Husk Power Systems Wants to Lead a Revolution in Electricity Jenara Nerrenberg enberg (F Fast ast Company ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:52:57 PM

With a simple but effective design that transforms rice husks into power, the Indian for-profit social enterprise is expanding at a rate of two plants per week. An ambitious agenda has them in up to 15 countries in 10 years--and serving some 15 million people. Sometimes the simplest ideas can prod uce power ful resu lts. Husk Power Systems (HPS)is (HPS)is premised on a simple need--for electricity-and a simple material--discarded rice husks. The for-profit social enterprise was started four years ago by three Indians from the state of Bihar, along with one American classmate from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. Their design philosophy is "simplifying the system so much that even a high school educated villager could be trained and run Manoj our power plants," cofounder Sinha tells Fast Company. It is this philosophy of simplicity and corresponding success that has earned them substantial investments from the Shell Foundation and Acumen Fund and the prizes of a host of social innovation business plan competitions--including the Santa Clara Global Social Benefit

a Husk Power University and an international franchising system. "Everything makes us unique," says company co-founder Gyanesh Pandey. "Literally, I mean everything. We We see this as

Incubator. Already husk power p lants are up 60 andrice ru nning, serving 60 villages and 150,000 people. Now there there are plans to run

a revolution in electricity. A that some super high-tech solution revolution in power." would fix the problem. We were HPS officially started in 2007 proven wrong," Pandey says. a f t e r P a n d e y h a d b e e n Pandey had spent nine years

experimenting for years with how to supply power to India's most neglected, rural villages--places no access to power, many of which are in Pandey's home state of Bihar. "We originally thought

studying in the United States and went back to India in 2002 knowing he wanted to help his fellow statesmen, but he wasn't sure how. " I always had a complex about where I came

were too expensive and not financially feasible for the team--a solar panel would cost $1500 per kilowatt installed. They settled on rice husks at half that cost and now their plants each power 400-

from," Pandey says. "My parents lived in a village. We didn't have a lot of opportunities." Solar and wind power options

500 households for 7-8 hours per day, primarily at night. Their HUSK page 7


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Disney to Open Theme Park in Israel

Neal Ungerleider erleider (Fast Fast Company )

A Disney-affiliated investment firm has just signed on to help buil d an amu sem ent par k/m all / multiplex project in Israel. Will Mickey Mouse be going Middle Eastern this time around? Mickey Mouse may be going Middle Eastern: A Disneyaffiliated investment firm has signed on to help develop a 2020acre entertainment complex in Haifa, Israel. P lan s fo r th e

successful Downtown Disney pro je cts . However, Disney has has a mixed record of success in opening overseas theme parks. While Disneyland Paris is the most visited amusement park in Europe, the park's financial troubles have been legendary. legendary . Hong Kong Disneyland has been facing similar financial financial issuesas issuesas well. Disney is currently involved in building Disneyland Shanghai and previous pla ns to ope n a Disney park in Dubai Dubai never got pas t the pla nni ng sta ges . The

entertainment complex include a small amusement park, a multiplex theater, and a shopping mall. Holdings,, founded by Shamrock Holdings Disney family maverick Roy E. Disney as his family investment firm an d still main tain in g intimate tieswith tieswith the Walt Disney Company, is a partner in the Haifa project. project . The other party Shamrock is working with is

only overseas Disney theme park to enjoy financial comfort is their Japanese project. W While hile Israel has indigenous theme parks of its own such as the Israel,, comically quaint Mini Israel low air fares mean that Israeli travelers can easily visit European megaparks such as Disneyland Paris. Tense relations betwe en Israe l and its neighb ors also mean that a large-scale theme

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New Lineo C inemas Israel Israel.. New Lineo operates two large multiplex/shopping mall complexes in suburban Tel Aviv. A spokesperson for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts tells Fast Company that Disney has no pla ns to bui ld a par k in Ha ifa , Israel. However, local politicians, New Lineo and the Isra eli pres s all confirm that the project is going ahead. Atwa Li press Mond Monday, ay,i Ne ne o conference De pu ty CE O Av Edery said: “The project, which is still in its development stages,

reflects our goal of providing quality entertainment for the pe op le of Is ra el .” In an official st statement, atement, Haifa mayor Yona Yahav noted that, “This plan expresses confidence confidence in our plans to turn Haifa Bay into a thriving business area. The plan plan be ga n wi th th e mu ni ci pa li ty 's assistance in the building of Cinemall and the upgrade of the mall, previously known as the Lev Hamifratz Mall, and the building of the transport hub for the cable car, which carries pas sen ger s up to the Tec hni on and Haifa University.” Shamrock already has extensive holdings in Israel, Israel, including some which have have landed the firm in polit ical cont rove rsy rsy.. Shamrock acquired 25% of New Lineo Lineo in 2009; the movie theatre company is also reportedly tryi trying ng to open

similar shopping mall/multiplex hybrids in Europe. That an amusement park is opening in Haifa, partially fu funded nded by a Disney-aff iliated investment firm is beyond dispute. But the real question that amusement park geeks is asking is whether Disney is involved. Globes, a reputable reputable Israeli business daily, reports that the site will includea includea “Disney amusement park.” So does industry newswire Amusement Management. Management . The Chinese Xinhua news agency, which has surprisingly extensive Israeli/P alestin ian co v erag e, claims the amusement park will not be Disney-affiliated, echoing the statement of the Walt Disney Company. The plot for the amusement park is small, at only 30,000 square meters. This will be smaller than

the attached 50,000 meter multiplex/mall. But there are pr ec ed en ts of Di sn ey ope nin g micro-theme parks. In terms of size and location, the Israeli project seems like a larger scale version of the DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Parkin in Florida. DisneyQuest DisneyQuest is a megaarcade that contains a variety of pr opr ie ta ry im me rs iv e vi rt ua l reality g ames an d h ig h -tech indoor rides. Disney also pioneered the Club Disneyproject Disneyproject in th e 1 9 9 0 s wh ich p laced children's entertainment centers inside big box locations near suburban shopping malls. The Disney California Adventure Parkalso also operates on a small (55-acre) plot. Disney also h as ex p erien ce in b u ild in g immersive shopping center/mall hybrids, such as the phenomenally

park woul d not have a regi onal audience to draw on. Israel's population is less than that of Los Angeles County; even with the country's massive tourism trade, there are simply not enough n u mb ers to su p p o rt a lo cal meg ap ark . But whether or not not the finished proje ct will have mous e ears , it seems that the late Roy Disney's Disney's pri vat e inv es tme nt fir m thi nks Israel amusement parks will make them some shekels. DISNEY page 7



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East Chases West: We st: China s Stealth Fighter, Japan s Own GPS Kit Eaton (F Fast ast Company ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:47:46 PM

to have finalized China's reportedto its own stealth fighter prototype, tested in taxi runs last week. Simultaneously, Japan is rumored to b e mu llin g its o wn GP S solution, to mitigate over-reliance on American tech. It's East meets West, technology style. J-20, China's Stealth Fighter The publication of some photos online, and official confirmation (by way of military contacts with Japan) reveal that China has been working to complete its own stealth fighter--something a little larger than the now-retired but famous U.S. F-117 stealth aircraft, and designed to compete with the newer F-22. The J-20's existence was certain ly lo n g su sp ected b y military observers, driven by Ch in a's rap id tech n o lo g ical development and the fact that it had no modern stealth aircraft to rival the F-117 (which first flew in 1981) or the ultra-modern F-22 Raptor. The unveiling in statereleased imagery, and confirmation the vehicle took part in taxi-tests is a fascinating trick, however, as it lets us make some quick deductions about the J-20. The vehicle is painted black, though from an image we can't tell if th is is similar rad arabsorbent coating as found on the

airframe are metal, and which are composite materials). It's carefully angled and blended exterior is designed to be radar stealthy--particularly its canted all -moving tail fins--but the wheel doors are blunt-shaped, lacking the jagged-shape radar-scattering tricks used to conceal doors on the F-117 and B-2. The arrangement of the engines looks similar to pr ev io us -g en er at io n Ru ss ia n fighters, and doesn't appear to offer particular stealthiness to either radar or infra-red sensors, but we ca n't tell if the engine s are super-cruise super-crui se capable. There's also

giving the J-20 advanced maneuverability. Weapons would appear to be stowed in internal bays for stealthiness, although one wouldn't expect to see missile pyl ons on a pro tot ype . All in all, as military observers have noted, what we're seeing here is a very early test-bed aircraft, with a production J-20 a long way in the future (unless this is actually an older vehicle, wheeled out to trick foreign military o b serv ers). It d o es suggest that China's science and engineering teams have mastered so me o f th e ex trao rd in arily

F-117 or justlook an attempt make the possibility that the engine innovative tech needed to build a the vehicle stealthyto(while bel ls all ow for vec tor ed thr ust , 21st century stealth aircraft, concealing which parts of the

however. This may be something U.S. Defense Secretary Gates needs to think about, in the aftermath of his recent spending F-22.. cap on the F-22 Japan's GPS Japan, already the proud owner of a successful national space pro gra m, has tod ay announced plans to l aunch six to s even new commercially funded navigation satellites over the next five years. Th e in ten tio n is to p ro v id e coverage over the Asia-Pacific zone, establishing a localized version of the once-military U.S. GPS system that would free Japan from over-reliance on foreign tech.

It's not a gesture aimed at directly competing with GPS however, u n lik e th e tro u b led Ru ssian Glonass system, as the idea is to combine existing GPS tech with the positional data from the new satellites, resulting in a navigation positional accura cy th at c ould be 10 times more precise--handy in Japan's crowded city streets. That's not to say Japan won't market the system to its regional partner s f or ha rd c ash. To read more news on this, and similar stuff, keep up with my updates by following me, Ki t Eaton,, on Twitter. Eaton

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mission is to "liberate rural India meant to enlist partners from from darkness," says Pandey. across India who want to open Co-founder Sinha says that one their own HPS franchise--the key to their success so far has partners receive training, provide

requests. His questions include: "Do you know your country's energy policy? What kind of electricity uses do your target

been reli say ables aand portion of thesome necessary capital, peo pletheonrecr theuitm groent undof . He shoulder of the risk that in an informal economy such involved, such as hiring and as rural India's, professional maintaining quality staff on the standards are low and it's a ground. So far HPS has engaged struggle to find quality people to NG Os an d sm al l an d me diu m work for the for-profit social enterprises (SMEs) and the goal enterprise. will be to train partners to run the But when it works, it works well. plants the wa y HPS would. T heir "The people feel like they own the m o d e l i s " b u i l d , o p e r a t e , plant ---i t's a seri ous comm unity m a i n t a i n , " w i t h a n e y e o n investment,"" says Sinha. investment, community and social impact. Pandey and Sinha see HPS as a The company also runs a number system, as opposed to just a of initiatives helping rural women po we r, pr od uc t, or se rv ic e s with jobs and training. company. Engaging customers at HPS is also looking to expand to the bottom of the economic Ne pal and Sou the as t As ia and pyram id has becom e an inte gral eventually Kenya and Nigeria. pa rt of th e br an d. "G ya ne sh Their success so far has surprised Pandey means nothing without many of their social entrepreneur Hu sk P o wer S y stems," say s colleagues who at the outset P an d ey . thought they were too ambitious No w HP S is d ev elo p in g a with their expansion targets. f r a n c h i s i n g a n d U n i v e r s i t y Sinha says he has 20 questions offering--both of which will that he asks of every foreign catapult the company that much group that approaches them (they more onto the global social receive about 10-15 inquiries enterprise stage. The University is every day), as a way to filter

customers engage a community/village community/v illagein? orWhat smalldoes town look like structurally speaking? Do communities engage in local farming? Are there rice mills close by the communities?" The company hopes to be in 1015 countries in 10 years, serving 10-20 million people. "We don't really think of ourselves of as having competitors," Sinha says. "The rural world is starving. There is such a large, unmet need and we are essentially an empowerment system. We've taken a huge leap and we have a huge lead." Follow me, Jenara Nerenberg, on Twitter. [Image: Flickr user Acumen Fund]


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Here Are The Mug Shots Of Cleveland's New Golden Voiced Homeless Announcer Dashiellll Bennett (B Business usiness Insider )

annoys customers, curses at employees, and steals from cars in th e p ark in g lo t o f a n earb y Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:32:00 PM Lo we's. Ted Williams, the homeless "He’s basically been a thief for announcer who has been given t h e p a s t t w o y e a r s , ” t h e jo b of fe rs by th e Cl ev el an d u n i d e n t i f i e d m a n s a i d . Cavaliersand Cavaliers and NFL Films, has not Join the conversation about this be en sh y ab ou t th e dr ug an d story » alcohol problems that left him on See Also: the street. • Here's Why The NBA Will But it also didn't take long for Keep Having Christmas Day The Smoking Gun to dig up his Games rap sheet, sheet, including trespassing • H o w T h e W o r l d J u n i o r on the Mayan prediction that 2012 charges from just last summer. Championships Became Huge In will be the end of the world. A Columbus, OH, businessman is Canada

Haute Apocalypse Gear - The Heyniek 'Fantastic Fatalism' Line is a Hot Way to Go (GALLERY) (TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trends )

Visual artist Heyniek, or Niek Pulles, has designed an imaginary ( The Heyniek fashion line called 'Fantastic... 'Fantastic Fatalism' line is based Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:01:02 PM

a little peeved at all the attention being lavished on Williams, since he knows the honey voiced DJ as an "o n g o in g p ro b lem" wh o

• The 15 Best Sports Photos Of 2010



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The 10 Movie Stars Who Are Guaranteed Hit Machines Leah Go oldman ldman (B Business usiness Insider ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:25:00 PM

Unwanted: More Pop star Endorsed Headphones Austin Carr (F Fast ast Company ) Beats by Dr. Dre is huge. The Monster-developed, Dreapproved, Robert Brunnerdesigned headphones have been a big hit--t here's hardly a n airpl ane you can fly without seeing some passenger bopping along wearing the black-and-red earmuffs. But just in case the Compton-born hit-

success of Monster Beats, Sleek space. When will it stop? Audiohas has leapt in the ring with a First came DiddyBeats, the Audio design inspired by--you guessed it pa ir of wi re le ss he ad ph on es --P. Diddy. Then Heartbeats, à la backed by hi p-hip superst ar (and capitalist ) 50 Cent. It's Lad y Gag a. Th en Ju stBeats, venture capitalist) courtesy of Justin Bieber. Then interesting that 50, who owes a PowerBeats, thanks to Lebron huge amount of his success to Dr. James. Quincy Jones' Harman Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the heads Signature Headphones. Headphones. And that's of G-Unit Records' umbrella not to mention the headphones labels (Interscope/Aftermath) and made specifically for Bono's the creators of Beats By Dre, chose Sleek Audio instead of Product RED charity.

maker hadn't already cornered the celebrity endorsed headphone market, we continue to see more and more artist branding in the

Many of these products were unveiled at last year's Consumer Electronics Show--this Show--this year's CES is no different. Mimicking the

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:10:20 PM

artist branding. The company showcasedat at CES a set of Miles Davis-endorsed headphones, as well as the previously released Daft Punk headphones. Are we done yet? No. Atlanta rapper Ludacris jump ed on the band wago n with audio manufacturer Signeo USA, for a product called Soul by Ludacris. Not to be confused by Beats by Dre. Or Sleek by 50.

Monster. Why wouldn't he want This trend, my friends, has to just make Beats by 50 Cent? literally become ludicrous. Regardless, Monster continues to grow its ever-expanding roster of

Theater owners need to know what movie star will guarantee a hit. Quigley Publishing Company surveyed theater owners and film bu ye rs at th e en d of 20 10 to determine their annual list of the top money making stars. In the 78 years of the survey, John Wayne has made the list the most at 25 times, and Tom Cruise made the number one spot the most at seven times. Click here to see the hottest movie stars > Join the conversation about this story »

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Top Picks 2011: Fidelity Dividend Growth FDGFX)

Zynga Fourth Hires ExMySpace Exec

Steven Halpern (B BloggingStocks loggingStocks )

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Filed under:Newsletters under: Newsletters,, Mutual Funds,, Stocks to Buy, Funds Buy, Best Stocks for 2011 This post is one in a series in which more than 60 newsletter outperformed the S&P 500 this advisors share their Top Stock year. Picks for 2011. 2011. This special report Continue reading i s c o u r t e s y o f 2011: reading TopGrowth Picks Fidelity Dividend T h e S t o c k A d v i s o r s . c o m . (FDGFX) "Fidelity Dividend Growth ( T o p P i c k s 2 0 1 1 : F i d e l i t y FDGFX), FDGFX ), a top pick for the Dividend Growth (FDGFX) coming year, is one of Fidelity's o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n more broadly diversified growth BloggingStocks BloggingStocks on Wed, 05 Jan funds," says fund expert Jack 2011 17:00:00 EST. Please see Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry How much revenue did Amazon Bowers Bowers.. feeds . (Business Business Insider ) do in 2010? Almost $25 billion. The editor of Fidelity Monitor our terms for use of feeds. | Email this| this | Comments Permalink That's huge! How much did Wal- explains, "Fund manager Larry Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:36:00 PM Mart do? $405 billion. Rakers has a structured approach The internet is huge, and getting Just a reminder of how small the to bargain-hunting that has

The Internet Is Still Ridiculously Small bigger small. . But it's also ridic ulousl y Especially when you compare it to the rest of the world. Don't trust us? Online advertising is about $40 bil li on. Tha t' s hug e! Ho w big relative to total advertising spending? Still less than 10% PayPalprocessed PayPal processed $86 billion in online payments in the twelve months ending Q3 2010. That's

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The MySpace talent exodus continues, and Zynga seems to be taking more than its share. In 2010 they hired Dani Dudeck, formerly a MySpace VP, to run the communications team. Soon after former MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta Natta joined Zynga as an EVP. Now, we’ve learned from multiple sources, they’re hired two more. Katie Geminder, a level 51 Cityville player and formerly head of product at Facebook and SVP of User Experience and Design at

Honeycomb Office Seating The Holey Exagon Chair Design by Tonon GALLERY)

internet And of still how is. much room we have to grow. Join the conversation about this story » See Also: • How To Cheat On Your Wife* • Ok Groupon, Here's What You (TREND HUNTER - The Latest Do Now Trends ) • Here's Why Women Will Drive Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:35:03 PM The Future Of The Internet (And What The Internet Is Turning ( The Exagon

huge! How much did over Visa that and Into) MasterCard process time? Several trillion.

Michael Arrington (T TechCrunch echCrunch )

chair office design chair by Tonon is a sleek new design designed by

MySpace, joined Zynga late, Glast year. And Christina Wodke Wodke, M of social at MySpace, has resigned and will start at Zynga in the next week or so. Zynga is clearly making a push to make its games more engaging, Tonon. It offers 360 degree swivel and it seems quite willing to do so m o b i l i t y a n d i s m a d e o f at MySpace’s expense. poly ure than e foam . Not only is Zynga did not respond to a this chair practical and functional, request for comment. CrunchBase Information Christina Wodtke Information but... Zynga IKatie n f o rGeminder m a t i o n Zynga p r o v i MySpace ded by CrunchBase christina


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Top Picks 2011: IAC/InterActiveCorp

Closing Bell: The Return... (ATHR, QCOM, T, FDO,

Floating Bagtography William Hundley s Poetic Interlude Takes Photographic Form (GALLERY)


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Filed under: AT and T (T) , Family Dollar Stores (FDO) Today was a great day with better than expected data from the Institute of Supply Management and from ADP and TrimTabs employment projections. Still, The Return... (ATHR, QCOM, T, there was a mix of performance FDO, MOS, NVDA, TRID) Closing Bell: The Return... today M&A and asmixed earningswith reactions, as well with (ATHR, earnings QCOM, T, FDO, MOS, guidance reactions. N V D A , T R I D ) o r i g i n a l l y Here are today's unofficial appeared on BloggingStocks on closing bell levels: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 16:00:00 EST. Dow Jones 11,722.89 +31.71 Please see our terms for use of (0.27%) feeds.. Permalink| Email this feeds this|| S &P 500 1,276.56 +6.36 (0.50%) Comments N asdaq 2,702.20 +20.95 (0.78%) Top Stock Analyst Calls Continue reading reading Closing Bell:

( ) Strong emotions are inevitable when viewing William Hundley Hundley'' s pho to gra ph y. The 35- yea r old pho tog ra phe r ba se d in Aus ti n, Texas has been taking pictures for years and is making a name for himself in North...

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F iled under: News lett ers ers,, IAC/ InterActiveCorp (IACI), (IACI), Stocks to Buy,, Best Stocks for 2011 Buy This post is one in a series in which more than 60 newsletter advisors share their Top Stock Picks for 2011. 2011. This special report i s c o u r t e s y o f IACI)) - "IAC/InterActiveCorp ( IACI my top stock pick for the coming year -- is the company behind and," says David Fried. The editor of The Buyback Letter explains, "The company also operates more than 50 other website properties that make up the 8th largest network of

websites in the world, with 246.3 million unique visitors. 2 Continue reading 0 1 1 : I A Creading / I n t e r A cTop t i v e Picks Corp (IACI) Top Picks 2011: IAC/ InterActiveCorp (IACI) (IACI)originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 15:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.. Permalink| Email this feeds this|| Comments

Police: Gunman Dead in School Shooting ( )

had not heard anything from school officials. A recorded message from the school said the it was in lockdown and that parents and guardians should gather at Divine Shepherd Church across the street. The message said: "Students are safe. Police are in control of the

The Associated Press contributed to this report This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So,

Sixteen-year-old Laura Olson, a several dozen students around school." junior at Millard, said she was just 12:45 p.m. By 1:30 p.m., they Click here to read more on this b e g i n n i n g l u nc h w h e n t h e were still not been released and story from

Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

principal rushed into the the cafeteria. police detective. Millard South High School's "He was like yelling, 'Get in the prin cipa l, Curt is Cas e, and vice kitchen! Get in the kitchen!' He D EVELOPING: A 17-year-old pr in ci pa l, Vi ck i Ka sp er , we re was waving his arms. You knew gunman who opened fire inside an wounded in the shooting, Hayes something was wrong and it Omaha, Neb., high school on s a i d . K a s p e r i s i n c r i t i c a l wasn't a drill," Olson told The Wednesday fatally shot himself condition and Case is in stable Associated Press. after leaving the school, police condition at an area hospital, he She estimated that she'd been say. rushed into the kitchen with said. Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:05:46 PM

identified Omaha police Alex Hayes the Chief shooter as Robert Butler Jr., the son of an Omaha

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5 most memorable Nicolas Cage performances (AP) (Yahoo! Yahoo! News: Most Viewed )

LOS ANGELES – No matter the role — and he's played a diverse array of them over the past three decades — Nicolas Cage often seems to be teetering on the brink of his own personal, self-inflicted insanity. S u re, h e's d o n e p len ty o f forgettable action movies, and lately he's been at the fore of some family-friendly Disney adventures. Then there was that period in the late '90s where every

time of his life playing these contrasting roles: the self-loathing and stumped Charlie, as well as the goofy and garrulous Donald. After brooding his way through a series of films leading up to this ("8 MM," "Brin g in g Ou t th e Dead," "Windtalkers"), he lets loose again here even while creating two distinct, structured persona lities, and h is e nthusias m is contagious. • "Raising Arizona" (1987): One of the Coen brothers' earliest, most playful and visually inventive films features a

pr os t it ut e , f or ge a t wi s te d, co d ep en d en t b o n d in wh ich neither will interfere with the other's self-destruction. self-destruction. But Cage never devolves into a drunk cliche; rather, he finds shadings with in th is lo st so u l's d eep despair. Director Mike Figgis' film is intense and unflinching, which just happen to be two of Cage's strong suits. While the movie itself is often hard to watch, Cage's performance is mesmerizing. • "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans " (2 009): Here he i s

movie he made was a drag, and it was a drag watching him in them. But when he's at his volatile best, it's an exciting place to be. This week, with Cage starring in his latest in a series of wheels-off thrillers, "Season of the Witch," here's a look at his five most memorable performances. Like the best-of-Jack-Nicholson list recently, this one was hard to narrow down:

deliriously nutso starring pe rf or ma nc e fr om Ca ge . H i McDunnough is a loser and excon who seemingly can do no right, but he finds a way to make his wife Edwina (Holly Hunter) happy when he steals a baby for her from furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona, the father of quintuplets. Like "Moonstruck," "Raising Arizona" allows Cage to tap into his unique brand of off-kilter,

in classic crazed mode. Werner Herzog's wacked-out remake is fueled by a wacked-out perf orm anc e fro m Cag e, whos e character is himself fueled by a steady supply of cocaine and heroin, gambling and violence. His Terence McDonagh is a brazenly corrupt de tective, a man infested with dark proclivities. As he descends further into druginduced mania in post-Katrina

• "Adaptation." (2002): Cage earned an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and his identical (and fictional) twin brother, Donald, in Spike Jonze's brilliantly mind-bending comedy. And he seemed to be having the

romantic goofiness. He's a grubby, lovable cartoon character. • "Leaving Las Vegas" (1995): Cage won a best-actor Oscar for pl ay in g an a lc oh ol ic , fa il ed screenwriter hell-bent on drinking himself to death. He and Elisabeth Shue, excellent as a hardened

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The Zeppelin Air by Bowers Wilkins

The Zeppelin Zeppelinis is the wireless speaker dock that willfirst stream your music through Apple AirPlay. AirPlay will allow your computer to stream music and even control every aspect of volume leveling/ equalizer settings directly from your PC or Mac. This version of the Zeppelin not only differs with wireless funtionality, but with sound quality as well. The improved amplifiers and bass will prove to Ne w Or le an s, we do n' t kn ow our FAQ page at be a n exc ellent upgrade from the what's real and what's in his mind, content-only/faq.php Filters featured site: So, previous Zeppelin purchased three and it doesn't matter. Cage makes Five Filters years ago. An interesting design it all wild and riveting, and all you Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing implemented is the ability to Again?. can do is watch in awe of how far Again?. actually grasp your iPod as it is he'll go. docked into place making iPod • "Valley Girl" (1983): Cage's selection more user-friendly. first starring role, the one that put [ ViaBowersWilkens] ViaBowersWilkens] endearing awkwardness, Cage breat hes new life into a famil iar figure. ___ Think of any other examples? Share them with AP Movie Critic Christy Lemire through Twitter: . This entry passed through the RSSservice service — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read

Season's Best: Citrus Fruits


(C Cooking ooking Light: Editor's Picks )

[emailprotected]g (Ad ServeRSS) ( AdServRSS Feed ) Your gift to provide seeds, tools,

him on the map, and a personal favorite of mine, having grown up in the San Fernando Valley in the '80s myself. So please, indulge me for a minute. "Valley Girl" came from an era of dumb teenage sex comedies, but it's got an undeniable sweetness that most of those films lack. Much of that comes from the tender way Cage's L.A. punk, Randy, courts the stylish and pristine Julie (Deborah Foreman), who lives on the other Sam Koutroulakis (S SlashGear lashGear ) side of the Hollywood Hills. It's " R o m e o a n d J u l i e t " s e t i n Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:28:11 PM Southern California, but in his

and training will be multiplied 4

times by difference grant funds, funds , and can mean the between life and death for hungry children.

[ : unable to retrieve full-text content] Citrus fruits offer a burst of bright, fresh flavor

during winter months. Find our Executive Food Editor's tips and favorite recipes.


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New mass death of birds in Sweden (AFP)

(Y Yahoo! ahoo! News: Most Viewed )

disturbances, they can become so

and that they died of "acute

STOCKHOLM (AFP) – In a week that saw unexplained massive bird deaths in the southern United States, up to 100 birds were found lying in a snowcovered street in Sweden Wednesday, officials said. " Most were dead," C hrister Olofsson of rescue services in the southwestern town of Falkoeping

stressed that they fly themselves to death," he said. Olofsson told AFP the birds were first spotted around midnight by a poli ce patr ol, and that five had been take n in for anal ysi s. Olov Andersson of the National Veterinary Institute told news agency TT the carcasses would be analysed and that bacterial and viral tests, including for swine flu, would be performed.

ph ys ic al tr au ma ." US officials said possibly New Year's Eve fireworks had provoked the birds to take flight in the dark, and that due to poor night vision they may have died after bumping into houses, trees and other birds in their fright. Swedish rescue services told media Wednesday fireworks had been h eard in the area where the birds were found.

said 100 bir ds,ofa the typ e50oftocro w. jackdaw Ornithologist Anders Wirdheim said the find was surprising. "This is unusual," he told tabloid Aftonbladet, which posted online a reader's photo of dozens of bl ac k bi rd s li tt er in g a sn ow covered road. "They are probably jackdaws. They spend the winter in large flocks. If they are exposed to

The incident comes after Falkoeping two unexplained mass bird deaths in the United States. On Tuesday, officials in Louisiana said 500 birds were discovered dead, shortly after thousands of birds were discovered dead in neighbouring Arkansas. Arkansas officials said pre lim ina ry tes tin g sho wed no signs of disease in the dead birds

Full-Text This entry passed RSSservice servicethrough — if thisthe is RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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Vintage Vehicle Spreads - Michael Haegele s Aston Martin Photoshoot Relives Memories (GALLERY) (TREND HUNTER - The Latest bet ween two icon s. Thi s ret roTrends ) inspired shoot brings you into the English countryside and back into Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:22:01 PM the 1960s. Nostalgia will Michael definitely... ( Haegele's Aston Martinspread Martinspread is the result of a collaboration

Tina Tchen Promoted to Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama

(Epoch Epoch Times | All headlines ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:44:17 PM

The White House announced on Wednesday that director of the Office of Public Engagement and former corporate lawyer, Christina “Tina” Tchen has been promoted to Chief of Staff to first lady Michelle Obama. She will also serve as assistant to President Obama. Prior to entering the White House, Tchen was a lawyer for a prest igious law firm in Chicago . As a high-profile Chicagoan, she was able to raise more than $200,000 for Obama’s 2008 p r es i d en t i al ca mp ai g n , t he Washington Post reported. After Tchen takes the position of Chief of Staff, she will continue to serve as executive director of the White House Council on Women and Girls. Michelle Obama said in a press statement, “I am thrilled to welcome Tina to my team … we particu larly share a c ommitment to nurturing young women and utilizing the White House as a pl at f or m f or ed uc at io n an d inclusion, and I look forward to continuing that work together.”

Tchen has a long career of advocating for women’s rights. While working as a corporate lawyer, she litigated for the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services. She also fought for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois, the Washington Post reported. Valerie Jarrett, chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, made a statement about Tchen’s tenure, which read “Throughout her career, Tina has be en a ti re le ss ad vo ca te fo r women and families, and she brought that wealth of experience and dedication to the White House Council’s efforts. She will bring her leadership, wisdom and passi on to her new posit ion and continue to have a substantial impact on the issues affecting America’s women and girls.” This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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GOP Majority to Face ( )


ig House Challenges

The new Republican majority in the House is going to have to live with the Ghost of Christmas Past. The haunting words they will keep hearing on cold January nights and beyond came from President Obama's last press br ie fi ng be fo re th e Ch ri st ma s holiday. Asked to preview his unprecedented relationship with a Republican controlled House, the pre sid ent use d wor ds tha t wil l

Democrat’s majority, and bashing President Obama as a big government liberal who did not keep his administration’s promise to reduce unemployment. The closest the GOP came to spelling out ideas for how to better run the government came in the form of a much anticipated book by young Republ icans , the “Pledge,” that even among fellow Republicans never lived up to the hype. No w th e ch allen g e fo r th e Republicans is go beyond any pledge to actually governing. Y es,

weigh on the opposition party.“You know, my sense is the party.“You Republicans recognize that with greater power is going to come greater responsibility,” the presiden t sa id. “And some of th e progress that I think we saw in the lame duck was a recognition on their part that people are going to be paying attention to what they're they're doing, as well as what I’m doing an d wh at th e Demo crats in

th ere will b e in v estig atio n s game of pretense in which the co mp lete with emb arrassin g pe rf or me rs ar e hi dde n be hi nd questions for administration masks and get lots of TV time for officials. But the odds are against th eir d ramatic g estu res b u t the second coming of Watergate n o th in g mu ch g ets d o n e. unless the press missed some If Democrats are able to mock r e a l l y b i g s h e n a n i g a n s b y Republicans right out of the box Ob ama’s czars an d secret Republicans are in serious socialists. trouble. They are also giving But independent voters who Democrats a running start at swung heavily to the Republican finally explaining the benefits of column in November to give the health care reform.

press conferenc e as Speaker. She The best hope for Republicans is seemed quite content to be in to promise to do better than their attack mode on the spending pas t and get se rio us abo ut the issue, promising to Republicans' bus ine ss of gov er nin g. feet to the fire even on an issue Juan Williams is a writer and Fox th at was a win n er fo r th em News politic al analys t. His most Republicans during the 2010 recent book is"Enough: is "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End campaign. The challenge for Republicans Mo v emen ts, an d Cu ltu re o f will be to avoid falling into the Failure That Are Undermining Democrats’ trap of wasting time Black America--and What We with political arguments when Can Do About It."

Co n g ress are d o in g ." The president’s words dragged Republicans away from the happy -go-lucky days as backbenchers who denied any accountability for federal government’s success or failures for first two years of his administration. Republicans spent their time demonizing Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House under the

GOP control of the House are Democrats will be able to lay out likely to have little patience with the goodies in the legislation such time consuming hearings when a s h o w i t k e e p s i n s u r a n c e they are expecting to see results companies from interfering with on serious issues like job creation, decisions most people prefer to d e f i c i t r e d u c t i o n a n d e v e n keep between themselves and immigration policy. their doctors. The Democrats Even bigger trouble lurks in the might also mention that their plan fo rm o f th e Tea P arty , th e prot ect s you from bein g deni ed energizing force that sent so many insurance coverage when you get of the new Republican faces to cancer or any other catastrophic

voters are looking for good ideas to revive trust in the federal government. But the biggest challenge remains avoiding a trap of their own making, getting lost in frightful rememb ran ces o f th eir o wn campaign rhetoric when they said they had all the answers if only those terrible Democrats would listen. Now Republican insurgents



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Washington. The Republicans are trying to immediately feed the Tea P arty with p ro mises o f repealing the president’s health care plan. But even Tea Party diehards know there is no chance of an actual repeal with Democrats retaining the majority of the Senate and president holding the power of the veto. So all the focus on repeal opens th e Rep u b lican P arty u p to charges of playing the Tea Party for fools. Rep. Rosa DeLauria (DConn.) is already calling the GOP act a "kabuki dance," – a pretty

illness and helps your college g rad k eep h is o r h er h ealth insurance until they get a job. Do Republicans really want to give Democrats center stage to talk about the benefits of the Obama plan? Are they really going to prove that the Congressional Budget Office is corrupt in estimating that the plan is going to cut the deficit? And what entitlement programs is the new Republican majority willing to cut? Nancy Pelosi asked just that question yesterday at her final

may think back and wish they had done more than just say no and p r o m i s e t o o b s t r u c t e v e r y Democrat-backed plan until the day they could regain control of the House. Well, that day is here. The first few weeks with the new Speaker and all the young fresh faces in the Republican ranks are sure to result in a honeymoon between Republicans, the voters and the media. But honeymoons do end. And the ghosts of past promises can hang around to haunt polit icia ns for a very long time .

This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


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Republicans take over House soften cuts (Reuters: Reuters: Top News )

2011 4:22pm EST WASHINGTON(Reuters) Republicans took power in the House of Representatives on Wednesday with promises of a leaner, more accountable government but softened a pledge of deep and immediate spending cuts that helped them win N ov e m be r ' s e l e c t i on . The Republican takeover sets up pote nti all y fie rce bat tle s in the

longer can we kick the can down the road. The people voted to end busin ess as usual , and today we b e g i n c a r r y i n g o u t t h e i r instructions," Boehner said after taking over from Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Despite the tough rhetoric, Republicans signaled they could work with Obama to avert a debt crisis in the coming months. Republican control of the House and a larger minority in the Senate ushers in a new era of divided government after election gains spurred in part by high unemployment and the large $1.3 trillion deficit. But Obama's Democrats still control the Senate and can block the Republican agenda, which includes a plan to repeal the pre side nt's land mar k hea lthc are reform and a roll back a crackdown on Wall Street. The incoming House budget chief, Republican Paul Ryan, told N B C ' s " T o d a y " pr og r a m a

likely to be less than half that amount because the fiscal year will be half over by the time Republicans get a chance to affect spending in March. A deal on taxes in December showed Obama and the opposition can work together but there are many thorny issues ahead. FEARS OF DEBT CRISIS Bond markets fear political gridlock could prevent Congress from raising the level of debt the country can take on, potentially making the United States default on its debt. Bill Gross, manager of the world's largest bond fund, warned that "mindless" U.S. deficit spending could result in higher inflation, a weaker dollar and the eventual loss of America's topnotch credit rating. "The problem is that politicians and citizens alike have no clear vision of the costs of a seemingly per pet ual tri lli on dol lar ann ual deficit," said Gross, who oversees

wrote: Months ago, a dozen or more Republican legislators sent the pres ident a signe d lette r, stat ing their intention to vote against everything en bloc until the tax cuts for the wealthy were extended. Obama noted that you don’t negotiate with hostage takers unless the hostages, in this case the American middle class, were in imminent danger, so he compromised and the rich got their tax cuts. (Fox News banner: “Obama Calls Americans ‘Hostages’.”) The Republicans must have liked the way their non -negotiable position worked because they appear to be doing it again. Paul Ryan: “I’m only interested in raising the debt ceiling if we get concessions on spending, on real controls to get our fiscal situation turned around and headed in the right direction.” SpottedOwlStewwrote: SpottedOwlStewwrote: Does anyone actually PROOFREAD these articles,

coming months and withhis President Barack Obama fellow Democrats on spending, debt and healthcare. Republican John Boehner, from a working class Ohio family of 12 children, was elected House speaker in the new Congress and warned of "hard work and tough decisions" on the economy as the United States recovers slowly from its worst recession since the

Republican campaign promisethis to cut $100 billion in spending year had been "compromised" by the momentum of spending already under way. Republicans, under pressure from the fiscally conservative Tea Party movement that supported many of the party's candidates, promised to reduce federal spending to 2008 levels, which would trim $100 bil lion fro m the budg et Oba ma

the $256 billion PIMCO Total justiceserve dwrote: wrote: Return Fund. Fund.justiceserve Cut defense spending. It now amounts to 60% of all govt. Pass an ammendment to make it a law not to exceed 40% of budget unless we are in a war(declared by Congress, not Iraq& Afghanistan). Don’t touch SS as it’s not in budget deficit as it has a 3.5 trillion surplus & can go on forever if we raise ceiling from

before publishing them? $1.3 Trillion deficit? Try 14 Trillion, announced long before this article . This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS RSSservice service — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:22:48 PM

Incoming House Speaker John Boehner salutes the assembled members as he takes to the podium in front of the spea ker' s chair for the first time after being elected Speaker on the opening day of the 112th United States Congress on Capitol Hill, January 5, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Jim Young By Thomas Ferraro and Andy Sullivan WASHINGTON| Wed Jan 5,

d las t yea 1930s. "No longer can we fall short. No prop But ose aides said the r.actual cuts are

Again?.. 106k.the Weworld!!! don’t need troops all Again? RMax304823 over

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Hiring surges in December buoys economic outlook (R Reuters: euters: Top News ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:26:18 PM

People fill out job application forms at a job fair in Los Angeles, California, October 13, 2010. Credit: Reuters/Lucy By Jonathan Spicer Nicholson HIRING page 15

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Economy/ Culture/


Blake Lively Juggles Chanel Gosling and Gossip

continued from page 14

NEW YORK| Wed Jan 5, 2011 3:26pm EST NEW YORK(Reuters) - The number of U.S. private-sector jobs

"Sometimes numbers come as bolts fro m the blue; this is one of them," said Ian Shepherdson, chief U.S. economist at High

consensus and keeps the positive sentiment on the economy alive with some momentum going into the new year," Sean Incremona,

Almost 25% of the private sector jobs now are PT or Temp! ! The publi c sec tor jobs need to be at PopSugar opSugar ) about the same ratio and we’d Molly Goodson (P

surged stronger in December a rate threea times thanat forecast, hiring report showed, the most bull ish sig nal in mon ths tha t a recovery in the world's biggest economy is shifting up a gear. The ADP Employer Services private -sec tor jobs report logged its biggest-ever rise on Wednesday. It comes two days ahead of the U.S. government's closely watched and more comprehensive payrolls report for December, spurring many economists to raise their forecasts for that data. The data sparked a sharp cut in U.S. Treasury debt prices, and the U.S. dollar gained 1.5 percent against the yen, on pace for its biggest one-day gain in more than three months as investors bet on a stronger recovery. Stocks and crude oil futures reversed losses and headed higher. The news is a boost for U.S. President Barack Obama, whose administration has struggled to create jobs as the economy started to recover from the huge hit it took in the financial crisis.

Frequencyin Economics. "Nothing any other indicators of the state of the labor market last month -- jobless claims, help wanted, surveys -- suggested anything like this was remotely likely." Private employers added a surprising 297,000 jobs last month, ADP said, up from a gain of 92,000 in November. It was the largest jump recorded by ADP, whose data goes back to 2000. In another sign of economic strength, an industry group on Wednesday reported its gauge of the massive U.S. services sector reached its highest level in more than four years. The Institute for Supply Management said its index of national services activity rose to 57.1 in December from 55.0 in N o v e m b e r - - b e t t e r t h a n economists' median forecast of 55.6. The data was the latest in a series, from trade to retail sales, suggesting the U.S. recovery is gaining speed. "Yet another number that beats

an economist 4Cast Ltd insector New York, said ofatthe service data. Analysts reacted swiftly to the surprising ADP data. They now expect a median increase in U.S. nonfarm jobs of 175,000 in December, according to a revised Reuters poll, up from the previous 140,000 expectation. Adding to the rosy employment pic ture , the numb er of pla nned layoffs at U.S. firms fell last month to the lowest level in 10 years, according to a report by consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. And a survey of chief executives of small companies showed a majority planned to add employees in 2011 for the first time in three years, according to small business group Vistage. Tempering some of the optimism, an industry group said applications for U.S. home mortgages ebbed in the last couple of months of 2010, with loan rates hovering around their highest levels in seven months. DrJJJJ wrote: DrJJJJ

have equality! a balancedAsk budget, fairness and what your country can do for you?? Have you seen the data on what we pay the avg public sector worker, including life time pensions few are getting now in the private sector! Anyone in their right mind think this is sustainable-even in the best of times? That’s what I thought! Cut spending and do it now! Yes, taxes will have to rise Buckymwrote: wrote: too-it’s too late! Buckym Haters gonna hate. Yes We Can. This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:35:00 PM

Blake Lively joined her fictional family, Kelly Rutherford and Connor Paolo, on the set of Girl in Manhattan today. Gossip Girl Blake's East Coast locale means she'll be missing tonight's People's Choice Awards Awards in LA, though Leighton Meester will be there to representthe represent the show if it wins in any categories - we'll also be bro adc ast ing liv e fro m the red carpet and backstage so tune in! in ! Blake and her costars are back to work after a holiday break in which she reportedly snuck up to Canada to visit Ryan Gosling at Canada home with his family and rang in 2011 Vegas-style. Vegas-style . She's also officially confirmed as the new face of Chanelwhile Chanel while Gossip Girl still remains one of your favorite shows on TV. TV . It's back from hiatus on Jan. 24 with fresh faces in the mixand mixand until then test how well you've been paying attention with Buzz's midseason quiz. quiz. View Slideshow ›

New Study Shows That Stock Market Volatility Will Literally Kill You Joe Weisenthal (Money Money Game )

argues stock market volatility is clearly linked to coronary heart disease death (via Shanghai

daily point changes in the Shanghai composite, and on the yaxis, you see changes in the rate

A new paper published in the Daily Daily). ). European Heart Journal from You can read the full paper here here,, this chart. On the x-line you get researchers at a Chines University but it basi cally all comes down to

of coronary death on those days. As you can see, there are the fewest heart attacks on days when

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:23:00 PM

the stock market moves the least. Join the conversation about this story »


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Could an Unknown Photographer, Vivian Maier, Be a Master? Video)

(E Epoch poch Times | All headlines )

Take One 11-YearOld,Add Wet Cement,

had difficulty finding the

United States until her mid

Vivian Maier photo slide show with music by Nina Simone's 'Central Park Blues' Vivian Maier’s name may not sound familiar, but one glance at her collection of photographs will bri ng ph oto gr aph y gr eat s li ke Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans to mind. Maier was discovered by

pho tog rap her 's nam e. Yet , the ph ot os we re of su ch am azi ng quality that Maloof decided to buy the rest of the boxes from the auction—totaling to over 3,000 pr in ts an d 10 0, 00 0 neg at iv es , 20,000 to 30,000 of which were still undeveloped and on the rolls. Most of them were likely never seen by anyone but the p h o t o g r a p h e r h e r s e l f . Then, in 2009, Maloof found a

twenties. She worked as a nanny for North Shore families, but her large body of work attests to her hidden passion for photography. Though the reasons for keeping her passion a secret remain unknown, there is much to be appreciated in her fascinating and eye-opening photos. Beginning Jan. 8, the Chicago Cultural Center will run the first solo exhibition of Maier’s

Chicagoan John while he was searching forMaloof photographs of Chicago’s Northwest Side for his new book, according to a report by Chicago PBS st ation, WTT W. At an antiques auction, he bought a box of negatives that belonged to this obscure woman, acquired by the auct ion hou se fro m her storage locker that had overdue payments. When Maloof scanned the negatives, he was astonished to see shots that captured scenes from the streets of mid-twentieth century Chicago in all its essence. Little was known about the pho tog rap her —in fac t, Mal oof

photo-lab envelope the name “Vivian Maier” onwith it. When he did a Google search of her name, he found an obituary that revealed she had just died a few days earlier. Maloof was convinced that her photographs were of important value and began to post them on an online blog. Many, like Maloof, were astonished at the quality of her work and be ca me in te re st ed in Ma ie r’ s story. Gradually, Maloof gathered more information about the photogr apher. Born in 1926, she lived in both France and the

photo graph s. Admis sion is free. For more information, please visit A documentary film on the story of Vivian Maier is slated to be released in 2012. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing That’s because police say Kelly’s dad, unlike the other parents, Again?.. Again? refuses to pay a $250 fine to her middle school to pay for the vandalism and refuses to sign the parent/child and police agreement

Submitted at 1/5/2011 10:28:10 PM


( ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:05:46 PM

A New Jersey sixth-grader is going before a judge next week after apparently writing her name in wet cement. Kelly Zierdt, 11, and a group of her friends allegedly etched their names in wet cement outside their Middlesex Township Middle School. Police caught the group in the act as they were driving past. One of the officers said, "'let’s put these kids in the back of the car; we’re bringing them to headquarters,'" according to Zierdt. "And then me and my friends started crying our eyes out,” My9News reports. Her dad says the situation "has snowballed into this giant catastrophe."

as punishment. Lt. Mike Colacci of the Middlesex Police Department says that the parents help to come up with what they believe is a suitable punishment for the action of their children, “like a 5 o’clock curfew, or chores around the house. In this case they had to write an essay as to why they did this,” Colacci told My9News. But Zierdt's father says his honor student daughter has already learned her lesson and so he will fight in court. “I feel scared,” Zierdt said when asked about appearing before a judg e. Click here for more on this story from My9News. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Leighton Meester Skates Her Way Onto the Golden Globes Stage Lauren Turner (PopSugar PopSugar ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 1:50:00 PM

Santa Monica yesterday. She was there to support the charity Portraits of Hope as she continues

focuses on her big screen project, Country Strong. Strong. It hits theaters on Friday and Leighton recently

at the Golden Globes Her costar Gwyneth Paltrow has a presenterat rounds,, with Garrett Hedlund. View also been making the rounds i n c l u d i n g a f u n n y h i p - h o p Slideshow ›

Leighton Meester was all smiles her duties for Herbal Essences. Essences . chatted with us about her love of performance on Fall on on.. Leighton in her Missoni Missonidress dress as she arrived Leighton's currently on a break sweats, humble beginnings, and will continue promoting the at an outdoor ice skating rink in from filming Gossip Girl Girl as she character's "Country Barbie" look. movie when she takes the stage as

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Starbucks Logo Updated for a Fourth Time

Mono for Android Open for Developer Testing

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:31:49 PM

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:07:53 PM

The newly unveiled Starbucks lo g o . No te th e lack o f tex t. (Starbucks) Coffee chain Starbucks changed its logo to focus more on the siren, dropping the words, according to a company blog posting on Wednesday. The words “Starbucks Coffee” around the outer rung of the

M o n o f o r A n d r o i d , a k a MonoDroid, has just launched its Android preview program. MonoDroid, for those unaware, is a development stack for using C# and core .NET APIs to develop Android-based applications. It will be a commercial product in the future, like Mono for iPhone ("MonoTouch") is now.

circular design dropped, leaving only the was crowned siren with flowing hair. “Throughout the last four decades, the Siren has been there through it all,” CEO Howard Schultz said in a statement. “And now we’ve given her a small but meaningful update to ensure that the Starbucks brand continues to embrace our heritage in ways that are true to our core values and that also ensure we remain relevant and poised for future growth,” he added. With each incarnation of the logo, the Seattle, Wash.-based company has focused more and more on the siren. Perhaps, the

Sponsor According to project head Miguel de Icaza, "all the embarrassing bugs" have now been fixed, and the platform is available for testing by anyone interested in doing so. On his personal blog, de Icaza notedthat that the project uses a library profile that is better suited for mobile devices. That means they removed features that are not necessary, he says, like the entire System.Configuration stack, just as Silverlight does. "In addition to bringing the core ECMA VM to Android," wrote de Icaza. "We bound the entire set of Android Dalvik APIs to C# and in the process C#-ified them. This includes using C# properties for metadata (less XML config file messing around), exposing C# events, C# properties, strongly typed generic types where necessary, implicit conversions

(E Epoch poch Times | All headlines )


next logo change will feature just her face, crowned head, and flowing locks? The new logo and the past three S tarb u ck s lo g o s (S tarb u ck s) Schultz said that with the logo change, his ubiquitous coffee pu rv ey in g co mp an y wa nt s to

finest, high-quality coffees from aro u n d th e wo rld ” with an “emotional connection” between customers and baristas. This entry passed through the RSSservice service — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read

create a “unique retail experience that creates a Third Place for our customers between their homes and places of work.” The company seeks to have a “carefully crafted offering of the

our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

resolutions to help you save money

[emailprotected] (Dory Devlin, Shine staff) (F Financiallyfit inanciallyfit on Shine )

not focus on a few that will save you money this year? Yahoo! Finance's Farnoosh Torabi has five ways you can resolve to save Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:27:03 PM The start of a new year is a time this year, starting with shedding for making resolutions, so why bad, expensive habits, getting fit,

and being more charitable. Watch and see which you can start implementing this month.


Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb ReadWriteWeb)

where needed, using the C# API style, IEnumerable where appropriate (to let you LINQ over your Dalvik, and we turn IIterable into IEnumerables for you)." Mono for Android also offers the following: • The same OpenTK library popular among .NET devel opers on Windows, Linux, iPhone, allowing you to share the same OpenGL logic across platforms. • Support for the full JIT (unlike iOS) • Templates for C# (but other .NET compilers should work, if th ey referen ce Mo n o Dro id 's lib raries). • Last, but certainly not least, MonoDroid is now supported on X. Mac OS X. Developers can get started with here.. testing Mono for Android here Discuss


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Over the Horizon Airpower and Savage Wars

(World World Politics Review: Articles ) often requires "kinetic" action against insurgents. Thus, even Submitted at 1/4/2011 11:02:00 PM "population-centric" COIN On Monday, USA Today requires bombing people. reportedthat that the United States Air Nevertheless, assessments of the Force was increasing the size of u t i l i t y o f a i r p o w e r i n its Afghanistan contingent in counterinsurgency efforts have order to keep up with the dramatic always been bound up in debates expansion in the rate of airstrikes over the utility of airpower itself since Gen. David Petraeus took and over the importance of air over command of the war effort. forces as a separate arm of the To some, the fact that Petraeus -- military. The warnings about the American military figure most airpower found in FM 3-24 aren't 3-24(.pdf), (.pdf), j u s t e x pl a i n e d b y m i l i t a r y associated with FM 3-24 also known as t h e necessity or the danger that counterinsurgency counterinsurgency(COIN) (COIN) manual bombs p ose to innocent civilians;

pro ved tha t the Air Se rvi ce is capable of maintaining order at a small cost as compared with military occupation. If these "policing duties" can be successfully carried out by the utilization of air power, the enlargement of the Air Force to meet greatly increased responsibilities must follow; it is in such work that the commitments of the Royal Air Force are likely to show their greatest present increase. Th e British Army , alread y somewhat resentful about losing

development, aeroplanes cannot be re li ed up on as th e ma in weapon of an administration in its task of preserving law and order. . . . Although the moral effect of intensive air action is great, it is transient, and the indiscriminate destruction of life and property which will inevitably result must tend to alienate the sympathies of the inhabitants from the administration. These sentiments, written in 1921, continue to resonate with counterinsurgency theorists, and bea r a str ikin g sim ila rity to the

also forced the Air Force to "play nice" with the Army. The Air Force has responded mainly by emphasizing its u sefu ln ess, in clu d in g citin g statistics of the extent of the air wars over both Iraq and Afghanistan. But promoting the usefulness, and even the necessity, of airpower in COIN operations represents a doubleedged sword for the Air Force. While there's considerable merit to the Air Force's position that modern COIN requires the use of airpower for reconnaissance, close

-- is responsible for increasing the use of airpower in Aghanistan represents a paradox. FM 3-24 takes a notably dim view of airstrikes,, suggesting that they airstrikes "can cause collateral damage that turns people against the hostnation government and provides insurgents with a major propa gand a vict ory. Even when jus tif ied und er the law of wa r, bomb ings that res ult in civi lian

they are also driven by a centuryold conflict between advocates of ground forces on one hand and of airpower on the other. FM 3-24 condemns airpower because the manual is first and foremost an Army document. And whatever COIN's effect on insurgents, the Army's advocacy of it has succeeded in putting the Air Force on the defensive. In the wake of World War I, the

control of its aircraft and deeply irritated by RAF aspirations to poli ce the emp ire on the che ap, replied: Errors both in intelligence, and in identification of targets from intelligence, must inevitably be relatively frequent, unless the alternative of extreme caution is adopted, which involves the surrender of one of the greatest factors in the moral effect of

language used in FM 3-24. They were also p rescien t: Terro r b om bi n g h a d a s i g ni f i c a n t immediate effect on imperial polic ing, but its impa ct stea dily waned as the policed populations came to understand the limitations of airplanes armed with bombs. Noneth eles s, the early succe sses of the RAF helped win it p e r m a ne nt i n de pe nd e n c e . The argument over airpower in

air support, and air mobility, the argument assumes the centrality of ground forces' contribution to such campaigns. In other words, emphasizing airpower's usefulness to COIN places the Air Force in an essentially subsidiary role, in support of ground troops. Historically, independent air forces have bitterly resisted subordination to ground forces, pre fe rri ng mi ss ion s tha t al low

casualties can bring media co v erag e th at wo rk s to th e insurgents' benefit." Soldiers with rifles, it is implied, are better at prote cti ng civi lian s than figh ter jets with bomb s. To be sure, to suggest that COIN is all about building houses and making friends is a poor caricature of the actual military tasks involved in a counterinsurgency campaign.

Royal Air Force needed to supply a co mp ellin g reaso n fo r its continued existence. As another general European conflict seemed a d istan t p ro sp ect, th e RAF claimed that it could win "savage wars," and police the empire on the cheap. The RAF argued that it was easier to b o mb remo te villages filled with malcontents than to send troops against them, and suggested that airpower could

aircraft, rapidity of action. The effect of such errors is naturally exasperation, and . . . the initial state of terror produced by intensive air action is followed by a sense of exasperation rather than of submission. This is largely due to the fact that in many cases, women and children and the infirm are apt to suffer equally with, or more than, fighting men. Hatred and a desire for revenge

the modern COIN context has pla yed out over sim ila r but not identical lines. The United States Air Force is so far in no serious danger of contraction, but its ability to lay claim to resources may be threatened by perceived changes in the nature of threats. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates hasn't made things any easier for the Air Force, having removed several senior officials

them to make an independent strategic impact on conflicts. Not all airpower advocates have accommodated themselves to the primacy of ground force s. Retired Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap (USAF) argued vociferously in several published piecesthat piecesthat the U.S. military focus on COIN was wrong-headed, and that "America's Asymmetric Advantage" lay in its ability to use

Winning the acquiescence of the local population depends less on directly meeting their needs than on supplying security, which

coercive the so lv e p ro b lems o f imp areereb likyely anior d it can mepha serv Oneairpower potential around implication maintenance in India, Iraq,erial and th . . to . . b e en g en d ered pr ie s.celled Ga te s'soem si s ice on world. Africa. The general consensus of opinion winning current wars as opposed OVER page 21 [I]n these countries it may be is that in their present stage of to preparing for future wars has

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The Climate Change Agenda After Cancún Part II


focus of attention at December's Cancún conference on climate change. The initiative stands out as the newest, but perhaps the least-tested and least-understood method to reduce global carbon emissions and abate rising temperatures. If the moderately successful Cancún agreement actually results in follow-up action, 2011 will be the year of REDD.

for 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, about the same as transport as a whole, and 10 times as much as airline travel. Regulators and drivers of the UNFCC process long ago saw the potential ofprotecting of protecting forests f orests as a key contribution to cutting emissions. But REDD is a unique pr oc es s, an d no t wi th ou t it s detractors. REDD is essentially an offset pr prog ogram ram that th at lo look okss to pr prote ote ct natural habitats under threat of destruction, primarily in developing nations. REDD's carbon-reduction scheme will see rich, developed nations paying to protect forest tracts in developing nations, particularly those along the tropics. The amount of carbon estimated to be in the forest will be priced by the the ton, and the fund fundss made available to the host country. In exchange, the carbon that is kept from being released from these areas is counted against the emissions in

me a sure d by the ir G loba l Warming Potential (GWP) will continue to be released in the developed world. Critics also argue that placing a market value on forest protection puts this crucial task in the hands of the pr i va t e s ec t or , le av i ng t he determination of the environmental worth of forests at the mercy of volatile markets. Bolivia's President Evo Morales has been REDD's most outspoken opponent among world leaders, arguing that the best interests of the forest and its residents will suffer as a result. "We are not here to convert nature into a commodity," he exclaimed angrily in Cancún at a press conference on the conference's final day. "We have not come here to revitalize capitalism with carbon markets." Bolivia's Latin American allies, such as Cuba and Colombia, back Morales, albeit less emphatically. And Morales' stance certainly

African Group debated the issue widely in their daily meetings, and pushed their own interests on the topic. The final document points to a pl an th at wo ul d re sp on si bl y implement REDD, but that specifics.. So remains weak on specifics despite progress and general approval from observers, much remains unresolved. Discussion is still needed on how to practically implement market values on the carbon in global forests, how to measure this carbon and how to bo th re gu la t e an d fu nd th e pr og ra m. Pr es su re fr om ci vi vill society groups and a handful of Latin American countries also increased the focus on how best to address the rights of indigenous communities already inhabiting the would-be protected land. Judging by the a mount of c ontrove rsy the issue ha s generated thus far, pressure to protect the rights of the estimated 400 million people living in the

But the Cancún agreement offers no specifics, and it is still not clear where this funding would come from. Weighing forests against carbon emissions may have seemed an impossible goal when Kyoto first appeared in 1997. In 2011, however, it is close to being the major international action plan against climate change. If the concerns raised by the p r o g r a m c a n b e p r o p e r l y addressed in the coming year, legal treaties on REDD + seem entirely plausible for Durban 2011, and a multibillion dollar, international carbon market will take a step closer to becoming a reality. Myles Estey is a freelance writer and photographer currently based in Mexico City. His work has appeared in Global Post, VBS, and CNN, as well as many other news outlets. For six years prior to that, he was editor-in chief of the Vancouver-based Capital

Reduction REDD, which stands forfrom the of Emission Deforestation and Forest Degradation, has been around as a proposal propo sal for less than a decade . The "plus sign" was added in recent years to account for the fact that protecting other ecosystems beside bes ide s for est s -- in par tic ula r peatlands and bogs, which release huge amounts of carbon and methane when upturned, burned

developed nations. If successful, the program will play a central role in the emerging multi-billion dollar carbon markets. Proponents see REDD as a winwin method to effectively cut global emissions, provide funding for developed nations and drive a market: Rich countries meet emission targets, while poor countries receive cash to protect their forests.

enjoyed support conferencesilent participa participants. nts. Butamong in the end, that support was buried be ne at h of fi ci al ne go ti at in g pos positi itions ons and the sta nce of the U.N., which largely approves of the idea. The end result was no surprise: Markets won. The fact that REDD piques the interest of countries from every continent also helped keep it high on the agenda in plenary talks and

forests is only likely to grow. So while the Cancún agreement pro provid vides es gre ater pro protec tec tio tionn for these groups than what was being discussed prior to the conference, national legislators will have to address this issue if REDD is to retain credibility. The program's financial viability is also in question, since outside of an initial $4.1 billion seed fund, no long-term funding exists.

Magazine and co-director of its affiliate multimedia projects. Myles runs the blog The E s t e y o n a g e. e. Photo: Deforestation in the Amazon (NASA photo by Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon). This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at

(World World Politics Review: Articles ) Submitted at 1/4/2011 11:22:00 PM

This is Part II in a four-part series. Part Iexamined Iexamined the followup agreement to the Kyoto Protocol. Part II examines the REDD+ agreement. Part III will examine financial assistance. And Part IV will examine technology transfers and adaptation. CANCÚN, Mexico -- Amid all the discussion of global warming a nd how the inte rna tiona l community can deal with it, the term "REDD +" was a particular

or otherwise destroyed -- ing willreal be out, However, as critics have pointed Based on+ the scale hinted at intake the content-only/faq.php side events, andconference's to keep it in final play REDD just as essential to achieving achiev Five Filters Filters featured site: So, only carbon is accounted for well literature, it will into the drops in atmospheric CO2 levels. in this me tric . A ny toxic night of negotiations. Focus $100 billion to achieve the CLIMATE page 21 Destruction of forests accounts e m i s s i o n s t h a t c a n n o t b e groups such as the G-77 and the pro gra m's goa ls thr oug oughh 202 2020. 0.


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U.S. Fed Signals Support Concern for Europe

(World World Politics Review: Articles ) anywhere from one day to three months later, when the two parties Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:50:00 AM trade back the same quantity of Late last month, the Federal their currencies at the initial Reserve announced that it was transaction's exchange rate. authorizing the extension of In this case, there are no t e m p o r a r y c r e d i t l i n e s , o r prearranged limits on the amount "currency swaps," with major o f c u r r e n c y t h a t c a n b e foreign central banks through exchanged, meaning the Fed's five August. While five economies are pa rt ne rs te ch ni ca ll y ha ve an included in the extension, it is the unlimited line of financing with Fed's credit line to the European the U.S. central bank. Central Bank (ECB) that is the The Fed began opening up most significant in light of central bank swap lines in fall Europe's continued debt woes. 2007, when signs of the global The decision to extend the credit freeze were slowly coming

friends across the Atlantic. Fast-forward to December 2010: The decision by the Fed to extend the swaps is suggestive of how the U.S. monetary authority views the upcoming year. Given that the swaps were intended from the outset to be temporary emergency measures, the extension means that -- despite concerted efforts by the ECB, the European Union, and the International Monetary Fund -- the Fed remains concerned about potential distress in the European financial system as well as the global financial

2010. Nonetheless, allowing the swap lines to expire could have further undermined confidence in European creditworthiness. Even if left inactivated, the maintenance of the swap lines has a positive psychologi cal effect on f inancial markets as the mere existence of the arrangements soothes market fears by providing an additional semblance of insurance: Market participants realize that even if they become unwilling to lend dollars to troubled European ba nk s or tr ou bl ed so ve re ig n borrowers , th e cont inent will not

get their hands on dollars from international credit markets because of d ebt fears, those same European banks may be unable to pay off their d ebts t o U.S. banks. In other words, the swaps also help insulate the American bank ing sys tem fr om pot ent ial defaults from international bo r r ow er s . The extension of the Fed's swap program doesn't imply that 2011 will be a repeat of 2008. But it does reveal that the U.S. monetary authority remains uneasy about state and isn't Europe's financial stateand

currency swaps, which were initially scheduled to expire in January, suggests that the Fed isn't counting on 2011 to be free of international financial distress, and that it remains prepared to throw its resources behind any pote nti al fina ncia l sta bil izat ion effort for Europe. Here's how the currency swaps work: When a swap is activated, the Fed agrees to exchange dollars

into focus. It gradually expanded the program until October 2008, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, when the Fed maintained credit lines with 14 central banks that were collectively providing nearly $600 billi on in liqui dity to the global financial system. However, by the end of 2009, the financial seas were calming, and the Fed allowed the temporary

system more generally. This isn't to say that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues are pr ed ic ti ng ca la mi ty , bu t th ey aren't ignoring the continued turmoil facing Europe, either. In the week prior to the extension, Ireland's bond rating was downgraded while both Portugal and Greece were warned by ratings agenciesthat agenciesthat they were next. Portugal's ratingwas ratingwas slashed

be cut off enti rely from doll ars because of the Fed's credit line to the ECB. To an extent, the Fed is expressing its willingness to act as an international lender of last resort to these economies if absolutely necessary. From the U.S. perspective, the Fed views these arrangemen arrangements ts as nearly risk free. Even though the dollars the Fed is lending out typically end up with commercial

willing to let its guard down. It also signals U.S. support for Europe's economy and the Fed's continued willingness to provide a financial safety net to the global financial system. But, as with all safety nets, the Fed is hoping this one is ultimately unnecessary. Daniel McDowell is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations at the University of Virginia, specializing in

for theon currency of the other party based the market market exchange ra rate te at the time of the initial transaction. The ECB can deliver the dollars it obtains from the swap to financial institutions throughout Europe in the event that other means of acquiring dollars become increasingly costly or blocked altogether. In the meantime, the Fed simply puts the euros it receives in a special

arrangements to expire in February 2010. But the hiatus didn't last long: Just three months later, the Fed announced it was reopening unlimited swap lines with the ECB, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank, with the impetus being the unfolding debt cri sis i n Europe. When the initial Greek bailout failed to calm markets, the

days later. Ratings agencies also have a negative outlook on the vast majority of European banks. In short, default remains a major concern within the euro zone. No doubt these anxieties were major factors behind the extension. In terms of actual use, the swap lines have been far less active in their second incarnation. While hundreds of billions of dollars were sent abroad in 2008, the

ba nk s in th e bo rr ow er st at e' s economy, it is the borrowing central bank that is on the hook for the debt. And since the currencies are swapped, the Fed holds onto the other party's currency as collateral. It isn't all beneficence on the Fed's part, either. A major reason for activating the 2007 swaps in the first place was toprotect to protect U.S . bank sand money markets. The

International Political Economy. Photo: Official portrait of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (U.S. Federal Reserve photo). This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing

account until thecan arrangement is reversed. This take place

Fedsupport decided to step and throw borrowing ECB has only $1 billion in its behind itsinbeleaguered on topped a few occasions in

same can be said for last month's extension. If European banks can't

Again?.. Again?

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Liev Schreiber Takes a Shirtless Shower After a

of this argument is that the United States has chosen its wars rather poorl y, and in the futur e shoul d refocus on conflicts that it can win

campaign is less puzzling from the point of view of bureaucratic politic s a nd i nter-s ervice rivalr y: Yes, Petraeus has increased the

c o l u m n , O v e r t h e H o r i z o n, n, appears every Wednesday. Photo: An A-10 Thunderbolt II taking off from Bagram Air Base,

cheaply andZealots" easily. The "Boots on the Ground of the Army's COIN faction can never, in this formulation, be trusted to do anything either cheaply or easily. Doctrinal fights are about ideas, but also about resources. The nonkinetic vision of COIN theorists is grounded in some important assumptions about how populations react to air strikes, but also supports a particular distribution of resources across the services. The apparent puzzle of an airpower-wary general ratcheting up a bombing

usebeofinairpower, it continues to support ofbut "his" -- that is, the Army's -- war. And for the time being, the Air Force continues to negotiate on Petraeus' terms. Dr. Robert Farley is an assistant profess or at the Patters on Sch ool of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky. His interests include national security, military doctrine, and maritime affairs. He bl og s at Lawyers, Guns and M o n ey and I n f o r mat i o n Dissemination.. His weekly WPR Dissemination

Afghanistan (U.S. ph ot o by Da vi d L. Air St upForce py ). This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


iWork 9 0 5 Update adds ability to share presentations on iWork com

continued from page 19

Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Michael Terretta (TUAW TUAW ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:10:00 PM

CNET News com (CNET CNET )

CNET CNET N e w s . c o m en-us Tech news and business reports by CNET News. Focused

I've been waiting for the ability to share a Keynote presentation as an actual presentation on,, and it's finally here. In another update (yesterday updatesfor for iPhoto, brought iLife updates iMovie, and Garageband) squeaking in before the Mac App Store launch, Apple has released an update for iWork 9.0 9.0and and later as both a downloadand and a software update.

oninformation The release notes notes mention the t o p i c s i n c l u dtechnology, e c o m p u tcore e r s , usual miscellaneous bug fixes as well as some improvements: CNET page 22 • Adds support for playback of

Keynote presentations on iWork.compublic public beta, with over 15 animations and effects, when using the latest version of Safari. • Adds support for Keynote Remote 1.2, 1.2 , including highresolution slides for the Retina display. • Addresses an issue in Keynote with ruler numbers when moving or resizing a shape or scrolling. • Addresses an issue when exporting a Keynote presentation to iTunes/iPod when iTunes 10 10is is installed.


Liev, and their boys Samuel and Surfing Session Sasha have been taking advantage

Allie Merriam (P PopSugar opSugar ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:25:00 PM

Liev Schreiber slipped into his bodys uit ear lier toda y to hit the waves on a Sydney beach. He and his family have been Down Under for the past few weeks celebrating Christmas and New Yea rs rs with Naom i Watts 's rela tives . Naomi ,

of the Australian Summer to enjoy afternoons out at the park and walks around the city city.. She's stripped down to her bathing suit as well, donning a black biki ni last week to swim with the boys boys.. View Slideshow ›

Apple is recommending this update for users of iWork 9.0 and later, and those of you using the betaare invited to test betaare the sharing options and provide feedback. For more detailed information about this update and individual application changes, see Apple's iWork Update 5knowledge 5knowledge base article. iWork 9.0.5 Update adds ability to share presentations on iWork.comoriginally originally appeared on TUAW TUAW on Wed, 05 Jan 2011

• Improves the the readabil readability ity of private upload documen t s haring 17:10:00 EST. Please see our ePub documents exported from o p t i o n s f o r i W o r k . c o m t o terms for use of feeds. ePub feeds . Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. Permalink| Email this this|| Comments Pages. • Includes public sharing and


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CNET continued from page 21

hardware, software,networking, and Internet media.. 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved 20 October 18, 2010 10:18:40

2010 08:48:46 PDT http:// ws&tag=2547-1_3-0-20 ws&tag=2547-1_3-0 -20 http://

g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:00:00 PDT http://

2010 09:38:14 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 7 6 0 64.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag

2010 09:42:45 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 6 2 17.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag

AM P :DT 1 8 ,C 2N0E1T 0 10:18 4 0 Octo A M bPerD T N e w s . c o m C N E T h t t p : / / cnwk.1d/i/ne/gr/prtnr/rss_logo.gif 88 31 http: // - 2 0 0 1 9 8 7 8 1.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:50:19 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 5 5 17.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:42:45 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 6 2 17.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:24:08 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 6 4 264.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:16:30 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 5 6 -

n m / 118 6 0Oct 6 - 22010 _350094677.html Mon, 0 8 :1 0 :5 4 P DT h ttp :// 0 0 1 9 8 4 2 17.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 06:55:18 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 4 7 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 06:54:55 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 8 238.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// 20019828-2 38.html Mon, 18 Oct 2010 06:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 3 6 264.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// 20019836-2 64.html Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:59:28 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 3 3 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 0 0 1 9 8 1 3 260.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 6 5 2 265.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 9 85.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 22:00:13 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 1 6 245.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 21:01:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 7 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 19:40:03 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 5 -

= 2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 06:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 1 64.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sat, 16 Oct 2010 17:19:58 PDT CNET Ne ws .c om CN ET Ne ws .c om en-us Tech news and business reports by CNET News. Focused oninformation technology, core topics include computers, hardware, software,networking, and Internet media.. 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved 20 October 18, 2010 10:18:40 AM P DT Octo b er 1 8 , 2 0 1 0 10:18:40 AM PDT CNET N e w s . c o m C N E T h t t p : / / cnwk.1d/i/ne/gr/prtnr/rss_logo.gif 88 31 http: // - 2 0 0 1 9 8 7 8 1.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:50:19 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 5 5 -

= 2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:24:08 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 6 4 264.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:16:30 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 5 6 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 08:48:46 PDT http:// ws&tag=2547-1_3-0-20 ws&tag=2547-1_3 -0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 0 8 :1 0 :5 4 P DT h ttp :// 0 0 1 9 8 4 2 17.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 06:55:18 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 4 7 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct

93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct

2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 1 7 245.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta

71.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct

17.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct

2010 06:54:55 PDT http:// page 27


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WiFi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Announced at CES 2011 Evan Selleck (SlashGear SlashGear )

Th e WiF i-o n ly v ersio n o f S amsu n g ’s Galax y S tab let device, the Tab, has been only rumored aboutup aboutup until now. But Samsung has officially pulled the curtain off the device, and now you’ll be happy to know that the 3G-less version of the tablet is coming. Unfortunately though, there’s not a lot of information that Samsung is releasing at this point. The device will be the same as

move or relaxing at your home or office. We’re very excited that the Galaxy Tab recently passed the 1.5 million global shipments milestone.” Powered by Android 2.2, the Galaxy Tab offers services like Google Maps™ with Navigation (Beta) and Google Goggles™, as well as access to more than 100,000 applications currently available for download on Android Market™. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone port fol io, the Gal axy Tab kee p users connected with Samsung’s

we’ve seen in the past: a 7-inch display, Samsung’s 1GHz Hummingbird processor under the hood, and Android running the show. Anything else, though, is anyone’s guess (except Samsung’s). The company has confirmed that they’re trying to release the tablet device by the end of the first quarter, 2011, so obviously that gives them plenty of room to work out an actual

Social Hub application. Social Hu b wo rk s with th e u ser’s Messaging and Contacts to initiate the sending and receiving of information, whether it is e-mail, instant messaging, social network updates or SMS messages. Information from portal calendars, such as Google Calendar ™and social networking services are merged into a single interface for easy organization.

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:22:29 PM

release date. No word on pricing yet, either. The full press release Tab ™ will b e av ailab le fo r is b elo w, fo r y o u r v iewin g purc hase in the U.S. in the firs t pl e as ur e. quarter of 2011. Press Release The Galaxy Tab runs on S A M S U N G M O B I L E An d ro id ™ 2 .2 (F ro y o ) an d A N N O U N C E S U P C O M I N G features a 7-inch TFT display AVAILABILITY OF WIF I- w i t h 1 0 2 4 x 6 0 0 W S V G A ONLY SAMSUNG GALAXY resolution. The lightweight and TAB™ sleek device weighs only 13 LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2010 - ounces, is 12 millimeters thin and Samsung Telecommunications easily fits in a jacket pocket or

also supports Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 to deliver an enhanced content experience with access to thousands of Web sites packed with complex Flash-based applications and content. The Galax y Tab ’s F lash co n ten t support includes games, animations, rich Internet applications (RIAs), data prese ntati ons and visua liza tions ,

pict ures on-t he-g o, as well as a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder for video chat. “Samsung has always taken great pri de in giv ing co nsu me rs the most choices when deciding which mobile device to make their own,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mo b ile. “Th e Galax y Tab ’s compact and convenient design

America (Samsung . The Gala xy Tab inclu des No. 1 mobil e phoneMobile), provi derthe in purse 16GB of internal storage and has the U.S.1, today announced the microSD expansion for up to 32 WiF i-o n ly S amsu n g Galax y GB of additional storage. The Tab

ecommerce, video, music and more. The Galaxy Tab is also designed with a rear-facing 3 megapixel camera for taking

makes this device a true mobile content Galaxy Tab and send the original wirelessly to other DLNA tablet perfect for watching a movie, video chat, reading e-book WIFI-ONLY page 29 content or emailing while on-the-

Additional features of the Galaxy Tab include: • Daily Briefing: Offers instant access to weather, news, stocks, and schedules. • Impressive Expandable Memory: Galaxy Tab can add 32 GB of external memory to store and manage your favorite video content and pictures. • AllShare DLNA Technology: Take video or pictures shot with



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Moving Closer to House 2.0: @SpeakerBoehner Leads the GOP s E-transition

Alexander Howarrd d

historic moment, the House of plat form s tha n ever . The Whit e

"Keeping with one of the pillars

(ReadWriteWeb ReadWriteWeb )

of House Republicans' Pledge to America, our goal is to make Congress more open and available Today is the first day of the 112th to the American public," said Congress of the United States of Schaper in an email. "With over America. On e way th at th e 5 0 0 m i l l i o n a c t i v e u s e r s , incoming Republican majority Facebook is an easy way to will embrace innovation and effectively reach a large audience transparency in the legislative for the stream, while also making transparency proce ss will be incre ased use of those that might not know much v i d e o a n d n e w m e d i a . A s about the Pledge more aware of Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote at the new majority's goals and Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:35:00 PM

ReadWriteWeb, commenting on CNN's reportyesterday, Facebook reportyesterday, will livestream the opening day of Congress.. Congress In a pos t on Spe ake r.g ov ov,, the incoming speaker invited people America"" to visit the " Pledge to America F aceb o o k p ag e to v iew th e transition to a GOP-controlled House and comment on the feed. (Th e p o st was o rig in ally at before went live, which created a broken link from the speaker's tweet. Even e-transitions are bumpy at times.) Sponsor When reached for further comment, Ni ck Sc ha pe r, the director of new media for the incoming Speaker of the House, explained more about why they're livestreaming the transition and using Facebook.

prior ities .the Also , Face book gives viewers unique ability to discuss this historic event with their friends and others." S ch ap er ex p lain ed th at th e S p eak er's staff is u sin g th e plugin available on Facebook with the standard House of Representatives floor feed available on Capitol Hill to put the feed online. Notably, that also means that citizens and other interested parties don't have to join Fac ebook , log in or "Lik e" the page to watch the transition. The feed at SpeakerBoehneris is available on the open Web and can be embedded on any blog or article including this one. Watch live streaming video from SpeakerBoehner at and Facebook

won't be the only options by the new speaker's officeused either, according to Schaper. When asked whether the speaker would use or UStream or Yo u Tu b e, S ch ap er said th at "we've never limited ourselves or worked exclusively with any technology partners on efforts such as this. We've used all of the above and I look forward to finding more new tools that can help our members more efficiently connect with those they represent." Moving closer to House 2.0 The embrace of new technology won't be limited to streaming live from within Facebook. Proposals will range from allowing iPads and smartphones onto the House floor to crowdsourcing budgeting propos als to postin g bills online 72 hours before a vote. On this

Representatives has proposed new rules that will bring one half of rules the legislative branch closer to the increased government transparency that organizations like the Sunlight Foundation have advocated for years. The transition also included a virtual passing of the gavel from Representative Nan cy Pel osi to Boehner on Twitter, as Twitter's own government liaison, Adam

House still leads the federal government as a whole in covering the gamut, with pres enc es on MySp ace , Vim eo, iTunes, LinkedIn and even Digg now. (No word on how soon befor e the Pres ident , Speak er or other public officials will be available for question time on Quora.) As 2011 begins, new media adoption in Washington is no

S h a r p , n owas t e d updated o n Tto w iatnew ter. version last night, including a bl og po st th at an no un ce d th e [emailprotected] account and those of his staff. The post also introduced new accounts on YouTubeand Flickr, Facebook, YouTubeand along with the account embedded above. The YouTube and Flickr accounts were empty last night bu t D on Se ym ou r w ro te at that "video of Ellie Mae- th e jo b -sn iffin g GOP bloo dhou nd - Boehner's family reunion,, responses to questions reunion from constituents, or one of the Speaker's speeches or interviews" will be uploaded there in the future. In other words, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is now rep resen ted o n mo re o n lin e

longer As with to o ls, novel. su ccess sh o uany ld nset 't bof e measured by media reports or press releases but by the outcomes from their use. The hard work of bi pa rt is an co mp ro mi se in th e House, to the extent it occurs, is unlikely to be publicly visible in 140 characters, though stranger things have happened. Measuring the success of adoption new technology will depend far more upon whether more use of social media, online video and platforms for legislation or citizen engagement lead to greater citizen en g ag emen t, acco u n tab ility , tran sp aren cy o r d ata-d riv en pol ic y. Whe the r tha t com es to pa ss wi ll re ly on mo re th an putt ing a tra nsi tion live onli ne. Discuss


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Microsoft nnounces System on a Chip Next Version of Windows


rchitecture Support for

Evan Selleck (SlashGear SlashGear ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:46:41 PM

Microsoft has used the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 to confirm that cropped up apretty big rumorthat a few weeks ago. With talk that Win d o ws wo u ld b e u sin g a System on a Chip Architecture for its next version of Windows, there was plenty of speculation, and even more arguments breaking out whether or not Microsoft would down out thatgothey are.this route. Turns Today, at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, Microsoft has announced that they will be focusing on System on a Chip (SoC) architecture support for future versions of Windows. Microsoft will work with NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments to support ARMb a s e d s y s t e m s . T h e x 8 6 architecture will continue through support with low-power SoC designs, that will support Windows as a whole, as well as x86 applications. At Microsoft’s announcement, the company showcased the next version of Windows based on a SoC architecture from Intel, based on the x86 architecture. They also showed off the same design from NVIDI A, Qualc omm, and Texas Instruments. The company also promoted their second version of Surface, V2, which will drop the use of cameras altogether, and focus more on infrared sensors.

The overall results is better accuracy, and a much thinner unit. Details as to when the new version of Windows will be released are still hazy at the time of this writing, and the details regarding Microsoft’s new Windows User Interface (UI) they are developing are still unknown as well. The full press release is below for more inform ation.

Press Release Microsoft Announces Support of System on a Chip Architectures From Intel, AMD, and ARM for Next Versi on of Windows January 5, 2011 LAS VEGAS — Jan. 5, 2011 — Microsoft Corp. today announced at 2011 International CES that the next version of Windows will support System on a Chip (SoC)

architectures, including ARMba se d sy st em s fr om pa rt ne rs NVI DIA Corp ., Qua lcom m Inc . and Texas Instruments Inc. On the x86 architecture, Intel Corporation and AMD continue their work on low-power SoC designs that fully support Windows, including support for native x86 applications. SoC architectures will fuel significant

innovation across the hardware spectrum when coupled with the depth and breadth of the Windows platform. At to d ay ’s an n o u n cemen t, Microsoft demonstrated the next version of Windows running on new SoC platforms from Intel MICROSOFT page 27



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Will the Cloud Be Tinged with Venture Capital Capital Gold in 2 11?

Alex Williams (ReadWriteWeb ReadWriteWeb )

its ability to "enable IT organizations the ability to move multi-tiered enterprise applications with clustering and fail-over networking capabilities into the cloud with point-andclick ease." The resulting cost savings can be significant. Companies are seeking ways to pull the bits and pieces together together to build a cloud environment. environment. Skyta Skytap p automates the process. SCVNGR SCVNGR is a location-based service that emphasizes gaming and challenges. It's an entirely different play than Skytap or

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:00:26 PM

The forces changing the enterprise are not lost on venture capitalists. They recognize the transformation as well as anyone. So much so that it looks like cloud computing investments are expected to be greater than those in other market sectors That's evident in just the past few days with three venture capital investments that total $55 million. The investments are going to companies that have only one thing in common: they are able to show promise due to the fast acceptance of cloud computing in the enterprise and the overall higher level of interest in the ways that businesses can use Web and mobile applications for better optimization and reach with customers. Sponsor Cloud computing is a catalytic staffing and other investments that Group,, include acquisitions. Dachis has factor for the Dachis Group

Dachis. SCVNGR is not exactly an enterprise technology but it has direct correlations to the cloud and its use for business to reach out to its customer base. This may mean a business challenging customers to take photos and share them with others. That's opposed to a check-in where a person is simply saying they have think cloud computing is one of interview we did last month, arrived at a location such as you the core components of social Sundar Raghavan, chief product see with a service like Foursquare.

madeyear. several acquisitions in the last These were mostly consulting companies, including Hinchcliffe and Associates, Archrival and Stuvo. Dachis competes with both boutique groups and the largest consulting companies in the world. For example, companies such as Accenture are increasingly paying attention to the enterprise and its adoption of social technologies. In an interview, founder Jeffrey dedicated bu si ne ss " tosointegrating lu ti on s in"social to th e Dachis said the transformation is enterprise. It will use its funding extending from the enterprise and for international expansion, deep into the supply chain. "I

bus ine ss ," hi saiautomation d. Sky tap Skytap is Dac a cloud technology company based out of Seattle. The company's platform provides the capabil ities for s elfserve cloud deployment and virtualized environments. Skytap plan s to use its inv est ment for sales and marketing purposes. The service allows for companies to develop, test, migrate, evaluate, demo, and train on new and existing applications in the cloud. Its most significant offering has to be it s net work automation which it launched earlier this year. In an

which raised $30 million in series has B round from Austin Skytapreceived received a $10 Ventures. Skytap million series C round to fund sales and marketing efforts for its cloud automation technology. SCVNGER is a location-based app that competes with Foursquare. It received $15 million this week. Dachis Group Dachis Group is the largest consulting company in the world

and marketing at Skytap, said the goal forofficer the service is to make it as simple as possible for people to realize the benefits of a cloud platform. That means far be t t er au t om at io n th an t he pr oc es se s to da y th at re qu ir e assistance from people with specific expertise. Networks can break down. When When that happen happens, s, a company will have to go lengths to get it fixed. Skytap provides the capability to move applications with ease. Krishnan Subramanian wrote earlier this yearthat that Skytap is a hot company to watch due to

Gaming is entering the business world and the cloud is the vehicle for it. Overall View According to the Na ti on al Venture Capital Association, Association , Internet technologies and cloud computing software will outpace green tech. So much so that venture capitalists say there could be over investment in the Internet and cloud computing categories. That's not too hard to believe considering pace of investment wethe are rapid already seeing this year. Discuss


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continued from page 22

continued from page 25

2 0 0 1 9 8 2 8 238.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http://

20019813-260.html Mon, 18 Oct 20019813-260.html 2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 6 5 2 -

71.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct

running on x86 architecture and from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Tex as In stru men ts o n ARM architecture. The technology

“With today’s announcement, we’re showing the flexibility and resiliency of Windows through the power of software and a

20019828-238.html Mon, 18 Oct 2010 06:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 3 6 264.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:59:28 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 3 3 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 1 7 245.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 1 3 260.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http://

265.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// 20019652-2 65.html Mon, 18 Oct 2010 04:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 9 85.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 22:00:13 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 1 6 245.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta g=2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 21:01:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 7 93.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 19:40:03 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 5 -

2010 09:38:14 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 7 6 0 64.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sun, 17 Oct 2010 06:00:00 PDT http:// 0 0 1 9 8 2 1 64.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag =2547-1_3-0-20 http:// Sat, 16 Oct 2010 17:19:58 PDT This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

demonstration client support included across a Windows range of scenarios, such as hardwareaccelerated graphics and media pla ybac k, har dwa re- acc ele rat ed Web browsing with the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer, USB device support, printing and other features customers have come to expect from their computing experience. Microsoft Office running natively on ARM also was shown as a demonstration of the full depth and breadth of Windows platform capabilities on ARM architecture. Win d o ws will co n tin u e its industry-leading support across the widest possible set of devices, delivering the breadth and choice that customers demand. Intel and AMD continue to evolve and imp ro v e th e x 8 6 p latfo rms, including new low-power systems, and advance new designs such as the recently announced 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ pr oc es so r fa mi ly an d AM D’ s Fusion accelerated processing units (APUs). NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are joining Microsoft to provide ARM-based designs for the first time.

cengineering. o m m i t m e n t We to w o r l d - c l a stos continue evolve Windows to deliver the functionality customers demand across the widest variety of hardware platforms and form factors,” said Steven Sinofsky, pre sid en t of the Win dow s and Windows Live Division at Microsoft. SoC architectures consolidate the major components of a computing device onto a single package of silicon. This consolidation enables smaller, thinner devices while reducing the amount of power required for the device, increasing batte ry life and makin g possib le always-on and always-connected functionality. With support of SoC in the next version of the Windows client, Microsoft is enabling industry partners to design and deliver the widest range of hardware ever. Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

se Firefox s Tab Panorama as a ToDo List [Firefox Tip] Whitson Gordon (Lifehacker Lifehacker ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:00:00 PM

While we advocate using a lot of software you already have open specialized GTD apps, sometimes organizing your tasks using the c a n b e h e l p f u l . R e a d e r

willorbill1">willorbill1 willorbill1">willorbill1 shows us how he turns his browser into a to -do list. More »


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Google Responds To Android SMS Bug: Fixes Are On The Way Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch TechCrunch )

elements to load before clicking on the message you want to display. Separately, some users have reported that their SMS messages are being delivered to the wrong Daytum for iPhone peop le. It took us some time to Visualizes Your Personal reproduce this issue, as it appears Daily Data [Downloads] that it’s only occurring very Lifehacker ifehacker ) rarely . Ev en so , we’v e n o w Arvin Dang (L managed to both reproduce it and Submitted at 1/5/2011 1:00:00 PM develop a fix that we will deploy. While we don’t anticipate any iOS: Daytum's mobile a pplication

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:51:13 PM

Last week there was a flurry of rts ab o u t a serio u s b u g rep o rts affecting Android users: it seemed that some people who used the default SMS application were sometimes having their messages sent to the wrong person. Obviously that’s pretty alarming — especial ly since reports of this bug had appa rentl y been around for months, but Google had to fix or even acknowledge it. yet After the press storm Google upgraded the status of the bug report to ‘Critical’, and now an Android team member has just posted an update on what’s going on. The bottom line: Google identified not one but two bugs th at are cau sin g u n in ten d ed beha vior, but says that both are rare. One issue leads the wrong message to be displayed when you tap on it, the other actually sends the message to the wrong person. Fortuna tely fixes for both of these problems are on the way. Here’s the update update in the bug tracker:

Thanks to everyone for your pa t ie nc e w hi l e w e ’ ve be e n investigating these reports. As it turns out, we believe there are two distinct situations being discussed on this issue chain. Fortunately,

affecting many users, but we’ve d ev elo p ed a fix th at we’re prep ari ng to depl oy. Of cour se, double-checking double-check ing the displayed message before hitting “Send” will prevent any messages from

we have fixes for both of them. being sent to the wrong recipients. When some users tap to open a We’ve found in testing this issue, m e s s a g e i n t h e M e s s a g i n g it is more likely to occur if you application, they’re seeing a tap on a message before the different message appear instead. Messaging app is fully loaded, so We don’t believe this issue is we recommend waiting for all the

p e r s i s t eto n tinvestigate p r o b l e min s , case w e we ’ll continue come up with additional ways to trigger these bugs. Thanks again for helping us improve Android. Google will likely distribute the fixes over the air to the Nexus One and Nexus S, and users of other devices will have to wait for their manufacturer to release an update (which they’ll hopefully do quickly). In the mean time, you may want to check out another SMS app if you’re concerned about this — Handcent SMS is quite popular, and I’ve been a big fan of Google Voice (which has its own SMS feature built-in).

Change Up Your Desktop with This Week's Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday] Adam Dachis (Lifehacker Lifehacker ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 12:00:00 PM

This week in wallpapers, we take

your dog to the moon, go kayaking with a predatory chipmunk, circle around in an endless command loop, and .

for your desktop. More » Come on in and get a new look

graphs makes bea uti fulyour , or life at leaand st rev eal ingit. Enter in your results, resolutions, or other data, and see where you're slipping or succeeding with your goals. More »

Google Apps Gives Schools a Better Walled Garden for Student Email

Audrey Watters (R ReadWriteWeb eadWriteWeb ) page When I attended Google's GOOGLE GO OGLE 29 oneday summitwith summit with Oregon teachers


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continued from page 28

continued from page 23

and tech-coordinators this fall, I heard about the myriad struggles faced by schools trying to implement Apps for Education -

Locking Down Gmail As Gmail is arguably the cornerstone of Google Apps, some of the fears about students

gives us the ability to provide email to our 40,000 high school students. We are confident that this will help protect our children

-enabled devices (HDTVs, laptops, PC monitors, etc.) • Document Viewer & Editor: Open and make changes to any

America. For more information, pleas e visit www.s amsung .com. About Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is

and this in a state that was already completely on board with the process of movi ng scho ols t o the cloud. One of the concerns that I heard most often expressed centered around students' access to and usage of email - concerns about safety, privacy, and acceptable use. Will students mis-use email? Do parents approve of giving students accounts? accounts? At wh what at age should a child get an email account? Sponsor After all, while most of the tools provided via Apps for Edu can be locked down so that usage is restricted to a school or even a class, email gives you unfettered access to the world (or, at least those parts with email addresses).

and haveadoption likely hampered someemail schools' of Apps for Education. And for its part, Google says that having a better control over email is one of the most requested features from its K -12 users. So Google has made a change to Google Apps(not Apps(not just for Education but for Business and Government customers too) that will let administrators establish policies specifying who their users can communicate with via email. These new controls can be be adjusted based on different user groups so, for example, school faculty and staff can have unrestricted email access while students can only email those within the school community. "Using these new controls finally

fcommunications rom i n a p p and r o pexcited riate about new class activities and collaboration that email will bring. Not all kids kids are comfortable speaking up in class and this gives many of them another avenue to approach their teachers," said Laurie Tranmer, Email Services Manager at Prince George's County Public Schools. The new feature is expected to roll out to Apps for Business, Government, and Education users within the next few days. Discuss

Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF document • 4,000 mAh Battery: Super-sized battery provide s ample power to watch movies, share content and surf the Web 1 Number one mobile phone pr ovi der in the U. S cla im fo r Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics Q3 2010 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments R eport. Android, Google Maps, Google Goggles, and Android Market are trademarks of Google, Inc. A b o u t S a m su n g Telecommunications America Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., researches, develops and markets wireless handsets and telecommunications p r od u ct s t h r ou g ho ut No r t h

atelecommunication, global leader in semiconductor, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2009 consolidated sales of US$116.8 billion. Employing approximately 174,000 people in 193 offices across 66 countries, the company consists of eight independently operated business units: Visual Display, Mobile Communicatio Communications, ns, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, Digital Imaging, Semiconductor and LCD. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer o f digit al TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFTLCDs. For more information, pleas e visi t www.s amsun m.

Movie And TV Show Recommendation Engine Jinni Raises 5 Million

Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch TechCrunch )

TV Manufacturer and the VC firm experience. DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures. Quite a novel product, Jinni allows you to search for movies “We’re delighted to have a Israeli startup Jinni Jinni has just leading consumer electronics and TV shows according to mood, announced it has raised $5 million manufacturer and Pay-TV service plot , genre s, time /peri od, place , in Series B financing to further prov ider , as well as DFJ Tamir on what we do best: Developing audience and praise. It will be its personalized TV and movie Fishman Ventures, as investors,” an innovative product that is h o w B e l g a c o m , w h i c h i s recommendation service. The s a i d J i n n i C E O Y o s i d e s i g n e d t o f u n d a m e n t a l l y responsible for Internet, mobile AT&T of Belgium, Belgacom has Click“Completing the Series B i m p r o v e t h e e n t e r t a i n m e n t and TV networks in Belgium, will led the round along with a Tier-1 funding round allows us to focus leverage the service from a Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:46:04 PM

consumer stand point. Side note: Wish I had known about this last night during #lessambitiousmovies . Read the full press release here. CrunchBase CrunchBa se Information Information Jinni Information provided by CrunchBase


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Pioneer reveals SmartCradle for iPhone, shows display concept at CES Mike Schramm (TUAW TUAW ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:30:00 PM

Car audio company Pioneer just held a press conference here at CES, and TUAW was in attendance to see the reveal of their new SmartCradle product, a mounted iPhone-specific dock for the car. As car docks go, this one is pretty solid -- it is iPhonespecific (though the latest iPod touch will also work), and it's a "smart dock," means that it will send its which own built-in GPS information ("enhanced," Pioneer told us, by an onboard gyroscope and accelerometer) to Core Location for any location-based app you happen to pull up. In other words, it's a superpowered GPS device that also serves as a Bluetooth mic-and-speaker enabled in-car mount. The dock also has what's called "automatic sound leveling" (which monitors your in-car environment and adjusts its speaker level to make sure you hear GPS directions or other

Keep Your New Year s Resolutions by Getting Angry [Resolutions 2011] Adam Dachis (L Lifehacker ifehacker ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 11:30:00 AM

output when things get loud), and has actual audio and video output, which will send video from apps with video-out enabled to another screen in the car. No pricing or date has been announced for the SmartCradle, but Pioneer is supposed to have it out sometime later this year.

have a unit running on the show floor featuring the technology). You can see a picture of what they showed after the break -- the idea is that you would plug your smartphone into the car, and then get video from the device p r o j e c t e d d i r e c t l y o n t h e windshield as a display. This is

And speaking of video out, Pioneer also showed off a concept called Network Vision Heads Up Display at the show (and will

still just a concept, but it's an Permalink| Email this| this| Comments interesting idea. We'll take a look at how it works on the show floor and let you know.

Continue reading readingPioneer reveals SmartCradle for iPhone, shows display concept at CES Pioneer reveals SmartCradle for iPhone, shows display concept at CE S originally appeared on TUAW TUAW on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 17:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds .

Maybe the frustration from trying to keep your resolutions has made you angry unintentionally, but that anger may just help you keep those resolutions after all if you focus it on what you want. More »

John Mayer Starts Fresh Following a Loko Holiday Experience Katie Henry (P PopSugar opSugar )

wrapping up his Battle Studios shows and quitting Twitter in the Fall,, though he jumped back into Fall John Mayer was spotted looking our online lives over the holidays dapper in a gray suit leaving chronicling a seven-day road trip dinner at Dan Tanas in West with friends they jokingly billed Hollywood last night. He's been as"TourLoko." as "TourLoko."The The group of six Novak, follow ed the Philadelphia o n a d i g i t a l c l e a n s e s i n c e guys, including The Office Office's 's BJ Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:03:00 PM

76ers from San Francisco to Phoenix with a brief stop in Palm Springs. Blogging and tweeting accounts of their every move gave fans an all-access pass to John's final days of the year. The last stop on the "tour" brought John and the guys to Las Vegas where

he hejoined joined Jay-Z and Coldplay on stagefor a performance. We'll see stagefor John back on stage next month at the Grammy Awardswhere Awards where he's nominated for three awards including best pop album. View Slideshow ›

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TUAW TV Live: Talking to the Doc Steven Sande (T TUAW UAW )

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:55:00 PM

Live viewers will TUAW TV Live know that we had so much fun last on last week's show with our very own Mike Schramm and Megan Lavey that I invited the inimitable Doc Rock to join me this week. That's Doc getting the latex glove treatment at right. Doc's our unofficial Hawaii correspondent for TUAW, supplying us with a stream of commentary and laughs every Sunday night on the TUAW Talkcast. Today marks his first appearance on TUAW TV Live, although he's been an active voice in the chat room. Trust me -- you get two guys who love to talk and put 'em in the same virtual studio, and you're bound to have a lot of fun. How do you join in? From your Mac or PC, go to the next page by clicking the Read More link at the bottom of this post, and you'll you'll find atool. livestream and you a chat The chatviewer tool allows to participate by asking que stions or making comments. If you're driving somewhere and would like to watch TUAW TV

Google Unleashes Android Live while you're stuck in traffic, please don't -- ke ep yo ur eye s on the road! However, if someone else is doing the driving, you can watch the show on your iPhone and join the chat by downloading the free Ustream Viewing Application.. If you're on an iPad, Application you should be able to use the Skyfire Browser to watch the stream, although you will not be able to participate in the chat. We'll start at about 5 PM ET, so if you're seeing a prerecorded

show, be sure to refresh your bro ws er unt il you get the liv e stream. Continue reading reading TUAW TV Live: Talking to the Doc TUAW TV Live: Talking to the Do c originally appeared on TUAW on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 TUAW 16:55:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds . Source|| Permalink| Email this| this | Source Comments

The 4 Money Rules All Women Should Live By [emailprotected] ( (Financiallyfit Financiallyfit on Shine )

socialites scrambling in their Manolos. As their worlds and their bank accounts take a serious hit, these fierce females power on,

Submitted at 1/4/2011 7:09:46 PM

novel In The a new byRecessionistas, Wall Street financial whiz Alexandra Lebenthal, the

economic crisis hits the Upper East Side — sending four

stopping at…

3.0 Honeycomb Video Showcases Features [Video] Evan Selleck (S SlashGear lashGear ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:03:29 PM

Rumors about whether or not Android 2.4 or 3.0 would be known as Honeycomb have been swirling around for awhile now, but over the last coupl e of days it’s been much confirmed that 3.0 ispretty Honeycomb. And now Google has put the stake in the heart of the rumor, squashing any idea that 2.4 could, and would, be what the Android team chose for the version number. Thanks to the Android YouTube page, we can now safely say that Android 3.0 is Honeycomb, and yes, it is indeed bu il t sp ec if ic al ly fo r ta bl et devices. The video is a short one, timed at only one minute and 33 seconds. However, in that quick glimpse, we can see that Android, at least

at the face value we can see here, has been given a pretty big advancement in the User Interface (UI) department. The whole layout is familiar to what we’ve seen in Android-powered devices in the past, but the software buttons, which will take the place of the hardware buttons we’ve seen since the launch fo Android, follow right in line with the rumors we’ve heard in the past. Android 3.0, or Honeycomb, is rumored to launch in March of this year, so it’s not a surprise that Google’s already starting the hype train. Of course, it helps that we’re knee-deep in the Consumer Electronics Show, too. In any event, check out the video below, and let us know what you think. [ via via Android YouTube; thanks, David!]


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Re-Use Your Keurig KCups [emailprotected]g (Ad

ServeRSS) ( AdServRSS Feed )

Do you love the Keurig coffee system? Are you tired of paying 50¢ per cup? Do you want to start saving money today? Turn your used KCups into reusable K-Cups! The Keurig standard approach involves the purchase of K-Cups with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. The K-Cups make excellent

iPhone 5 parts caught on video? Chris Rawson (TUAW TUAW )

slight "iPhone 4.5" redesign for the (supposedly) forthcoming Verizon model of iPhone 4. The Via Boy Genius Report, we've case does have a cutout for a SIM seen a video from a company card, however, which makes this a

mini-update of the iPhone 4 rather than a major design shift. GlobalDirectParts claims to have details on this supposedly new iPhone's display and motherboard,

called GlobalDirectParts which claims to showparts showparts from the next -generation iPhone, iPhone, or iPhone 5. The company's video shows several differences between the metal case of the current iPhone and the purported next-gen model. Most notably, the "break points" in the case (the black bands) have shifted position, presumably to address the iPhone 4's antenna attenuation issues.

somewhat less likely proposition - unless this "iPhone 4.5" is intended to be a universal GSM/ CDMA phone. Naturally, the part could also either be an earlier prot otyp e des ign or an outr ight fake. It may seem early for possible iPhone 5 part leaks, but repair firm iResQ got hold of the iPhone 4's front faceplate faceplate as early as February of 2010. The similarities

too, and will be showing those off next week. In the meantime, click "Read More" and have a look at the video of the case. Continue reading reading iPhone 5 parts caught on video? iPhone 5 parts caught on video? originally appeared on TUAW TUAWon on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 15:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.. feeds Source Source|| Permalink| Email this| this |

The casecompared design is to notthe radically different iPhone 4, which could mean that rather than being a next-gen model, it's a

bet wee n4 case thi s new cas with e andwhat the iPhone also gel I've suspected, that the iPhone 5 will most likely be a 3GS-style


Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:30:00 PM

$14 and up. If you want 10 of them, that is $140 just for the reusable cups. Second, the cup does not produce as good of a cup of coffee as the K-Cup itself. The canywhere o f f e e . Bfrom u t t h$.25 e y to e a c$.50 h c oper s t designs are different and the water cup depending on the quantity and flows out the sides of the filter where you purchase them. If you rather than down through the like to drink coffee like me, this coffee (take a look at it closely). can add up to quite a bill really Third, the design is big, bulky, and hard to store. If you already quickly. So you say, why not get a have a turnstile for K-Cups, you reusable K-Cup. Good idea. But can not store these there. With there are a few problems with the this product you can. system Keurig wants you to use. First the reusable K-Cups cost

Beauty Foods

(C Cooking ooking Light: Editor's Picks )

If you’ve been filling up on doughnuts, soft drinks, and candy, it may be taking a toll on not just your health, but also your looks. Nutrient- rich foods can k eep yo u fit and reduce your risk of heart disease and even some cancers. And research shows that some foods may enhance the radiance of your skin, hair, and give your metabolism a kick star start. t. Here’s our list of beauty foods to keep

you looking and feeling fit and beau tifu l this sum mer . Watch the Video: Video: Eating for Beauty Next Strawberries Beauty This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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Official Google Video Preview Of Android 3 0 Spied Briefly Devin Coldewey (TechCrunch TechCrunch ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:32:27 PM

An official video promoting Android 3.0 Honeycomb has just appeared on YouTube, apparently without any accompanying fanfare from Google. It’s on the Android Developers channel, but one would expect at least a blog po st to sh ow of f th e va ri ou s nuances of the new interface. Actually, as I was writing this very paragraph, the video was taken down, so I’m guessing this was unintentional. Good thing I

got screenshots of all the interesting bits! We’ll have video for you momentarily, but for now, enjoy these screengrabs of An d ro id 3 .0 . Here we have the lock screen: And the home screen; note the TechCrunch link there. Thanks for reading, Google!I’m a big fan. This is clearly the same type of desktop we saw on the Motorola unit Andy Rubin was playing with at All Things D. Nice big widgets and a four-corner layout for hot spots. Next, moving over to another

correctly, this type of app should be ab le to be bro ken dow n to smaller widgets. Or something. Fragments, I think he said. Google Talk interface and twoway video chat: Google Maps, with more of the same black-and-grey theme: Looks pretty solid, and looked nice in action. But we’ll probably get a hands-on soon, as Motorola is probably going to announce collection of social widgets — displayed, and widgets to grab: their Xoom tablet in just about an follow your friends’ latest updates The new browser, looks slick and hour. We’ll update this as soon as and so on. minimal: video goes live. Now, a dashboard-esque screen The new Gmail interface Andy

downloaded the 720p version and screen, this appears to be a

with all your virtual desktops

was demoing. If I remember

( AEI.Org: Articles )

warned that ten to eleven key government officials would be soon sacked or would be forced to As talks with the Taliban gain resign due to their disagreements momentum, Afghan president with Karzai's reco n ciliato ry Karzai is purging his approach to the Taliban and Hamid Karzai government of anti-Taliban and P ak istan , in clu d in g Karzai's pro-Western officials. This week's spokesperson Waheed Omar and

He has intensified efforts to reconcile with the Taliban leaders and tried to improve relations with P ak istan . He h as also replaced many pro-West, antiTaliban officials. Last year, he sacked intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh and interior

governance in the country. It also a sign that Obama's repeated willingness to offer timelines to assuage his domestic base is ( AEI.Org: Articles ) having a very negative effect on Submitted at 1/4/2011 5:00:00 PM Afghanistan's security. Ahmad K. Majidyar is a senior Today is a big day in the House, research associate at AEI.

national security advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta (Afghan Paper). Omar resigned on Monday (Cheragh Daily), and Spanta is also said to have offered his resignation but the president has not accepted it yet (Afghan P ap er). Karzai, who has had a troubled relationship with the Obama administration over the past two years, has been seeking

min ister Han if Atmar, b o th described by Western officials as the most capable members of Karzai's government. Saleh had publi cly oppos ed tal ks with the Taliban without preconditions and accused the Pakistani military and intelligence agency of supporting terrorist groups. The removal of competent and p r o - W e s t e r n o f f i c i a l s i s undermining current efforts to

Photo Credit: White House photo by Lawrence Jackson This entry passed through the RSSservice service — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

The Price of Afghanistan Timelines Submitted at 1/4/2011 5:00:00 PM

sacking of Dr. Davood Moradian, sen io r p o licy ad v iser at th e Foreign Ministry, was the latest in a series of dismissals and forced resignations of senior officials who oppose Karzai's outreach to the Taliban and Pakistan (see Rah -e Nejat Daily , To lo News, News , ). Afg h an P ap er). The Coalition for Change and Hope, chaired by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Karzai's chief rival in

the 2009 election, had earlier alternative allies for his survival.

defeat the Taliban and improve

Contradictions Abound in New Rules Package

a new era with John elected as Speaker and aBoehner new set of rules that have a real effect on the House, how it does business and how it frames and decides poli cy. As the Ohio Republican prepares to take on his new role (wait, I am starting to tear up … talk amongst yourselves), I am struck by the differences and parallels with Speaker Newt Gingrich's experience in 1995. The Georgia Republican was the conquering CONTRADICTIONS page 34


E-reader News Edition

CONTRADICTIONS continued from page 33

hero, Moses leading his tribe from 40 years of wandering in the desert to the Promised Land. He reveled in the attention, loved

huge mandate--that they can be a counter-presidency collectively. They can erase or stymie Obama's enactments and initiatives,

(R-Utah), Boehner and incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) decided to try to rationalize and regularize the House schedule,

designed to deter the former goal; it makes it much easier and less pa in fu l fo r Me mb er s to ke ep families at home. I want regularity

demolishes the Congressional budget proc ess in one fe ll swoop, and it takes away the accountability, openness and

be in g on th e cosaw ve rhimself of al l as th ae newsmagazines, parall el preside nt a nd s tarted the first week with a 100-hour "death march" to enact the "Contract With America." That was followed by a year of conflict b e t w e e n C o n g r e s s i o n a l Republicans and the Clinton White House, culminating in a government shutdown, and including lots of investigations and subpoenas along the way. There is a concurrent promise to have much more debate, many mo re amen d men ts an d mo re appropriations bills done under open rules, but while spending dramatically less time in Washington. There is no way to make both things happen. Boehner is starting as the antiGingrich (although of course he and his allies would prefer to frame it as th e an ti-P elo si), avoiding the celebrations, not pu sh in g an y ki nd of cu lt of p e r s o n a l i t y , t r y i n g t o b e somewhat self-effacing and unlike bot h Gi ngr ic h an d Pe los i, not starting with a flurry of legislative activity. But there are lots of similarities to 1995 as well. The sense among House Republicans is that they, like Newt's Republicans, rode in on a wave of popular support and on on a clear and

chamstring o n d u c t the i n vWhite e s t i g aHouse t i o n s and to force Obama to his knees. Just not in the first week. The first week will instead be d o min ated b y th e ru les an d pro ced ure s tha t wil l def ine the new Republican majority. During the fall campaign and the lameduck interregnum, John Boehner gave a series of speeches making it clear that he wanted to transform the House, including moving it back toward the kind of open and deliberative body that has been absent for a long time-including, he acknowledged, during the last 12-year period of Republican rule. His decision to emp h asize th e ru les was an interesting one, not designed to get a lot of media attention but a clear sign that he saw the rules as critically important. The new rules package, combined with other procedural changes, is an interesting mix of commendable components and po si ti ve mo ti ve s wi th mo re perni cious elem ents that go in a very different direction. And there are lots of contradictions and tensions among the components. These are especially apparent on the scheduling front. With the advice and backing of Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and Rob Bishop

moving tol la predictable process four fu days a w e e k iof n Washington when the House is in session. The schedule will have two weeks on, one full week off to go back to the district; it will also change the schedule during the weeks on so floor votes occur only between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., allo win g co mmittees a less fettered chunk of time to do their business. The concept is a good one. But it leaves me queasy. I have long called for a three weeks on, one week o ff sch ed u le fo r two reasons. The first is I want to find ways to encourage members to spend more time together, and to move their families to Washington. The best way to encourage civil discourse is for people to g et t o know each other as people; it is very hard to call a colleague a treasonous pig if you have spent time with his or her family on the sidelines of a kid's soccer game. The second is to provide the long and conti nuous stretches of Congressional sessions that encourage real deliberation and debate, and do not provide the kinds of disincentives for the regular order that the disjointed and limited schedule has set in place. This new schedule is actually

and family lives, but the moregood time Members are away, the less time they spend communicating with and getting to know their colleagues, and the more they get away from the central concept the framers had about Congress--a coming together of people from disparate plac es and back ground s, able to deliberate face to face in our extended republic. There is a concurrent promise to have much more debate, many more amendments and more appropriations bills done under open rules, but while spending dramatically less time in Washington. There is no way to make both things happen. Something has to give, and I strongly suspect it will be open debate and deliberation. Now we come to the rules related to the budget and fiscal policy. I will have to address these fully in another column because there are many new things. But let me start by addressing the provision in the rules to deputize the chairman of the House Budget Committee to unilaterally create spending and rev en u e limits an d cap s b y committee and enact them simply b y p ub l i s hi n g t h e m in t h e Congressional Record. This is breathtaking: It

deliberation that a regular pr oc es s pr ov id es . Th is budget is th e opposite of accountability; Members, by voting in lockstep to enact a package of rules, will implicitly vote for a budget they have never seen. It will be binding in the House. When individual appropriations co me u p , an y p ro p o sal th at changes the edicts of Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) by restoring cuts in spending will be ruled out of order. Dramatic and Draconian budget cuts without votes or debate. That is the new open and deliberative House? Norman J. Ornstein is a resident scholar at AEI. Photo Credit: Flickr user republicanconference/Creative Commons This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS RSSservice service — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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Wily Old Dems Take On Whippersnapper Republicans ( AEI.Org: Articles )

party of new ideas . And in 2010

the nation's largest and one of its

They passed a $787 billion

Curious fact, unearthed by Gerald Seib of the Wall Street Journal. The average age of Republican House members in the new Congress convening today is 54.9, younger than the Republicans' average age in the previous Congress, 56.5. But the average age of House Democrats has risen, from 58 to 60.2. That can be

they remained choicebyofonly the youngest voters,thethough half the margin in 2008. So if the Democratic electorate is tilted toward the young, the Democrats' leaders are tilted toward the old. But when you look at the top Democrats in the House, you don't see young faces. The ages of the ranking Democrats on the Appropriations, Ways and Means,

m ost Dem o c rBrown, a t i c selected tates, California. Jerry governor at 36 and 40, has now won that office again at 72. The state's two U.S. senators are 77 and 70. They began their political careers, as did the leading House Democrats, way back in the 1960s or 1970s. So if the Democratic electorate is tilted toward the young, the Democrats' leaders are tilted

sassumption t i m u l u s that p a c kbig a ggovernment e on the would put people to work. They passed the h ealth care bill on the assumption that centralized experts in big government could provide bette r care at lower costs. The voters in November 2010 rejected those assumptions. It's not clear whether congressional Republicans can advance policies more in line with the changed

explained by the high turnover inpartly the 2010 election. Many younger Democrats, first elected in 2006 or 2008, fell by the wayside. The old bulls from 65 percent-plus Democratic districts survived. Meanwhile, many young Republican challengers won. But the results are historically anomalous. Going back to the Congress elected in 1950, there has never been more than a 2.8year difference in the average age of House Republicans and House Democrats. The difference in this Congress is 5.3 years, almost double that. The picture is similar on the Senate side of the Capitol, where the average age of Republicans is 61.4 and the average age of Democrats is 63.1. That's as wide a margin as in any Senate since the one produced by the election of 1982. Democrats like to think of themselves as the young party, the

E d u c a t i o nFinancial , E n e r gServices, y and Commerce, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary committees are 70, 79, 65, 71, 70, 69 and 81. The three party leaders are 70, 71 and 70. Just about all these members are competent at pushing bills through the House, thanks to the fact that the House Democratic Caucus chooses the chairmen and ranking members by secret-ballot vote. Less competent members get weeded out. And because House Democrats, unlike House Republicans, don't limit most of their chairmen to three two-year terms, competent chairmen can stay on and on. All those referred to above stayed in the House during 12 long years of Republican control, waiting for their party to win control again. House Republican chairmen, in contrast, have often chosen to retire after their three terms. You get a similar picture when you look at leading politicians in

toward thea old. this matters at time And when,I think as scholar Walter Russell Mead writes in the American Interest, "The core institutions, ideas and expectations that shaped American life for the sixty years after the New Deal don't work anymore, and the gaps between the social system we've inherited and the system we need today are becoming s o wide that we can no longer paper them over or ignore them." Mead is looking back on the America of World War II and the postwar de cades, when Ame rican life was dominated by the leaders of what I have called the Big Units--big government, big b u s i n e s s , b i g l a b o r . T h e assumption was that these units would grow ever bigger, to the bene fit of ordi nary peo ple. That assumption was shared by the Democratic leaders of the justdeparted 111th Congress, who grew up in Big Unit America.

character of our society. Andthey it's an open question whether can reach agreement on any important issues with Barack Obama, who is a generation younger than most of his party's leaders in Congress. The Democrats' congressional leaders will defend the Obama agenda to the extent possible. But can they take their party in a somewhat different direction than the one voters rejected in N o ve m be r ? Michael Barone is a resident fellow at AEI. Photo Credit: White House photo by Susan Sterner This entry passed through the RSSservice service — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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Ask the Stars of Off the Map Your Questions Kelly Woo (T TV V Squad ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 10:20:00 AM

Filed under: Celebrity Interviews Interviews,, Box'Grey's Anatomy' Outside the Box'Grey's and 'Private Practice' have been blo ck bus te r hi ts for ex ec uti ve producer Shonda Rhimes, but she isn't stopping there. She has teamed up with creator Jenna Bans for a new series about doctors, 'Off the Map,' which premier es Wed., Jan 12 a t 10P M ET on ABC. Unlike Rhimes' other hits, 'Off the Map' is set in the wild, remote South American jungle. A trio of young, idealistic doctors (all running from their pasts, of course) arrive to work at an understaffed, underfunded clinic. We're sitting down with the cast - Zach Gilford, Mamie Gummer, Rachelle Lefevre, Jason George, Martin Henderson, Valerie Cruz and Jonathan Castellanos -- and asking YOUR questionsabout ABC's new hot doc show. this|| Linking Permalink| Email this Blogs|| Comments Blogs



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Hedge Funds Raise Crude Bets to Four-Year High; CFTC s Position Limit Plan Gains Steam; Everyone is Happy; Impact on Silver and Crude

[emailprotected]o (Michael ichael Shedlock) (Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis )

Hedge funds, pension plans, and small speculators have all been plow ing into comm odit ies with abandon. The result is easy to spot, particularly in the energy markets. Bloomberg reports Hedge Funds Raise Crude Bets to Four-Year HighHedge High Hedge funds raised bullish bets on crude oil to the high est level in more than four years on speculation that futures will climb as the U.S. recovers from the deepest recession since the 1930s. The funds and other large speculators increased net-long pos it ion s, or wag er s on ri si ng prices, by 4.6 percent in the seven days ended Dec. 28, according to

Institute for Supply Management’s U.S. factory index climbed to 57 in December, the fastest pace in seven months. Fuel demand increased to the highest since May 2008 in the week ended Dec. 24, Energy Department figures showed last week. “Crude oil prices are up, and people expect them to keep going up,” said Tim Evans, an energy analyst at Citi Futures Perspective in New York. “It speaks to the frame of mind that people are in more than it speaks to the underlying reality. We have no physical tightness here.” CFTC's posit ion limit plan gains needed support Please consider CFTC's position limit plan gains needed support A top official at the U.S. futures

down on speculators, was key to the postponement as he told Reuters he would have voted against the plan. It would have included a two-step approach to

“In light of the existence of large speculative positions in today’s energy and agricultural markets, it is imperative that the Commission to do something now, and without

materials including oil, gold and wheat as part of the most sweeping rewrite of Wall Street rules since the 1930s. Four of five members of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said they will vote in favor of publishing a two-part proposal to restrict the number of contracts one firm can hold. The plan, if appro ved after a 60-day pub lic com ment per iod , wou ld limit traders to 25 percent of deliverable supply in the contract nearest to expiration, followed by an all-month ceiling of 10 percent of open interest up to the first 25,000 contracts and 2.5 percent thereafter. “At the core of our obligation is to protect market integrity,” Gensler said at the hearing today. The rule will shield the markets from

the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s weekly Commitments Commitme nts of Traders report. It was the biggest total in records going back to June 2006. Oil prices will average $93 a bar rel thi s yea r and are “ve ry likely” to climb above $100, Jason Schenker, president of Prestige Economics in Austin, Texas, said yesterday in an interview with Deirdre Bolton on

regulator said on Tuesday he was now in favor of a stalled position limit plan, a key turnaround that would allow the controversial rules to advance to the public comment stage. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission introduced on December 16 its long-awaited pla n to cur b spe cula tio n in the metals, agriculture and energy markets but at the meeting,

allow more time for the agency to gather information on the opaque swaps market. “W hile I will now support pu bl is hi ng a po s it io n li mi t prop osal for publ ic comme nt, I will continue to make the case that we need to address excessive speculation in these markets immediately,” Chilton said in a statement on Tuesday. A coalition of businesses

delay, in order to address these large positions and send a message of confidence and certainty to market participants,” said Jim Collura, spokesman for the Commodity Market Oversight C oalition. U.S. C ommodity Regulator to Review Speculation Limits Let's flash back to December 16 and a recap of U.S. Commodity Regulator to Review Speculation

excessive speculation by ensuring positions aren’t t oo concentr ated, he said. Gensler, along with Commissioners Bart Chilton, Scott O’Malia and Michael Dunn said they will vote today in favor of publishing the rule for comment. Dunn and O’Malia said they may not ultimately support imposing position limits. Commissionerr Jill Sommers said Commissione

B Chairman Gary abruptly “ Ilnosoim d ebTe rr ag c kT.e”l e v i s i o n ’ s postponed a voteGensler on t he proposal. Futures advanced as high as Commissioner Bart Chilton, the $ 9 2 . 5 8 y e s t e r d a y a f t e r t h e most vocal proponent of cracking

dependent buyingfor commodities which hason pushed the limits said it supports Chilton’s plan as an interim measure.

Limits The top U.S. commodities regulator will consider today steps to curb speculation in raw

she vote against the rule. “It’swould bad policy to promulgate

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:55:00 AM

HEDGE page 37

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HEDGE continued from page 36

r e g u l a t i o n s t h a t a r e n o t thinking it will force prices up and enforceable,” Sommers said, crush JPMorgan. Meanwhile, adding that the commission lacks buyers of ene rgy and agricultur al th e d ata n eed ed to en fo rce goods think limits will reduce

an end-user, while facing caps for trades made to mitigate bets dealt to speculators." I fail to see how that will

My friend "HB" agrees. He just pin ged me wit h thi s com me nt. "The GATA crowd should be livid when it realizes that position

Silver COTs It is hard to predict anything at all regarding the price of silver from the following COT chart.

pri Forrs,a and whi le, this ns bulces ls, .bea buye rs mea all all happy. The only ones not happy with limits are a the few commissioners who think limits will not work. I side with those who think limits will not work. I have both short and long-term reasons. Short-term, position limits will likely reduce liquidity and further distort the markets. The most likely long-term impact is that trading will move to less regulated foreign exchanges. If so, US commodity exchanges will lose their global importance. Long-term, commodity prices are going to go where they are going to go anyway. Attempts to curb speculation brought on by loose policies of the Fed cannot work in the long run. The Impact on JPMorgan Short-term prices might depend on exactly what the limits are, who is affected, and how the CF TC imp lemen ts th e ru les ch an g es. Here is one key paragraph: "The plan exempts so-cal led b ona f ide hedgers who u use se contracts contracts to offset commercial risk. Swaps dealers, who sell derivatives, derivatives, are free from limits as lo long ng as th thee transaction is made made on behalf of

necessarily curb JPMorgan's massive short position. (I am assuming JPMorgan is hedged). However, let's assume JPMorgan is not hedged. How will the CFTC phase in the rules? If they do so by limiting the buy in g of si lv er fu tu re s un ti l posi tion lim its are rea che d (th e method used to end the Hunt cornering attempt) , then silver will likely get hammered shortterm. Thus, I do not agree with zerohedgewho hedge who writes " And if indeed this news was the catalyst for today's precious metal and other commodities sell off, it is woefully misinterpreted, as the only major institutional parties impacted will be those who hold outsized short positions in the pre cio us me tal s spa ce ." It's not that Zero-Hedge is necessarily wrong; it's just that he is not necessarily right. However, if I had to bet one way or another, I would bet that wh atev er meth o d th e CF TC comes up with will not adversely impact JPMorgan in any significant way. Thus, if anyone is impacted in the short-term, I suspect it will be silver longs, even though longterm the price of silver will get to wherever it is headed.

limits may - gasp - depress the silver price." Crude COTs click on any chart below for sharper image Crude Weekly Chart Commodity charts and open interest are not always as correlated as show above. By the way, much of that crude open interest is hedging various crack spreads spreads(crude (crude vs. gasoline, heating oil, diesel, etc). Crack spread is a term used in the oil industry and futures trading for the differential between the price o f cru d e o il an d p etro leu m products extrac ted from it - t hat is, the profit margin that an oil refinery can expect to make by "cracking" crude oil (breaking its long-chain hydrocarbons into useful shorter-chain petroleum pro duc ts) . In the futures markets, the "crack spread" is a specific spread trade involving simultaneously buying and selling contracts in crude oil and one or more derivative produ cts, typic ally gaso line and heating oil. Oi Oill refineries may trade a crack spread to hedge the pri ce ris k of the ir ope ra tio ns, while speculators attempt to profit from a change in the oil/gasoline pri ce dif fer ent ial . Is the CFT C ready to sort this all out?

Silver Weekly Chart pointing out Finally, it is worth that commodities in general simply might be ready for a strong pullback. Sentiment is extreme . It it happens, attributing precious metal declines to a smackdown by gold and silver shorts is beyond silly. Mike "Mish" Shedlock h t t p : / / globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. com Click Here To Scroll Thru My Recent Post List ListMike Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance and low volatility, regardless of market direction. Visit http:// account_management.html to learn more about wealth management and capital pre ser vat ion str ate gie s of Sit ka Pacific.

effectiv cap s. swaps data, we “Withoutespecific have no ability to claim we are ap p ly in g en fo rceab le limits without understanding the full size of the market,” O’Malia said in a statement. The plan exempts so-called bona fide hedgers who use contracts to offset commercial risk. Swaps dealers, who sell derivatives, are free from limits as long as the transaction is made on behalf of an end-user, while facing caps for trades made to mitigate bets dealt to speculators. The proposal covers 28 commodities, including crude, natural gas, gasoline, heating oil, gold, silver, copper, platinum, pa ll a di um , co rn , oa ts , r ic e, soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, wheat, feeder cattle, live cattle, lean hogs, milk, cocoa, coffee, orange juice, sugar and cotton. The commission estimated that the spot-month rules would affect 70 traders in agricultural contracts, six in base metals, eight in precious metals and 40 in energy. The combined caps may affect 80 agriculture traders, 25 in base metals, 20 in pre cious metals and 10 in energy. Nearly Everyone Is Happy (For Now) "Super Silver Bulls" Bulls" want limits


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Sound Money Gold Fever and Crackpot Ideas

[emailprotected]o (Michael ichael secure storage facility or by Shedlock) (Mish's Global physical delivery according to the Economic Trend Analysis ) recipient's preference." Mandates Treasurer to Fix the Submitted at 1/5/2011 11:58:00 AM Larry Hilton, an attorney and P r i c e o f G o l d a n d S i l v e r insurance salesman has authored P e r i o d i c a l l y the “ Utah Sound Money Act Act”. ”. A The Utah State Treasurer would couple of state legislators are h a v e r e s p o n s i b i l i t y t o considering sponsoring the bill. " p e r i o d i c a l l y s e t a S p e c i e Here are a few things the bill Exchange Rate for gold as well as would do. one for silver. These rates shall Requires State To Accept Gold equate a specific quantity of As Money Federal Reserve Notes, or fraction Among other things the sound thereof, to one Troy grain of each money act requires the state to metal." accept gold as payment and would Periodically means "no more than

F ev er" ed ito rial calls Larry Hilton's proposal a "crackpot idea". The 2011 session of the Utah Legislature is looking like uncommonly fertile ground for crackpot ideas. So far there is a bill to name an officia l s tate gun and two calling for conventions to amend the U.S. Constituti Constitution. on. But the most outrageous scheme to surface yet is the Utah Sound Money Act, a system of commerce within the state that would be based on gold and silver coins. So far, the bill hasn’t found a

and needs to be stopped. It is governments, paper money, and fractional reserve lending that create volatility. Hilton's Bill Fatally Flawed However, Hilton's bill is indeed fatally flawed for numerous reasons including price fixing by the treasurer and authorizatio authorization n of a defense force to protect stored gold. As a practical matter, gold owners would not pay dollar debts in gold in the first place. One does not (or at least one should not) attempt to fix the price of gold in dollar s. Nor can

the Fed? In spite of Hilton's good intent, a 100% gold-backed dollar is a proposal that must happen at the federal level. I am quite sure Ron P au l will in tro d u ce a v alid pr op os a l in du e ti me . In the meantime, as convoluted as Hilton's bill is, it's important to remember the crackpot idea here is not a gold backed dollar, but rather crackpots who would rather have a dollar backed by nothing than gold. Mike "Mish" Shedlock h t t p : / /

allow but not mandate businesses to accept gold as payment. Creates Defense Force to Protect Gold Part 5 of the bill requires the governor to "recruit, form, train and deploy such troops and regiments of the Utah State Defense Force ... as the Governor may deem necessary and appropriate to store, safeguard, p r o t e c t a n d t r a n s p o r t t h e

once per day, bank holidays and weekends excluded. Newly set Specie Exchange Rates shall not be discl osed to anyone othe r than the Utah State Treasurer's staff until such new rates take effect at 12:01 a.m. the following day, at which time the new rates shall be published and r eadily available to Utah Taxpayers, residents and citizens." Limits Price Movements

sponsor. Here’s hoping it doesn’t. Utah can’t secede from the Union, and it shouldn’t try to secede from th e fed eral cu rren cy , eith er. Volatility Argument Flawed The editorial's primary argument against Hilton's bill was in regards to volatility of the price of gold, measured in dollars. The irony of that logic is that price volatility of nearly everything is a result of boom- bust cycl es caus ed by the

one set prices once a day or hold pri ce mov em ent s to 1% a day . Those are flawed ideas that cannot and will not work. In stead , o n e d o llar sh o u ld represent a fixed amount of gold and every dollar should be 100% backed by tha t am ount of gold. Gold will buy what it will buy, and prices of goods and services will fluctuate by supply and demand. As a result, prices will be

globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. com Click Here To Scroll Thru My Recent Post List ListMike Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance and low volatility, regardless of market direction. Visit http://

Registered Specie holdings of all Utah Governmental Entities, as well as provide a means for the exchange, between and among Utah Governmental Entities and Utah Taxpayers, of Registered Specie, either by transfer of ownership of the same held in a

Moreover "No single Specie Exchange Rate change effected by the Utah State Treasurer shall differ by more than one percent from the previously effective rate." Crackpot Idea? The Salt Lake Tribune " Gold

Fed and fractional reserve lending. Prior to the Fed, boom-bust cycles were exacerbated by banks lending out more paper gold than there was backing for it. Fractional Reserve Lending has always been a problem with banks

far more stable under a 100% gold b a c k e d d o l l a r . T h o s e w h o disagree need answer this question: How can the purchasing po we r of do ll ar s ba ck ed by something not be more stable than dollars backed by nothing and conjured into existence at will by account_management.html to learn more about wealth management and capital pre ser vat ion str ate gie s of Sit ka Pacific.

elaborate on Bowe's situation, nor did he say what Bowe's status was for Sunday's first-round playoff game against Baltimore. "All I can go by is (Wednesday),

and he didn't practice (Wednesday)," Haley said on a conference call, according to Na ti on al Fo ot ba ll Po st .c om .

Dwayne Bowe Misses Practice With Illness FanHo ouse use Staff (FanHouse FanHouse Main )

Dwayne Bowe, Bowe, who hauled in an NF L -leading 15 touchdowns during the regular season, sat out Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:00 PM Kansas City's practice Wednesday Filed under: Chiefs Chiefs,, NFL Injuries because of an undisclosed illness.

Chiefs Chiefscoach coach Todd Haley did not

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Big 3 Becomes Big 7; More Competition in Cars

[emailprotected]o (Michael ichael Shedlock) (Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis ) Submitted at 1/4/2011 10:28:00 PM

With the resurgence of GM and Ford, mistakes by Toyota, and records sales by Hyundai, car buye rs hav e mor e cho ice s tha n befor e, and they are using them. Please consider U.S. Car Business in Major Shift. Shift . U.S. auto sales rose 11% in December, capping a year that suggests the industry is on the verge of one of the most dramatic shifts in its history. For most of the past century, the companies dominated the market

nice interactive chart of light

ad ni rde cdt ii oc tna.t e d t h e i n d u s t r y ' s In 2008 and 2009, the Detroit Three were beaten down by massive losses and, later, bankruptcy. But in 2010, Ford Ford and Chrysler both gained market share. GM, while its share slipped less than a percentage point, is on its way to reporting billions of dollars in profit for 2010 as its sales rise. Meanwhile, Hyundai, which a decade ago was laughed off as a maker of cheap, small cars, said its December sales climbed 33% to 44,802. For the full year, its sales totaled 538,228, up 24%. It was the first year Hyundai's U.S. sales exceeded 500,000 vehicles. Light Vehicle Sales By Month The Wall Street Journal has a

vehicle sales , shown spike in sales, August 2009 above. is "cashThe for clunkers". The big winner for December is "Other" with 322,595 out of 1,144,739, a substantial 28.2% of the market. Other 322,595 - 28.2% GM 224,127 - 19.5% Ford 190,191 - 16.6% Toyota 177,488 - 15.5% Honda 129,616 - 11.3% Chrysler 100,702 - 8.8% Chrysler is long gone from the Big-Three, never to return. The overall sales numbers look respectable until you total them up. click on chart for sharper image Sales are back to 1991 levels. Population adjusted, the chart would look even worse.

U.S. car industry was dominated by Ge ne ra l Mo to rs Co ., Fo rd Motor Co. and Chrysler Group LLC. Now, as a result of both long-term trends and the upheaval of the last two years, the Big Three are about to be replaced by a Gang of Seven as the industry's driving force. In 2010, Hyundai Motor Co. saw its U.S. market share climb to just short of 5%. If the Korean auto maker crosses threshold as expected this that year, the U.S. market will have seven manufacturers—GM, Ford, Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Chrysler, Nissan Motor Co. and Hyundai—with market share of 5% or more. That's a dramatic shift from the days when the three Detroit

Nonetheless many will point to the bailout of GM by the Bush and Obama administrations as a success. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was bankruptcy that saved GM, not a bailout. GM would have gone bankrupt sooner without government interference and would have recovered sooner as well. There was no need for government to get involved at all. I always said GM would go bankrup t b ut survive , and that is what happened. It would have happened just the same without government interference. Mike "Mish" Shedlock h t t p : / / globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. com Click Here To Scroll Thru My Recent Post List ListMike Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal strong performance low is volatility, regardless and of market direction. Visit http:// account_management.html to learn more about wealth management and capital pre ser vat ion str ate gie s of Sitk a Pacific.

Camille Grammer Leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Chris Harnick (T TV V Squad ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 10:00:00 AM

Filed under: TV NewsCamille News Camille Grammer, half of one of Bravo's juicie st 'Real Housew ives' feuds, will not return to 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' for a second season. According to The Hollywood R e p o r t e r , G r a m m e r h a s n o interest in participating in a second season of the reality series -- if Bravo orders one. Throughout the current season, the soon-to-be ex-wife of 'Frasier' star Kelsey Grammer has been involved in a polarizing war of words with fellow castmate Kyle Richards. Permalink| Email this this|| Linking Blogs|| Comments Blogs


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Playing Chicken with Debt Limits: Obama as a Senator vs. Obama the Hypocrite President Today [emailprotected]o (Michael ichael

would be catastrophic," Goolsbee

Shedlock) (Mish'sAnalysis Global) Economic Trend President Obama is very concerned that Republicans might "Play Chicken" with the debt ceilin g . Th e p resid en t is so concerned his aids are sending out dire warnings about dollar defaults and "catastrophic impacts" to the economy. Please consider Don't 'play

told "This Week" on ABC. "That r e c k l e s s f i s c a l p o l i c i e s . … wo u ld b e a wo rse fin an cial I n c r e a s i n g A m e r i c a ' s d e b t economic crisis than anything we weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means saw in 2008." Goolsbee added: "I don't see why that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, anybody's talking about playing Washington is shifting the burden chicken with the debt ceiling." of bad choices today onto the Flashback March 20, 2006 - U.S. ba c ks o f ou r c hi l d r e n a n d grandchildren. America has a debt Senate Floor Inquiring minds just may be p r o b l e m a n d a f a i l u r e o f wondering what the president's leadership. Americans deserve po si ti on wa s wh en he wa s a be tt er .” Tr ue r Wo rd s Ne ve r

chicken' with debt ceiling Some Republican lawmakers said Sunday they opposed raising the ceiling on the nation's debt without tackling government spending, and President Barack Obama's top economic adviser warned against "playing chicken" on the issue. Austan Goolsbee, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said that refusing to raise the debt ceiling wo u ld essen tially p u sh th e country into defaulting on its financial obligations for the first time in its history. "The impact on the economy

senator, few F lash bback. ack : P lease just co n asid er year's Previous Debt Limit Votes Have Not Been Good Ones Ones March 20, 2006: This was the last standalone debt limit vote on which then-Senator Obama voted. He was one of 48 members to vote against the increase, which pa ss ed wi th 52 vo te s. He said: “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can't pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:21:00 PM

to finance our Government's

Spoken • America's debt problem is a "sign of leadership failure" • We h av e "reck less fiscal po li ci es " • Washington "shifts the burden of bad choices today onto the ba ck s of ou r ch il dr e n a nd g ran d ch ild ren " • America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. • Americans deserve better

LG TVs Get Smart

Al Griffin (Popular Science - New Technology, Science ) Since that is unlikely, I urge News, The Future Now Republican to take the measures Obama recommended in 2006 when he crossed party lines and voted with Republicans in 2006 to not raise the debt limit. Mike "Mish" Shedlock h t t p : / / globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. com Click Here To Scroll Thru My Recent Post List ListMike Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered

investment f o r S i t k aadvisor P a c i f irepresentative c Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance and low volatility, regardless of market direction. Visit http:// account_management.html to learn more about wealth management and capital pre ser vat ion str ate gie s of Sitk a Pacific.

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The only thing more connected than their new TVs are, um, their ovens. Smart TV might seem like an oxymoron, but if LG has its way, not only will your next Internetconnected TV be smart, so will your oven, washing machine, etc. The key thing being pitched at the company's crowded early morning press conference was a Home Dashboard GUI that will grace the screens of forthcoming LG Smart TVs - a sort of home page that serves as a s treaml ined jumpi ng-of f point to acce ss live TV, streamed co n ten t fro m Ne tf li x, Vu du , Hu lu Pl us , or Amazo n VOD, an d mo v ies/ p h o t o s / m u s i c s t o r e d o n a networked computer or connected USB drive via the set's Smart Share feature.

Yes Mr. President, America does deserve better. I suggest you do the best thing you can possibly do for your country today: Resign.

CES 2011: LG shows smart TVs, motion-based remotes video) Carol Mangis angis (C Consumer onsumer Reports )

manufacturer LG is displaying TVs that embody many of the trends we're seeing at the show: Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:10:41 PM "smart" TVs, with better content CES 2011: LG shows smart TVs, that's organized better; "passive" motion-based remotes (video) 3D technology; and even motion A t C E S 2 0 1 1 , e l e c t r o n i c s base d remot e contr ols that work

similarly to the Nintendo Wii's controller. Senior editor James K. Willcox visited the company to preview some of the new models and technologies; take a look at the video for a glimpse of the future

of television. Check back with us often for br ea ki ng TV ne ws fr om th e Consumer Electronics Show! Show ! Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert

Ratin g s, b u y in g ad v ice an d reliability on hundreds of pr od uc ts . Up d ate y o u r feed pr e fe re nc e s


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It Was Simply Another Awesome Day For The Bulls: Here s What You Need To Know (GLD, SPY, USO, BAC, XLF, TBT, TLT) Joe Weisenthal (Money Money Game ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:25 PM

A lot to love today if you're a bull . A lot. First, the scoreboard: Dow: +30.46 NASDAQ: +20.12 S&P 500: +6.15 And now the top stories: • The key to to understanding understanding why today was so good starts in Asia and Europe where markets were generally pretty weak. Europe, especially, was pretty ugly. Greek -German spreads quietly hit an all -time high. Services PMI came in weak. PPI came in hot. The Swiss Nati onal Bank sai d it woul d no lo n g er accep t Irish d eb t as collateral. So yeah, a lot not to like, and that all lead to major weakness on European stock markets.. markets

One Day After Reported Settlement, Florida AG Releases Blistering Must Read Presentation On Fraudclosure (BAC, JPM, PNC, C) Gregory White (M Money oney Game )

discussed, but the use of fake witnesses, documents, and Challenger Layoffs Report was and that was gold, which is affidavits are also eluded to. excellent.. Then at 8:15 there was exactly what you want to see if A d a y a f t e r a r e p o r t o f E x a m p l e s o f f o r g e r i e s a r e excellent a ridiculously good ADP report. you're a bull. Treasuries also got settlements between banks and i n c l u d e d . Supposedly there were 297K smacked around. Attorney Generalsacross Generalsacross the U.S. If you had trouble understanding

pr iv at e se ctvs. or expectations jo bs cr ea te d of in December, 100K. And then finally, at 10:00, • One bi big g winner? Bank of • Beyond the equity weakness, services ISM was excellent America, which is simply on a excellent.. the selloff in industrial tear right now. For some commodities that started interesting reading, check out this yesterday seemed to be • After an initial initial hard time getting blis teri ng pre sent ati on from the continuing. US futures were down going, stocks turned higher. And Florida AG on fraudclosure > in the early going. then commodities turned higher, sharply reversing yesterday's Join the conversation about this l o s s e s . B u t t h e r e w a s o n e story » • But bulls got a trifecta of good commodity that didn't turn higher economic datapoints. At 7:30 the

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:11:00 PM

on the issue of foreclosure-gate, the office of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi released this bl is te ri ng pr es en ta ti on on th e "Unfair, deceptive, and unconscionable acts in foreclosure cases." It doesn't exactly read like someone is about to give in to a weak settlement. This presentation explains some of the fraudulent and deceptive

why many state governments put a halt on foreclosures, affecting firms like Bank of America, America , PNC, Citi, and JPMorgan , this pr es en ta ti on sh ou ld ma ke it obvious. Note: We've cut out the first few pages of t he r eport as they didn't add much and got you straight into the details. Click here to see the presentation > Join the conversation about this

a c t i v i t i e sinb Florida. a n k s h a The v e bnow een engaging famous robo-signers are

story »


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College Newspaper to Erect Paywall: It s Academic John CAbell Abell (Wired Wired Top Stories ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:00 PM

Indian Investors Run For The Exits As Central Bank Plans Yet Another Rate Hike Mamta Badkar (M Money oney Game )

Th e RBI alread y tig h ten ed control through 2010, increasing rates by 1.5% 1.5%to to curb inflation but China's not the only BRIC with a future rate hikes have spooked serious inflation problem. India's investors. is out of control, with both food India's stock market took a hit on and fuel prices soaring. Now the Wednesday in anticipation of rate government has to act to tame the hikes. The BSE Sensex dropped country's 7.5% inflation rate. 197 points, while the NSE Nifty The Reserve Bank of India is index reflected a 66.55 point drop, expected to increase its key rate after investors sold stocks likely by 0. 25% on January 25 pu shing to be affected by interest rate the figure to 6.50% by the end of hikes according to the Economic the month, according to CNBC Times Times.. Realty, auto, bank and TV-18.. Analysts believe the rate capital good stocks weighed the TV-18 could jump another 50 basis markets down. points over the year, sending rates Join the conversation about this to 7% in 2011. story » Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:46:17 PM

Pray, what is the sound of a college newspaper erecting a pa yw al l? We will soon know — or, as that bu tc he re d ko an mi gh t re al ly mean, we never will. The Oklahoma State University newspaper, in the belief that it is leaving money on the table, has

have. But there is a bit of a disconnect in the notion that you will make money by barricading people out who aren’t trying to get in. It’s like taxing a vegan every time he has a cheeseburger.

intends to sample your IP or email address before you can stream its audio. On your smartphone, no less. So it sure does feel like someone has been sold a bill of goods that he has goods to sell.

decided a r e n ’ t atof fcharge i l i a t e dreaders w i t h who the institution and don’t live in the n eig h b o rh o o d . Th e mo v e is thought to be a first for a college newspaper. In other words, if you didn’t go to OSU, and you live, say, in Alaska, then you’ll have to pay to read articles in the Daily O’Collegianabout O’Collegian about the goings on at the Stillwater campus. That silence you hear is the number of people affected. We’ve been pretty agnostic at Epicenter about newspaper paywalls . W e th ink t hat s trapped publishers have e very r ight to try to charge their customers directly. We have applauded the theNew New York Timesfor Times for stepping up to the plate to prove or disprove the concept with the gravitas few newspapers

O’Collegian’s R a y C a t a l circulation i n o , t h e honcho, Daily saw it differently in an interview with the Cleveland Leader: “We’ve always known that the content our students produce has value well beyond the free drop distribution of our newspaper. Charging a modest fee to access our online content for nonstudents who live outside Stillwater helps us foster that be li ef .” In fairness, the initiative does seem to clearly illustrate the point paywall critics have bee n making in the abstract. abstract. It’s also true that O’Collegian isn’t going all Times of London, London, by allowing the first three accesses free. It should be noted that OSU has an enormous commitment to social mediaan media an d there is no word that KOSU

O’Collegian’s We’ve written to the Daily editor-in-chief, and hope to hear from him soon. Hat tip to MediaBistro, WebNewser and the Cleveland Leader, and with apologies to Zen Buddhism.. Buddhism Follow us for disruptive tech n e w s : J o h n C . A b e l l a n d Epicenter on Twitter. See Also: This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


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Toxic Oceans May Have Poisoned Early

Alexandra dra Witze (W Wired ired Top Stories )



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Soon after complex animals made their first great strides onto the stage of life, the oceans brewe d up a toxic chem ical mix that put the brakes on evolutionary innovation, suggests a paper in the Jan. 6 Nature. The culprits? Too little oxygen and too much sulfur dissolved in coastal waters, reports a team led by geoch emis t Benj amin Gill of Harvard University. Ancient creatures such as trilobites and brachio pods could not cope with the changes, and many of them went extinct. The “remarkable” new data are the first to link a changing ocean environment to some of the ex tin ctio n s th at to o k p lace betw een abou t 490 mil lion and 520 million years ago, says Graham Shields-Zhou, a geologist which animals blossomed in at University College London bi od iv er si ty . Gill’s team decided to look at a who was not on the research team. specific subset of Cambrian Perhaps not surprisingly, marine creatures are exquisitely sensitive extinctions that began 499 million to their surroundings, suffocating years ago and lasted for 2 million when oxygen levels drop. Other t o 4 m i l l i o n y e a r s . O t h e r bi g ex ti nc ti on s, li ke on e th at researchers had proposed that low occurred around 400 million years oxygen levels — a condition ago and another around 250 known as anoxia — could be million years ago, have also been i n v o l v e d . B u t n o o n e h a d blame d on low level s of ocean ic marshaled enough evidence to oxygen. But the more ancient prove that. Gill and his colleagues extinctions studied by Gill, which are the first to look at sulfur along with other elements, to piece took placeperiod, in the later of the together a complete picture of Cambrian are ofpart particular interest because they came soon wh at was h ap p en in g in th e after the “Cambrian explosion” in oceans. High levels of sulfur can kill marine creatures.

The researchers traveled the globe to collect rock samples of the proper age from Nevada, Utah, Missouri, Australia and Sweden. By analyzing sulfur and carbon isotopes — different forms of an element that vary in atomic mass — the scientists could track changes such as sediment being bur ied on the oce an bot tom , a proc ess tha t alt ers che mis try in the waters above. The amount of carbon in the rocks, as compared to the amount of sulfur, could only have come about if the water were low in oxygen and high in the sulfide form of sulfur, the team reports. Today, a similar environment can

be foun d in the oxyge n-st arv ed Black Sea, says Gill. Most of the toxic waters would have shoaled up along the coasts, where the majority of animals lived. Overall, the new data suggest how pulses of rising and falling oxygen and sulfur could have repeatedly devastated marine ecosystems, says Shields. Although the researchers think the Cambrian oceans were toxic, they don’t know why. “What we’re looking at is the aftermath of the crime scene,” says Gill. “We don’t have the cause for why the oceans suddenly went anoxic.” His team plans to broaden the

search to see if some of the other late-Cambrian extinctions could also be linked to toxic oceans. Poisonous waters could have even been the norm through much of the planet’s history, adds Isabel Montañez, a geologist at the University of California, Davis. The new work, she says, “begs the question as to whether ocean anoxic events were a recurrent theme in the oceans that hosted Earth’s early metazoan life.” Image: A reconstruction of the Cambrian ocean as it was 500 million years ago. Credit: Wikipedia/ Ron Blakey TOXIC page 44


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TOXIC continued from page 43

See Also: This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on else's please read oursomeone FAQ page at site, content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Unplugged Tiffany Stanley (The New Republic - All Feed ) Submitted at 1/4/2011 11:00:00 PM

Women Sue Over Secret

amera in Tanning Salon

Ryan Singel ingel (Wired Wired Top Stories )

sure the facility wasn’t bugged, and that authorities had previously investigated similar complaints. “As a direct result of the aforesaid conduct of defendant[...], plaintiff has been, and in future, will be, subject to great humiliation, embarrassment and shame,” shame,” (.pdf) according to the complaint. An attempt to reach Sunkissed Tanning and Spa by phone was unsuccessful.

salon that captured numerous videos of women disrobingat disrobingat the Sunkissed Tanning and Spa salon Submitted at 1/5/2011 1:00:00 PM in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, Two Pennsylvania women are according to Courthouse News. suing the owner of a tanning salon Jessica Kay lo r alleg es th at for invasion of privacy after so metime in 2 0 0 6 , sh e was discovering videos of themselves secretly recorded as she disrobed disrobing on online porn sites. to get into the tanning bed. But T h e l a w s u i t s , f i l e d i n Kaylor only discovered the videos Westmoreland County court in online on adult websites in 2010. Pennsylvania, alleges that there Kaylor alleges that the owner, was a camera in the ceiling of the

Toni Tomei, neglected to make

The suits seeks punitive damages.

Copy of the lawsuit courtesy Courthouse News This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS RSSservice service — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

In his 61 years, my father has never sent me an e-mail, never purc has ed a per sona l comp uter , never thought to acquire a home Internet connection. A welder, he h as little u se fo r th e latest software at work; at home, he prefers handwritten and he still obtains his newsletters, in print-only form. Recently, when I asked him why he never thought to get wired, he looked perplexed. He shrugged and said, “Never saw the need.” No, he is not nostalgic for a past era or hopelessly impoverished. He is what techies call a “non-adopter,” someone who has, for a variety of reasons and to the bewilderment of most, missed the Internet revolution. He is not alone. More than a UNPLUGGED page 45

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UNPLUGGED continued from page 44

quarterof of Americans do not have home Internet access and more than a third lack a high-speed, broadband connection. Compared

development of a highway system, widespread telephone service, and readily available electricity. The most apt

editorial page put it in March, “the National Broadband plan would have been a brilliant stroke in, say, 1999.”) Though the U.S.

pro jec ted tha t it wou ld tak e a whopping $350 billion (from a variety of public and private sources) to connect every

Last month, Oregon Representative Greg Walden Walden,, an outspoken FC C critic, was selected to head the House

tcountries, o 3 0 o tthe h e U.S. r i n ranksfifteenth d u s t rfifteenth ialized ranks in broadband quality and penetra tion. The most egregi ous disparities are predictable: The poor, the disabled, minorities, and seniors have abysmal rates of bro adb and us e. Ost ens ibl y the most powerful, prosperous, technologically advanced country in the world has left over a fourth of its citizens disconnected. President Obama has made closing this digital divide a priority. In December 2008, when he signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, he declaredthat that we would “renew our information superhighway.” The $787 billion stimulus allotted $7.2 billion for the increase of br oa db an d us e in ru ra l an d underserved areas, and mandated the creation of a Na t i on a l Broadband Plan(NBP) Plan (NBP) by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to devise a way to connect 100 million more Americans—a third of the U.S. po pu la ti on —w it h af fo rd ab le broad band by 2020. It has been nine months since the NBP was delivered to Congress, and those bi ll io ns of do ll ar s ha ve be en spent. And yet, we are only slightly better off than we were at the outset.

comparison might be the last. In 90 percent the 1920s, when some of urban Americans had electricity, nearly 90 percent of rural Americans did not. It took the Great Depression and the New Deal to muster support for a government-sponsored expansion of the electrical grid. The FCC has adopted a similar mantle, stating in the NBP: “Like electricity a century ago, bro adb and is a fou nda tio n for economic growth, job creation, global competiveness, competiveness, and a better way of life.” Despite people like my father, who don’t necessarily want this “better way of life,” the FCC’s stance is correct. Would we have let hundreds of thousands of Americans go without power in the 1930s simply because they had never turned on a light switch? The Internet has become an essential portal to jobs, information, and education. As Ken Eisner, whose organization, One Economy, Economy, works for greater br oa db an d acc es s, sa ys : “We often talk about broadband as a twenty-first-century civil right.” Broadband and digital literacy also directly affect America’s global economic competitiveness. Other countries are years ahead of us: Ninety-five percent of South

is dealing with geography andaamore moreexpansive sparsely distributed population than many other countries, there’s agreement that such mediocrity is a problem. reportissued issued by the nonA 2009 report pro fit Inf orm ati on Tec hno log y and Innovation Foundation ranked the U.S. last out of 40 countries in terms of its rate of innovation p r o g r e s s — a m e a s u r e t h a t included the penetration of broadb and. (China , on the same scale, ranked first.) “For me, that is the canary in the coalmine,” Genachowski wski FCC Chair Julius Genacho told me. “It tells us that moving forward at the rate we’re moving is really falling behind.” The $7.2 billion has begun to address some of these failings. It has been used to provide a fiberMaine,, get optic network in rural Maine high-speed wireless through tribal lands in Oklahoma Oklahoma,, and set up public computer centers in c ities Baltimore. And, like Chicagoand Chicagoand Baltimore. for the first time, thanks to stimulus-funded mapping, we will have statistics relating to the pl ace s th at la ck br oad ba nd . But the problem is that $7.2 billion is nowhere near enough to re-pave the information superhighway. Experts estimate that in order to match what say, Sweden or land-rich Australia,

American withThe the FCC highest grade of broadband. wants at least$16 billion to implement just the primary proposals of the NBP. Even if the FCC is able to obtain these funds, it faces additional hurdles: getting people to see the importance of its projects and getting them to actually use the technology. Over half of Americans (53 percent) do not think the government should pri orit ize affo rdab le broa dban d access, according to the Pe w Internet and American Life Project.. And, according to a Project Commerce Department report report,, almost half of those without Internet at home report they “don’t need it” or are “not interested”; cost and availability were only minor concerns. (“Never saw the need,” as my father said.) Ask Blair Levin, executive director of the NBP, what he would have done differently and he points to public education: “I don’t think we explained well why this was really important.” Sadly, he might have missed his chance. In April, the FCC was court for scolded by a federal court overstepping its bounds, leading some to conclude that it will need congressional approval to do much of anything, a prospect that

Communications Achieving better Subcommittee. Internet access will not be easy, but widespread broadband access is essential. For every person like my father who has opted out of the Internet revolution, there are communities of people who are scrambling to catch up. Last November, I visited such a place: the Sandy Run School in Calhoun County, South Carolina, where more than half the students lack home Internet access. In 2009, to ensure that their students gain some digital skills, the K-8 school received 200 laptops from a statewide prog ram tha t ser ves the sta te’ s neediest schools. In one classroom at Sandy Run, third-graders navigated to an online article titled “Time Really is Money.” I sat and watched as the page loaded at a painfully slow pace, with some laptops failing to connect at all, and the kids growing increasingly antsy around me. The culprit appeared to be the unreliable wireless that Sandy R un shares with the neighboring high school. These students—the beneficiaries of a special program that provides them with the latest hardware—are better off than many, but they still suffer because of a fundamental infrastructure

Universal broadband has been compared to the great American infrastructure projects of the twentieth century: the

Koreans have broadband in their homes, while only 65 percent of Americans possess comparable access. (As The Oregonian

have done for broadband implementation, we would have to spend upwards of $30 billion. In 2009, a FC C task force

is increasingly unlikely now that flaw. “Be patient,” the teacher Republicans—many of whom are told the class. “Sometimes it hostile to the FCC’s UNPLUGGED page 46 pr opo sa ls —co nt rol th e Hou se .



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Deal of the Century Ruy Teixeira (The New Republic - All Feed )

UNPLUGGED continued from page 45

During the grim days of 2010, it beca me com mon to wor ry tha t President Obama was throwing his electoral prospects into disarray. He failed to win over key groups like the white working class, even as his actions divided and demoralized his own core coalition: an emerging, but still fragile alliance of minorities, young voters, moderate suburbanites, and other growing

deserted the Democrats in 2010. That's because Democrats' devastating defeat in the midterm elections resulted primarily from the weak economy and the government’s perceived failure to improve it, not from any lack of resoluteness in upholding liberal pr in ci pl es or app ly in g li ber al rhetoric. Therefore, the central task for the Obama administration after the election was—and is—to improve the economy by any means necessary. A significantly better economy is certainly the key to reaching

to annoy them.) The fact is that tens of millions of ordinary rankand-file Obama supporters will end up basing their decisions on the state of their pocketbooks and the job market: Want 18-to-29year-olds to turn out as 18 percent of the electorate and support Obama by anything like the 66-32 margin of 2008? Want minorities to turn out as 28 percent of the electorate and vote for Obama by a margin of 80-18? Want moderates to turn out as 44 pe rc en t of th e el ec to ra te an d support Obama by a margin of 60-

should be a significant decline in unemployment (though the absolute level will remain high) and a more robust growth rate, including during quarters two and three of election year, which po li ti ca l sc ie nt is ts te ll us is particularly important t o electoral outcomes. If Obama is reelected in 2012, his tax-cut deal will most likely be recognized as the brilliant move that turned the corner for him politically and ass ured his second term. And liberals who are still upset about the compromise

demographic groups. "One hallmark of 2009 and 2010 was the demobilization of the Democratic base," wrote pundit Brent Budowsky in The Hill, explicating this view. In this telling, Obama's compromises on health care, the economy, Wall Street regulation, and tax cuts for the rich had deeply alienated the pres iden t's core supp ort ers; the Obama-McConnell deal to

voters in the white working class, which supported House Republicans by an unprecedented 30 points in 2010. To be reelected, Obama needs to bring that gap down to around its size in 2008 (18 points), and he simply won’t get there if these voters, unsympathetic to Obama to begin with, continue to see a lack of economic progress. That much may seem obvious.

39? Numbers near these will be impossible to achieve if the economy continues to stumble. Conversely,, if a recovery seems to Conversely be kicking in, confidence will rise in Obama and his agenda, making it more likely that these voters will turn out and back the pr es id en t . It’s as simple as that. And Obama's $858 billion package of tax cuts, tax credits, and

should be careful not to confuse their reactions with those of the Obama coalition's rank-and-file. These voters will ultimately be more concerned with the state of the economy than with discrete pol icy is sue s li ke the lev el of income tax levied on the rich. In the end it will come down to results. As Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, himself an adopter of ideologically hybrid policies, put

pr es er ve was th e aBu sh tafeint x cuthat ts , especially, cynical would bleed enthusiasm on the left. In reality, nothing could be more distant from the truth. Far from dividing Obama's coalition, the tax-cut deal is brilliant move that could cement it, in the process winning back some of the white working-class voters who

But, in addition, it’s also true that Obama’s performance among sympathetic constituencies will depend to a very great degree on the economy. (And by sympathetic constituencies, I don’t mean liberal activists and writers; they are almost certain to turn out and to vote for Obama in 2012, even if growth continues to limp along and Obama continues

unemployment benefits will in effect deliver a second economic stimulus, albeit not one any progressive—or sane—economist would have dreamed up on their own. In a world where unemployment barely budged and GDP growth couldn’t get above 3 pe rc en t, Ob am a' s re -e le ct io n would be in considerable doubt. But with the tax-cut deal, there

it: “Who cares if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice?” Ruy Teixeira is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and the Century Foundation and fellow of the New Politics Institute.

Submitted at 1/4/2011 11:00:00 PM

moves faster than others.” We, on the other hand, might do better to heed the message of the children’s assignment when it comes to high -speed access: is money, Internet and we don’t haveTime any to spare. Tiffany Stanley is a reporterresearcher at The New Republic.

Dispatch From Sudan Is the End in Sight? Rebecca Hamilton (T The he New Republic - All Feed ) Submitted at 1/4/2011 11:00:00 PM

Juba, Sudan—In just four days, the people of southern Sudan will begin voting in a r eferendu m o n whether to become an independent nation. In hundreds of interviews over the past six years here, I have yet to meet a southerner who doesn’t want freedom from northern rule. People here are literally counting down the minutes until the vote. (At a roundabout in the center of town, an electronic countdown on an advertising billboard has been running the days, hours, and minutes remaining since October.) It is hard to convey what it feels like in the southern Sudan capital DISPATCH page 47


E-reader News Edition


DISPATCH continued from page 46

of Juba. The only similar sensation I have to draw on is from an utterly different context—Sydney, Australia, in

government and UN officials who are dividing their time between doing their actual jobs and responding to media requests

could be a return to war—perhaps sparked by the overflow of tensions in Abyei, the border area that should be getting its own self-

Texas, with a cadre of civil servants who have spent most of their lives as guerilla fighters. And the challenge of keeping

the build-up to the Olympica Games. In part, this2000 is because gigantic international press pool (representatives of some 500 news organizations) has descended on Juba. But mostly it’s because of the vibrancy in the air. Randomly, individuals or groups of youth break into chants of celebration. On the back of the numerous motorbikes shuttling people around town are mini flags pr oc l a i m i n g , “ S E C E S S I O N 2011!” Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or social status, people have a common topic of conversation. It’s boom-time for the town’s entrepreneurs—mainly migrants from neighboring countries who have established restaurants and hotels to serve the ex-pat crowd that has come to work for international organizations here in recent years. Parenthetically, it is hellish for the

included). (mine Emancipation from Khartoum has been a multi-generational struggle for the southern pop ula tio n. Pre sid ent Oma r Al Bashir’s National Congress Party is just the latest of successive northern governments that have enforced a policy of Arabization and Islamization on the southern people , resul ting in the loss of a staggering two million lives. But finally, it seems the end is in sight. At least that’s how it feels in Juba right now. There is, of course, a very different narrative for the taking. Enormous risks lie ahead on the path to viable nationhood. Assuming voting gets underway as scheduled on Sunday, the risks be g in w i th w he t he r or no t Khartoum will recognize the vote if southerners choose separation. In the worst-case scenario, there

determination on Sunday but hasreferendum instead been sidelined (for the second timein timein its history). But, even absent this much-discussed possibility, Khartoum’s reaction will guide the international conversation over diplomatic recognition of the new nation. And the formal recognition of southern statehood is just the first hurdle. The dire state of southern development is now well-known, thanks to the UN’s aptly named publi cat ion, “ Scary Statistics Southern Sudan.” Sudan .” As southern President Salva Kiir told me, health, education, clean water, and food security are vital to the viability of a new nation, “because without these things you cannot have a stable and secure popu lat ion. ” The n, the re is the task of governing the southern territory, roughly the size of

longstanding betweenfrom the south’s myriadtensions ethnic groups escalating into violence in a populati on f ull of ex-com batants with ready access to arms. In the coming month, I’ll be writing (whenever I have Internet access) as I travel across the south, interviewing a wide array of people about their hopes and expectations for what may soon b e t h e w o r l d ’ s n e w e s t nation—and delving deeper into some of the challenges that lie ahead. Rebecca Hamilton is the author of Fighting for Darfur and a fellow at the New America Foundation. Her Sudan reporting is supported by funding from the Pulitzer Center.

Ed Asner to Cloris Leachman: Well If You Wanna Act Nuts... Denise Martin ( Breaking News ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:08:00 PM

Working Class Is there beef between Ed Asner and Cloris Leachman Leachman?? Sure seems like it! Asner, who stars in CMT's upcoming sitcom Working Class, was reflecting on the success of TV's older actors — led, of course, by the white-hot Betty White— when Leachman, his The Mary Tyler Moore Showco-star, Showco-star, ASNER page 48

Do Rehab Shows Take Advantage of Their Subjects? Jean Bentley (TV TV Squad ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 11:00:00 AM

NewsWe'd We'd like Filed under: TV News to think that when we watch shows like 'Intervention' or 'Celebrity Rehab,' we're seeing people bette r their lives throug h the help and support of addiction prof ess iona ls. But acc ordi ng to some people in the rehabilitation

field, the reality shows might be doing more harm than good for their subjects. In an interesting feature on rehab shows that ran this weekend in the Times , Dr. David Los Angeles Times, Sack of Malibu's Promises Treatment Center said he worries that the shows take advantage of peopl e in thei r most vulne rabl e, "Our is that people who are inconcern the throes of an addiction altered states.

should not be signing a release for something that will be shown on TV over and over," he said. Leif Garrett, a participant in the current season of VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,' told the Times that the 'Celebrity Rehab' crew coerced him into using heroin on-camera after living clean for four days. "They asked to get some footage of me using,

and I said, 'I haven't been using,'" he told the paper. "They said, 'We really have to get footage of you using.' Anyway, I was easily talked into showing them." this|| Linking Permalink| Email this Blogs|| Comments Blogs


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continued from page 47

came up. "Cloris Leachman has eight Emmys? Is that true?" Asner said Wednesday during the Television

think talent has something to do with it. I'd like to lay claim to that. I figure I'm in that middle stage of aging. I'm in that middle stage

Critics winter pr ev ie w.Association's "B it c h. " The audience laughed, but Asner appeared rather serious in his distaste. "Well, if you wanna act nuts like she does..." he said. Check out the rest of today's news Leachman currently stars as a granny who likes to remove her Hope.. top on Fox's Raising Hope The 81-year-old Asner has seven Emmys of his own — including three for his work on Mary Tyler Moore, where Leachman won two of hers — which he says he earned. "I did mine from straight developmental acting. ... Nothing off the charts. That's Cloris." Asked about the secret to his own enduring career, Asner said, "I

p b erc oBme ti tnyg W Mhi ci tkee. y" Rroi oo nr e tyo. O Working Class, about a single mom who moves her family to an upscale suburb, premieres Jan. 28 at 8/7c on CMT. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Camille Grammer Leaving Real Housewives

Trion hiring Xbox 360

of Beverly Hills?

programmers for designer unknown project, for Syfy Action MMO

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:45:00 PM

Ben Gilbert (J Joystiq oystiq )

Robyn Ross ( Breaking News )

Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:00:00 PM

Camille Grammer, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer no longer wants to be a Beverly Hills Housewife. The 47-year-old will not be returning to the Bravo series if it's pic ked up for a sec ond sea son , according to The Hollywood Reporter. Camille — who filed for divorce from her famous husband, Kelsey Grammer, during shooting of the show — was involved in much of the season's drama, including her fights with Kyle Richards and the dinner-party dinner-pa rty disaster she hosted with Medium Medium-inspiration -inspiration Allison Dubois.. She is reportedly seeking Dubois $50 million in housewife the divorce.Kyle on Hills Beverly Hills dinner disaster: "I was completely appalled" The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' freshman season averages more than 2 million viewers each week. However, there's no word

yet on an official pick-up for Season 2. This entry passed through the RSSservice service — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

For the second time timein in as many years, Trion has posted jo b listings for console-specific pr ogr am me rs , pe rh ap s qui et ly staffing up for the long dormant "Syfy Action MMO" (thought to Earth")) that was be named "One Earth" announced back in 2008 2008.. Rather than spell out exactly what these programmers would be doing, the listings only explain that Trion seeks two Xbox 360 "senior console programmers" to "work on AAA titles in a highly collaborative environment." A third job listing for a "senior game/systems designer" gets more granular, specifically naming the "Syfy Action MMO" as the project in qu estion and requiri ng po te nt ia l ca nd id at es to ha ve "experience working on action games for consoles, such as PS3, Xbox, etc." Trion had yet to respond to our request for more information as of publishing. Trion hiring Xbox 360 pr o g r a m m e r s f o r u n k n o w n project, designer f or 'Syfy Action MMO' originally appeared on MMO' Joystiq onEST. Wed,Please 05 Jansee2011 17:00:00 our terms for use of feeds. feeds . Permalink| Email this this|| Comments

TV/ Science/

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'Law and Order: SVU' Preview: Ripped From Twitter

Kelly Woo (TV TV Squad ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 9:40:00 AM

Rally Round the Tablet Sharp's detail-free Galapagos Media Tablet John Mahoney A picture says a thousand words about one of this year's most prevalent CES lets perverts do stuff like this.'" Taryn Manning guest stars in the trends episode, 'Possessed,' which is the Hopping on CES 2011's biggest b a n d w a g o n i s S h a r p , w h o second of tonight's episodes. this | Linking announced a U.S. launch of their Permalink| Email this| Japanese Galapagos Media Tablet Blogs|| Comments Blogs with few if any details. But if you needed any indication of just how

Kitchen Boss moves daily First Amendment, but not when it slot on Tuesday, Jan.into 25 its at 5:30/ 4:30c. The fourth season of Cake Boss Season will premiere the following Monday, Jan. 31, at 9/ 8c. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php

tablet-crazy everyone this week, take a look at thatismedia scrum. In Japan, Galapagos owners can download magazines, newspapers, e-books and other medias via an iTunes-like store. U.S. owners will be able one really knows. Its processor, operating system, network connectivity price or availability remain a mystery. See the rest of

TLC Orders New Buddy Valastro Series Kitchen Boss Robyn Ross ( Breaking News ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:43:00 PM

Buddy Valastro Cake Boss Boss' ' Buddy Valastro Valastro is about to move out of the bakery: He will star in Kitchen Boss, a new daytime show on TLC, the network announced Wednesday. On Kitchen Boss, Buddy will showcase his family recipes and bri ng vie we rs int o the kit che n where he'll have various special guests, including members of his boisterous family.

A Tablet Any Tablet

Previews'Law 'Law & Filed under: TV Previews Order: SVU'returns SVU'returns with two new episodes tonight (9PM ET, NBC), one of which is not just ripped from the headlines -- but ripped from star Ice T's Twitter. Ice T told us in November that the show planned to write an episode around a Twitter warh he was involved in over the sale of a bo ok ca ll ed 'T he Pe do ph il e' s Guide to Love and Pleasure.' During a recent conference call with reporters, executive producer Neal Baer sa id, "I rewrote a scene for Ice-T to take that position, or will air on Monday, Jan. 24 at Fin to take that position, which 10:30/9:30c after the finale of actually reflects his own point of Valastro's competition series, The view that he says something like, Next Great Baker. 'I got to tell you that I'm all for the

FiveisFilters Filters featured site: So, in Watch full episodes ofCake Boss Why our Online Video Guide Wikileaks a Good Thing A sneak peak of Kitchen Boss Again? Again?..

John Mahoney (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:07:35 PM

PopSci's live CES 2011 coverage here



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Samsung Bluetooth Headset w/ 20 Mail-In-Rebate (Woot! Woot! - One Day, One Deal ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 12:00:29 AM

either left ear or practically free… if you can can break • Can be worn in either

Rebate and Switch You’ve played the rich man’s fool long enough. Make 2011 the year you turn into one of those pe op le wh o ac tu al ly ma il in rebates. For too long now, you’ve been the kind of sap who makes mail-in rebates catnip for the fatcats. At the food court, you’ll buy the

with your old slothful ways and grab the Andy Jackson that’s already got your your name on it. Seriously: that’s $20 for, like, ten minutes of easy easy work. work. Unless you’re LeBron James, you have no excuse to pass that up. And by “you”, of course, I also mean “I”. We’ll beat this together, everybody. Warranty: 1 Year Samsung Condition: New

right ear • Exclusive to Woot! Woot! $20.00 Mail - I n R e b a t e( e( Click here to download rebate form) Limit 3 per household Expires 3/ 31/11 – see terms and conditions on rebate for full details and information Additional Photos: • On/Off Switch and Charging Port • Volume Controls and

medium Pepper instea instead d of the large to Dr. save yourself twenty cents. You’ll elbow your your way through a rabid Old Navy mob to save a couple of bucks on a pair of flip-flops. But when some manufacturer throws a double sawbuck on the table in return for the labor of mailing in a couple of pieces of paper, somehow you’ve got more important things to do. Don’t lie. The numbers sure don’t. Corporate America relies on stooges like you to make these these rebates work. They wouldn’t do it if you weren’t out there. So it’s time to say “no more.” Start today with the W ootexclusive $20 mail-in rebate for this Samsung WEP475 Bluetooth Headset. You’ll enjoy its Ambient N o i s e F i l t e r i n g a n d E c h o Cancellation Technology for up to 6 hours of talk time on a single charge. And you’ll eenjoy njoy for

Features: • Ambient Noise Filt Filtering ering and Echo Cancellation Technology – p r o v i d e s c r y s t a l c l e a r conversations on par with many dual microphone headsets through an algorithmic process that eliminates unwanted background noise and allows the non-Bluetooth user to receive crisp, clean voice audio, even in high-noise environments • This advanced, yet cost effective technology makes the WEP475 one of the world’s best values in noise canceling headsets on the market • Talk Time: Up to 6 hours hours • Standby Time: Up to 200 hours • Knows your status with a dedicated On/Off switch • Detachable Crystal Clear Ear Hook • Automatic and Manual Volume Control

D e t a c h a bContents le Ear Hook • Package • Retail Packaging

It's Just Two Silver Bells On A String, People, Calm Down: Woot Weads The Wire (W Woot! oot! - One Day, One Deal ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 12:00:00 PM

Every week in this space, we’ll take a look at the news and offer our own incisive blend of commentary, analysis, and poop jokes. The news you need, from a voice you can trust, in the 90 seconds you have to spare: that’s Woot Weads the Wire. UPI)) -- Rockers NEW YORK ( UPI

Bono and The Edge are to attend several preview performances of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" so they can help fix the troubled Technical Specifications Broadway musical. • Dimensions: 43L x 19W x 11H Because it's never an official (mm) disaster until Bono shows up. • Weight: Weig ht: 11.5g TEL AVIV, Israel, ( UPI) UPI ) -- A • Bluetooth Version: 2.1 + EDR vulture tagged by Israeli scientists • HFP Version: Version: 1.5 1.5 strayed into Saudi Arabia, • HSP Version: Version: 1.1 1.1 pr om pt in g of fi ci al s to ac cus e • Talk Time: Up to 6 hours Israel of spying. • Standby Time: Up to 200 hours As part of the investigation, • Dedicated On/Off Switch officials have seized all the vulture's luggage, including the In the box: carrion. • Samsung WEP475 Bluetooth C H I C A G O ( U P I ) - - A n Wireless Headset ambulance crew from the Chicago • Detachable Crystal Ear Hook Fire Department checked rock • Travel T ravel Charger legend Chuck Berry after he fell • User Manual ill at a concert at the Congress Theater, officials said. Discuss this product Sources were unable to comment Price: $19.99 I want one! on the state of his ding-a-ling. UPI)) -HAVERHILL, Mass. ( UPI

Police in Haverhill, Mass., said they were searching for the vandal or vandals who stole and broke up a 7-foot-tall plywood Christmas gingerbread man. Based on their reading of the original text, police are near the river and searching for a 50 foot tall talking fox. NEW YORK ( UPI) UPI) -- An author who has researched the baby boom gener ation says it will be hard to predict how these millions of Americans will handle seniorcitizen status. But experts are able to predict one thing: that the music industry will try to make each and every one of those boomers buy Beatles albums at least two more times. MILWAUKEE ( UP I ) -- A Wisconsin farmer sporting several brui ses fro m his work sai d the injuries are worth the money he makes from milking his water buf fal o. And in a related story, Chuck Berry is said to have a great idea for a new song title! MAIDSTONE, England ( UPI) UPI) -A fox twice the normal size has been foun d in Engl and, rais ing fears the animals are growing big ger fr om eas y eat ing . Special thanks to UPI for anticipating our need for closure on this.


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Doctor directory is first step to new “Physician ompare” website r[emailprotected] [emailprotected]

has requested that Medicare add

(Consumer Consumer Reports )

all. You don’t have to be a Medicare patient to use the tool, since doctors and other healthcare providers who see Medicare

other elements to Physician Compare, and sooner than 2015. Most notably, we’d like doctors’ pr of il es to sa y wh et he r th ey received money from drug, device, or medical equipment companies. The health-care reform law mandates that by September 2013 drug companies divulge payments or gifts to doctors that have a value greater than $10.

be ne fi ci ar ie65. s al so se e pe op le under age The site connects users to a list of phy sic ians and gro up pra cti ces that participate in a Medicare initiative called the Physician Quality Reporting System. That’s good, because participating doctors are more transparent about the quality of care they deliver. Later this year, Medicare will also list doctors who participate in a voluntary effort to encourage doctors to prescribe medicines electronically. Addition information will be added over time including, by 2015, the first actual measures of quality of care. Data for those measures will come from patient surveys, payment records, and records . electronic health records. Consumers Union, the publisher of,,

accepted Most doctors (84%) in 2009 gifts or had financial ties to drug, device or medical equipment manufacturers, according to a survey of 1,900 doctors published in the Nov. 8, 2010 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. Medicine . Consumers are concerned. Three-quarters of 1,250 randomly selected adults in an October 2010 survey conducted by Consumer Reports said they would be worried about the quality of care from a doctor who accepts such payments. — Steven Findlay, M.P.H., senior health policy analyst Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o ConsumerReports.orgfor for expert R atings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of pr od uc ts . Update your feed pr ef er en ce s

Submitted at 1/5/2011 1:07:50 PM

Doctor directory is first step to new “Physician Compare” website The federal government recently took the first step toward a website that, if all goes well, will eventually help consumers shop for doctors based on patient reviews and the quality of the care they Theprovide. program is part of the new health-reform law, which among many other things, required Medicare to launch the website, Compare,, by called Physician Compare January 1. For now, it’s mainly an up-dated nationwide list of healthcare providers who accept Medicare patients. Still, it's helpful. The directory is searchable by zip code or city and state, as well as by medical specialty. Results show the doctor’s name, address, gender, pho ne num ber , and lan gua ges spoken. Those closest to you are listed first. And it includes not just M.D.s, but also chiropractors, clinical psychologists, dietitians, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, optometrists, osteopaths, physical therapists, p h y s i c i a n a s s i s t a n t s , a n d podiatrists—932,000 provi ders in


Lower prices could mean a new mattress for the new year

Consumer umer Reports Shopping ping Blog (C Consumer onsumer Reports ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 1:25:15 PM

Lower prices could mean a new mattress for the new year Todayreport report notes A Furniture Today that mattress sales surged 8.5 percent in November as average sale prices fell more than 2 percent. That's news you may not want to take lying down, since Consumer Reports'"Follow Reports' "Follow the Seasons"feature Seasons" feature tabs January as the best month to buy bedding. Still, it pays to do your homework before you head out to shop for a mattress. Our Buying Guideto Guide to mattresses confirms that many retailers sell similar mattress models under different names, and that many salesmen are pushing the brands that pay them the biggest commissions. Want proof? Our testers cut open 11 mattresses from popular brands like Sealy, Serta, and Simmons to compare their features. We also tested one adjustable air mattress from Select Comfort and two memory-foam mattresses from Sealy and Tempur-Pedic, enlisted 54 staffers for our tests and surveyed 17,444 C onsumer Reports subscribers for their top

brandsand stores brandsand stores.. Whichever mattress you consider, start by doing your own tests at the store. Wear comfortable clothes, pack a pillow, t hen try each mattres s for at least 15 minutes. And don't be afraid to haggle—retailers' markups on mattresses are high, and 72 percent of our survey respondents were able to haggle their way to a better deal. Any while a new mattress may not help any New Year's resolutions to lose weight, a good one can cut the risk of childhood obesity, according to a studypublished studypublished in the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. —Gian Trotta Trotta More bedding advice: Use our Ratings of sheetsand sheetsand pillows t o round out your bedding buys, or trade more opinions on mattress brand s and retai lers in our very active mattress forum. forum. Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o ConsumerReports.orgfor for expert R atings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of pr od uc ts . Update your feed pr ef er en ce s


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CES 2011: Two Consumer Reports webcasts live from the show Carol Mangis angis (C Consumer onsumer

• Netflix access from new remote

Reports ) CES 2 0 1 1 : Two Co n su mer Reports webcasts, live from the show Most of the Consumer Reports electronics team is now in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. Though the show starts tomorrow, we've already seen an avalanche of

electronics program at Consumer Reports. Paul Reynolds, along with Evon Beckford, Senior And while we're at CES, we're Director of Electronics Operations planning two live webca sts from in the Technical Division at the show. The first, on Friday, Consumers Union (CU), will give January 7, is a roundtable with a short presentation on how the our electronics editors and testers: organization selects, evaluates, It's your opportunity to ask and writes about CE products. A questions about all the products Q&A will follow. d e b u t i n g a t t h e s h o w , v i a Join us for both of these live 2011 at our F a c e b o o k a n d T w i t t e r webcasts from CES 2011

including: Toshiba's glasses-free 3D TV; •announcements, • Four brand-new tablet computers from Asus; • Fujifilm point-and-shoots featuring GPS and RAW c a p a b i l i t i e s; • Vizio's first-ever cell phone and tablet;; tablet • A new 4G phone from Sprint; Sprint;

(v [emailprotected] Crep by o rter). will b e moderated Paul ItReynolds, Consumer Reports' Electronics Editor, and will begin at 9:30 am Pacific time, 12:30 pm Eastern. Don't miss it! Then on Saturday, we'll webcast a seminar called "Consumer Reports 101" starting at 10:30 am Pacific, 1:30 pm Eastern. This

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:17:43 PM

session will offer a primer on the

controls; controls; • And much, much more. more.

Facebook page —anyou're d hey there! , why not Like us, while Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratin g s, b u y in g ad v ice an d reliability on hundreds of pr od uc ts . Up d ate y o u r feed pr e fe re nc e s

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:27:03 PM

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 editor The start of a new year is a time for making resolutions, so why not focus on a few that will save you money this year? Yahoo!

(W Woot! oot! - One Day, One Deal )

burned-out house house in Detroit

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:15:00 PM

• Leave a business card at the LG b o o t h f o r a f r e e m a l a r i a vaccination • Rolling blackouts due to theft of copper wire by attendees • Instead of plying buyers with cocaine at lavish after-hours parties, company reps now offer a paper bag full of spray paint in the parking lot • Most booths now staffed remotely from Bangalore

• Sprawling Panasonic booth partia lly conver ted into hotel for transients • This year's hottest hottest g gadgets: adgets: anything with gold components • Giveaway USB USB sticks replaced by act ual st icks • Booth babes no longer paid in cash, but are now permitted to sell

apples take in laundry • VIP and luncheons catered by the Salvation Army • Las Vegas Convention Center replaces central heating with barrels full of b urning HP l aptop batteri es • Monster Cable presen presents ts VIPonly performance by the bass pl aye r fr om Sug ar Ra y • Shuttle buses replaced by bi cy cl e ri ck sh aw s • John Bunnell Bunnell will tase himself to get those free hats back • Naming-rights deal means Las Vegas is now known as Little five ways you can resolve to save This entry passed through the Shenzhen this year, starting with shedding Full-Text RSS RSSservice service — if this is • Hall of Innovation moved moved to bad, expensive habits, getting fit, your content and you're reading it and being more charitable. Watch on someone else's site, please read and see which you can start our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php implementing this month. resolutions, Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Related: save money, money, resolutions, financially fit Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Be the first to comment on this Again? Again?..

Top 5 resolutions to help you save money (Financiallyfit Financiallyfit on Shine )

How Has The Recession Changed CES?

Finance's Farnoosh Torabi has post.

•keynote Steveby Ballmer replaced at homeless man who says nothing but "Bing" for two hours • If 3D HDTV sales do not not meet expectations, Samsung threatens to launch a worldwide wave of suicide bombings • Hoover booth replaced by Hooverville • First visitor to Microsoft booth gets a free Windows 7 phone. And so does every other visitor • This year's slogan: "CES: Now In 3D!"


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ichigan Wolverines fire Rich Rodriguez news services ( )

talk" with him. "I personally believe that Jim Harbaugh is headed to the NFL, that's my opinion," Brandon said. John Harbaugh, coach of the NFL 's Baltimore Ravens Ravens,, said Tuesday he wasn't sure what his brother was going to do. "I think the Michigan thing is done now. I think that's over," Harbaugh said during his weekly WBAL radio program. "I don't think he's going to have anything to do with that. I think that says a lot about Stanford." Meanwhile, LSU coach Les

Rodriguez was not immediately available for comment. He and his wife, Rita, drove past TV satellite trucks and reporters camped out near Schembechler Hall Wednesday and entered the back door of the indoor practice facility. A team meeting was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. "Everybody finds out info before the players cause they feel that if they were to tell us we would blabber it to the world," defensive back Troy Woolf olk wrote on his Twitter account.

Michigan-record Michigan-reco rd nine losses in his debut season in Ann Arbor. He was 1-11 against ranked teams and 0-6 combined against rivals Ohio State and Michigan State. The Worst Of Times Under RichRod The low points of the Rich Rodriguez era at Michigan, which ended Wednesday after three turmoil-laden seasons: • School-record for losses in a season (9 in 2008) • Consecutive losing seasons for first time since 1962-63 • 42-7 loss to Ohio State in 2008

turmoil. It seems like it was one thing after another. It clearly impacted recruiting. It clearly impacted the positive energy that the team needs to be successful. It created a lot of hardships and a lot of distractions. "Clearly, we need to put ourselves in a position where that is all history." Michigan hired Rodriguez away from West Virginia after the 2007 season in a messy divorce. The school Rodriguez had played for and rooted for as a kid had extended his contract a year

Tuesday and again Wednesday Miles, who was pursued by morning. He said the two had an M i c h i g a n b e f o r e i t h i r e d " o p e n , h o n e s t a n d d i r e c t Rodriguez to replace Lloyd Carr, exchange." said Wednesday he has had no "I believe this is the best decision contact from the school about for the future of Michigan be co mi ng co ac h at hi s al ma football," Brandon said. "We have mater. not achieved at the level that I During a news conference for the expect." AT&T Cotton Bowl, Miles said Rodriguez, who was the coach at he was there to "speak about West Virginia before arriving in LSU" and its game Friday against Ann Arbor, finishes 15-22 at Texas A&M.

Rodriguez's final season was pivotal and it didn't go well on or off the field. The Wolverines won seven games and a berth in the Gator Bowl, but he could only stand by helplessly on the sideline on New Year's Day as Mississippi State handed them their worst bowl beat ing -- a 38- poin t drub bin g. Quarterback Denard Robinson couldn't consistently make the

• Worst loss to Ohio State since 1968 (50-14) • School record for yards allowed in each of last two years • *Allowed most points in school history (35.2 PPG in 2010) • Allowed most points ever in bow l gam e (52 ) *Broke record set in 2008 The season had clearly weighed on Rodriguez. He surprised supporters and his

earlier, and he didn't want to pay a $4 million buyout. Michigan eventually agreed to pay West Virginia $2.5 million, leaving Rodriguez to take care of the rest. From the beginning to the end, he struggled to be accepted at Michigan. Some wanted Miles to return to Ann Arbor, where he was an assistant for the late Bo Schembechler. On the field, Rodriguez didn't

Michigan. just at 618 in Big Rodriguez Ten play,was 11-11 home. The school can buy out the final three years of his contract for $2.5 million. Brandon said he will immediately beg in a na ti on al se ar ch fo r a replacement amid speculation that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, a former Wolverines quarterback, and former Michigan assistant Brady Hoke, now San Diego

"Michigan will be fine. They'll always be Michigan," Miles said. The Herd with Colin Cowherd's Joe Schad talks about coaching candidates for the Michigan Wolverines and looks at Rich Rodriguez's struggles with Michigan. More Podcasts » Brandon said a candidate with head coaching and recruiting experience would have an edge in

sensational plays he did during a jaw-drop ping start to the season. And Michigan's young defense, which ranked among the nation's worst, was overmatched again. "There's a thought of getting a defensive-minded everything," Brandon said when asked if he was looking for a coach who emphasizes defense. "I want the ba ll b oy s t o be de f en s i ve minded."

player s at the team' s posts eason banquet when he broke down and cried, talking about the toll his job had on his family, then quoted the Bible and Josh Groban and played a song from the musician in a surreal scene. "I don't think Rich Rodriguez has had a peaceful night sleep since he arrived in Ann Arbor," said B randon, who was lured to Michigan a year ago from his job

inherit a roster full of talent from former coach Lloyd Carr. Quarterback Ryan Mallett transferred to Arkansas and offensive guard Justin Boren left for Ohio State, making his transition even more challenging. The Wolverines took pride in winning with class and by the rules for three-plus decades under Schembechler, Carr and Gary Moeller.

State's head coach, are possible candidates. Brandon said he has talked with Harbaugh and "will continue to

the search, he didn't set a deadline for but making a decision. "My timetable is: Go fast, but do it the right way," Brandon said.

Under a s c h a i r Pizza. m a n "I a nthink d C Ethat O his o f was Rodriguez losingThe six Domino's hit Rodriguez, by the kindthe of program news it of the lastfinished eight 7-6, games. improvement wasn't enough from three years here ... can somewhat MICHIGAN page 55 his 5-7 finish last year and the be de fi ne d as th re e ye ar s of

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:15:19 PM

Updated: January 5, 2011, 5:15 PM ET ANN ARBOR, Mich. -Michigan fired coach R ich Rodriguez on Wednesday, ending a disappointing three-year tenure marred by embarrassing losses and NCAA violations at college football's winningest program. Athletic director Dave Brandon announced the decision after meeting with R odriguez on



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Roberto Alomar Bert Blyleven get into Baseball Hall of Fame news services ( )

Updated: January 5, 2011, 5:29 PM ET NEW YORK -- Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven became Hall of Famers on Wednesday, the twotime World Series champions easily elected after narrow misses last year. Hall of Fame voting Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Alomar was picked in his second

Alomar was picked on 90 percent of the ballots by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. The 12-time All-Star won a record 10 Gold Gloves at second ba se , hi t .3 00 an d he lp ed th e Jays win titles in Toronto Blue Jays 1992-93. Blyleven was picked on 79.7 perc ent -- it take s 75 perc ent to reach th e sh rin e. Th e g reat curveballer won 287 games, threw 60 shutouts and is fifth with 3,701 strikeouts. This was his 14th time on the ballot and his career stats have gotten a boost in recent years

in through that era." Palmeiro was listed on just 64 of a record 581 ballots (11 percent) in his first try despite lofty career numbers -- he is joined by Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Eddie Murray as the lone players with more than 3,000 hits and 500 home runs. But Palmeiro failed a drug test and was suspended by Major League Baseball in 2005. The penalty came a f ew months after he wagged his finger at members of Congress and told them: "I have never used steroids. Period."

were some voters that said, 'He's a Hall of Famer, but he tested pos iti ve . I ca n' t vot e for him .' That's the reality of it. And it is something I have to live with." Palmeiro recently reiterated the anabolic steroid that caused his pos itiv e tes t cam e in a vita min vial given to him by teammate Miguel Tejada Tejada.. Bagwell got 41.7 percent in his first year on the ballot. His career stats are among the best for first bas eme n sinc e Worl d War II -.297 batting average, .408 on-base pe rc en ta ge an d .5 40 sl ug gi ng

induction ceremonies July 24 in Co o p ersto wn . Th e lo n g time executive was picked last month by th e Ve te ra ns Co mm it te e. Gillick helped earn his place with a trade that brought Alomar to Toronto. Smart, graceful and acrobatic on the field, Alomar also was guilty in one of the game's most boorish moments. He spit on umpire John Hirschbeck during a dispute in 1996 and was suspended. They later made up and Hirschbeck supported Alomar's bid for the Hall.

ap p earan ce, wh ile Bly lev en earned the honor in his 14th try. Player Votes Pct Roberto Alomar 523 90.0 Bert Blyleven 463 79.7 Barry Larkin 361 62.1 Jack Morris 311 53.5 Lee Smith 263 45.3 Jeff Bagwell 242 41.7 Tim Raines 218 37.5 Edgar Martinez 191 32.9 Alan Trammell 141 24.3 Larry Walker 118 20.3 Mark McGwire 115 19.8 Fred McGriff 104 17.9 Dave Parker 89 15.3

by sabermetric ians who have new ways to evaluate baseball numbers. "It's been 14 years of praying and waiting," Blyleven said in a conference call. "And thank the base ball writ ers of Ame rica for, I'm going to say, finally getting it right." Palmeiro, McGwire, Bagwell and Gonzalez fared poorly in the election, with BBWAA members

More from What was clear after the ballots were counted was that the steroids cloud now hovers firmly over Cooperstown, Jerry Crasnick writes. Story In 2012 there's the real possibility that no players will be elected to the Hall of Fame, unless Barry Larkin -- the only viable candidate -- gets enough of the vote, Rob Neyer writes. Blog

percentage. He hit 449 home runs, topped 1,500 RBIs and runs and ran the bases hard. He was Rookie of the Year, NL MVP and a Gold Glove winner. Bagwell never tested positive, there were no public allegations against him and he was adamant that he never used illegal drugs. Still, many voters and fans aren't sure yet how to assess the big numbers put up by the game's

“ I'm very, very happy for him. It's overdue.”-- John Hirschbeck on Roberto Alomar "I reg ret ev ery b it o f it. I apologized many times to John," he said. "I feel good I've had a good relationship with John." Said Hirschbeck: "I'm very, very happy for him. It's overdue." "I'm not going to comment on why he didn't get elected the first

Don Mattingly 79 13.6 Dale Murphy 73 12.6 Rafael Palmeiro 64 11.0 Others receiving votes: Juan Gonzalez 30, Harold Baines 28, John Franco 27, Kevin Brown 12, Tino Martinez 6, Marquis Grissom 4, Al Leiter 4, John Olerud 4, B.J. Surhoff 2, Bret Boone 1, Benito Santiago 1 Sluggers Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Jeff Bagwell and Juan Gonzalez came nowhere close.

apparently reluctant to choose bu lk y hi tt er s wh o po st ed bi g numbers in the 1990s and 2000s. "The writers are saying that this was the Steroids Era, like they h av e d o n e Mark McGwire," Blyleven said. "They've kind of mad e th eir p o in t. It d o esn 't su rp rise me." "Guys cheated," he said. "They cheated themselves and their teammates. The game of baseball

• ESPN's Hall of Fame ballot • Parker: Alomar worthy; Blyleven not "I am disappointed, obviously I am disappointed, I thought I would get more support," Palmeiro told ESPN The Magazine's Tim Kurkjian. "But I am grateful that I get to stay on the ballot for at least another year. Maybe I'll go up, maybe I'll go down. I thought I was worthy of a

big ges t hit te rs. McGwire got 19.8 percent, a drop from 23.7 percent last year. This was his fifth time on the ballot, and first since the former home run champion admitted he took stero id s an d h u man g ro wth h o rmo n e. Juan Gonzalez, a two-time AL MVP implicated by Jose Canseco in steroids use, received 30 votes, just above the 5 perce nt threshold

time. But I forgave him. Maybe th e rest o f th e wo rld h as," Hirschbeck told The Associated Press by telephone. Alomar drew 73.7 percent last year in his first try on the ballot. Blyleven had come even closer, missing by just five votes while getting 74.2 percent. "Robbie was an incredible player. He was a pleasure to watch play the game and I am not saying that

Hallp voters, to rev en t for th enow, closeem u d o fintent th e S tero id s Era fro m co v erin g Co o p ersto wn .

bett Ierhad show ing than I got, for remaining on the ballot next bec hetools was and by put brotthem her . He is to be playeda Steroid clean. I Era think weI but a black markwhat a gainst me year. hadaus all ethe all went through and think it's up to the writers to my last year in baseball. That is Alomar and Blyleven will be ROBERTO page 56 decide when and who should go hard to overcome. I know there jo in ed by Pa t Gi ll ic k at th e

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:13:48 PM


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MICHIGAN continued from page 53

dreaded. Just before the 2009 season, an o n y mo u s p lay ers to ld th e Detro it F ree P ress th at th e

that the coach is involved in all of the activities that occurred," Dee said. "Some of the things that did occur did not get all the way to

bit, " Rodr igue z sai d. "The next two or three Februarys will be very critical. That's where it starts."

Ro d rig in u ez-led p ro glimits ram was ex ceed g NCAA on pr a ct i ce a nd tr a in in g t im e . "We know the rules, and we follow the rules," an emotional Rodriguez declared a day after the report was published. He insisted the off-field "drama" didn't affect his team. The school later acknowledged that it was guilty of four violations. It was put on three y ears o f p ro b atio n , th o u g h Rodriguez and the school avoided major penalties in part because the NCAA agreed that the coach didn't fail to promote an atmosphere and compliance in his program. Still, Paul Dee, chair of the Division I infractions committee, compared the coach's role to that of being captain of the ship. "The coach is ultimately responsible, but that doesn't mean

the coach, ultimately, the coach bears but a responsibility for the program." Rodriguez is widely considered one of the architects of the spread offense that has become the rage in college football, creating his version of three- and four-receiver sets at tiny Glenville State in 1990. Rodriguez recruited two freshmen who could lead his offense -- Robinson and Tate Forcier-- - and they helped the 2009 team get off to a strong start that put Michigan on the cover of Sports Illustrated. His defenses never kept pace. Toward the end of the collapsing 2009 season, Rodriguez took a few not-too-subtle shots at Carr and his staff in terms of recruiting talent to Ann Arbor. "The last three Februarys, or four Februarys, have hurt us a little

chance Rodriguez, though, get a to finish whatdidn't he started. "Rich is a good person and co ach ," Bran d o n said . "It's unfortunate that it didn't work out at Michigan, but I'm sure that Rich and his staff will find opportunities at other institutions." Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


Running on empty Pierre Thomas of New Orleans Saints put on IR

Associated Press (E )

Updated: January 5, 2011, 4:56 PM ET METAIRIE, La. -- Saints running back Pierre Thomas Thomaswill will miss the pla yoff s bec aus e of his inj ure d left ankle. The Saints on Wednesday placed last season's leading rusher on injured reserve and signed Joique Bellfrom Bell from the Philadelphia Eagles' Eagles' practice squad. Th e S ain ts, wh o o p en th e pl ay of fs Sa tu rd ay in Se at tl e, announced the end of Thomas' season one day after placing leading rusher Chris Ivory Ivory on injured reserve with an injured left foot. "That's tough," quarterback Drew Breessaid Brees said of the loss of Thomas

some opportunities," Brees said. Thomas, who scored crucial touchdowns last season's NFC title game and the Super Bowl, pla ye d in onl y si x ga me s th is season. He rushed for 269 yards and two touchdowns and caught 29 passes for 201 yards. He was initially hurt in an overtime loss to Atlanta in Week 3, then missed nine games before coming back for three late-season games. Thomas had his best game of the season in a Week 16 victory at Atlanta, when he had 102 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. However, he aggravated his injury in practice last week and missed the regularseason finale. Jonesare are Reggie Bushand Bushand Julius Jones Ne w Or le an s' onl y re ma in in g healthy running backs from the

and Ivory this week. "You can't deny that just because of the physica l pr esence they bring and obviously their productivity." Brees said he remained optimistic that the versatility of the Saints' offense and the way they spread the ball among so many players will allow them to weather such injuries perhaps better than most teams. "When you look at the rest of the

regular season. The other running ba ck on th e ro st er , DeShawn Wynn,, was signed on Tuesday. Wynn Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So,

skillk positions ... sp you ways pic up sl ac k, re find ad the bato ll around, and hopefully you get

Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:56:21 PM



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Grizzlies Ban Gambling Among Players Following OJ Mayo Tony Allen Fight FanHo ouse use Staff (FanHouse FanHouse Main ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:15:00 PM

Filed under: Grizzlies , NB A Gambling Two days after an Gambling unsettled gambling debtprompted debt prompted a physical altercation altercation between Mayo and Tony teammates O.J. Mayo Allen,, Memphis Grizzlies Allen Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins has banned gambling on team flights and hotel rooms. "We're in a confined airplane and things get heated. I'm done with it. No more gambling," Hollins sa id, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Appeal . "I told my guys if they read a book, that would be good. They have to entertain themselves in a different manner." The Grizzliesconfirmed Grizzlies confirmed that "a br i e f a l t e r c a t i on " oc c u r r e d betwe en Mayo and Allen during the team's charter flight back to Memp h is fro m Lo s An g eles following a surprising 104-85 win against the Lakers Lakers.. According to the Commercial Appeal, Mayo instigated matters by repe ated ly confr ontin g Alle n about an unpaid gambling debt

ROBERTO continued from page 54

into play," former Cleveland teammate Sandy Alomar Jr. said. Alomar got his first major league hit off Nolan Ryan in 1988. Ryan

Pete Rose received three write-in votes. Larkin finished third in balloting, receiving 62 percent of the votes.

was e l e cthe t e dlast t o pure t h e starting H a l l bpitcher y the BBWAA in 1 9 9 9 . Bly lev en , n o w 5 9 , p itch ed against Alomar and his father, Sandy Alomar Jr. It was quite a climb for Blyleven, who helped pitch Pittsburgh to the 1979 title and Minnesota to the 1987 crown. Many years ago, he drew barely over 14 percent in the BBWAA voting. "I could not be happier if it was my own son," Twins Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew said. "I pl ay ed in th e fi rs t ga me Be rt pitched for the Minnesot a Twins in 1970. ... I wish it wouldn't have taken so long but now that he is in, it's wonderful." Barry Larkin and Tim Raines - - although as the showed gains in this year's voting. stemming from a recent game of City Thunder-"Boo-Ray," a common card game Grizzlies tried to convince to the media , his absence was in NBA circles. The pestering local media, continued until Allen struck Mayo s i m p l y t h e r e s u l t o f a at least five times until being co n v en ien tly -timed b o u t o f separated by teammates. "b ro n ch itis." Even though Allen threw the first Mayo and Allen met with Hollins reportsthat that on Monday, and Allen apologized punch, Yahoo! Sports reports the Grizzlies front office blames to the team. It remains to be seen Mayo, who apparently suffered a how the incident affects Mayo's swollen eye, for escalating the already unsettled future with the situation. Mayo missed Tuesday's team team.. 110-105 win over the Oklahoma

Th e o n ly o th er lay er wh o finished above 50 ppercent was pit ch er Ja ck Mor ri s, who wa s selected on 53 percent of the ba ll ot s. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

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Integrity Takes Holiday at Sugar Bowl David Whitley (F FanHouse anHouse Main ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:00 PM

Filed under: Arkansas , Ohio State,, Bowl Games State GamesLet's Let's all raise a toast to the Sugar Bowl. Not only did it save what's left of the Big Ten's football reputation, it is driving do-gooders insane. Th ey saw Oh io S tate tate b eat Arkansas Arkansas,, 31-26, Tuesday night thanks to players who should have been in NCAA prison. As a fan of hypocrisy and football at all costs, I saw thegreat finest bowl game in history. It will be the finest until Monday night, at least, when Cam Newton single-handedly tortures Oregon in the BCS Championship Game and then announces he is transferring to Ohio State because he likes its compliance staff. If you're not up on the latest installment of NCAA Follies, five Buckeyes were suspended two week s ag o after th e sch o o l discovered they'd sold personal awards and memorabilia for money and/or discounted tattoos. As everyone knows, the NCAA prohi bits tatto os unles s they are dollar signs on the eyelids of athletic directors.

Crab Cakes

(S Simply imply Recipes )

Submitted at 1/4/2011 6:51:19 PM

Looking Into Tennis Crystal Ball for 2011 Greg Couch (FanHouse FanHouse Main ) When Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan got wind of the trouble, he called Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith. He said and the quarterback Terrelle Pryorand rest of the Tat Gang simply had to come to New Orleans. "I made the point that anything that could be done to preserve the integrity of this year's game, we would greatly appreciate," he told the Columbus Dispatch. Integrity? This is college football. We don't need no stinkin' integrity.

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:00 PM

WTA,, ATP Filed under: WTA Looking back, I'm feeling pretty good about the predictions I made for tennis in 2010. For example, there was this pick: Two top former superstars will meet in a charity event and will be so self-absorbed that it will nearly come to blows. Check. It happened. Remember? Pete Sampras even served one at Andre Agassi's head. Here was another one of my picks: A no-na me pla yer w ill su e the media for saying he's the world's worst pro. Then, thejudge the judge will agree with the media. media . Check. That happened, too. Other picks: Rafael Nadal Nadal will

cut short so as not to interfere with celebrity bowling. An ESPN analyst (turned out to be Pam Shriver) will get in an argument with a player( James Blak e ) d u rin g h is match at Wimb led o n b etween p o in ts. A ballb oy in Austr alia will pee on himself, then run off the court, leav in g a trail th at req u ires blowe rs to dry. A frea kishly tall player wil l beat a Frenchm an in a freakishly long match, going 7068 in the fifth set at Wimbledon. Check, check, check, check. So no, of course I didn't predict any of those things. The goal here is to make picks for 2011, but the pr ob le m is th at yo u ca nn ot po ss ib ly pr ed ic t an yt hi ng as outrageous as tennis' reality. Tennis is crazy. One hundred

win the U.S. Open while the per ce nt nut s. networks play hot potato with the match, and the celebration will be

From the recipe archive. Recently updated. All winter long it's Dungeness crab season here in the Pacific Northwest. Dungeness crabs tend to weigh in between 1 1/2 and 2 1/ 2 pounds, and have perfect meat for making crab cakes. These crab cakes are a step-up riff off a recipe I found years ago in Ruth Apples.. Reichl's Comfort Me with Apples The difficult thing with crab cakes is that they don't hold together that well when forming them, and they can easily fall apart when frying them. The trick is to handle them delicately to begin with, and then chill them on a breadcrumb- lined p an for at le ast an hour before cooking them. Just that time in the fridge will go a long way in helping them stay together as they cook. There isn't a lot of binder in this recipe, so it needs the chilling time. Continue reading "Crab Cakes" »



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Activision Blizzard and Zynga sued over alleged patent infringement Richard Mitchell (J Joystiq oystiq )

a distinct winner, as opposed to

Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:30:00 PM

the ongoing seenDigital. in the games cited matches by Walker Furthermore, the dependent claims in Walker Digital's patent make it pretty clear that it was intended to describe tournaments with entry fees and prizes, which certainly isn't the case with the games cited. Walker Digital is seeking unspecified damages from Zynga and Activision Blizzard.

Star Trek Online artist voyages to iOS with Empire of the Eclipse

sActivision u e d o v e rBlizzard a l l e g eand d pZynga atent infringementoriginally infringement originally appeared on Joystiqon on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 17:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds . Permalink| Email this| this| Comments

linterstellar e a v e b e combat. h i n d aEmpire t h i n gof fthe or Eclipse for iOS, the indie's first title, draws its inspiration from the classic 4X strategy game Master

In many industries --- games included -- success leads to two things: Money and lawsuits. You don't get much higher than Activision Activisionand and Zyngain Zyngain the world of video games, and TechCrunch reports that both companies have been sue d by Walker Digital Digital,, a company founded by Jay Walker, b e s t k n o w n f o r f o u n d i n g Walker Digital alleges that both Zynga and Activision violate its patent, US pa te nt no . 6,425,828 , which concerns a "database driven online distributed tournament system." Specifically, Walker alleges that the companies violate

the first claim of its patent which describes a "method of conducting a distributed electronic tournament for a plurality of pl ay er s. " The suit names several of the companies' titles, including World

of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mafia Wars and many others (though not Farmville, surprisingly). We're not legal experts, but we'd argue that the word "tournament" implies a finite series of gaming events with

Randy Nelson (J Joystiq oystiq ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:30:00 PM

When Lee Dotson left his job as lead artist on Star Trek Online Onlineto to form his own development studio, ZarkSoft Games, he clearly didn't

STAR page 59

BBC: Kinect caused Red Ring of Death on out-of-warranty Xbox 360

Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq Joystiq ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:00:00 PM

Grand Theft Auto IV blamed for RRoD -- Tipster on April 30, 2008 Red Dead Redemption blamed for RRoD -- Tipster on June 21, 2010 Kinect blamed for RRoD RRoD--- BBC on January 5, 2011

As our tips box can attest to over the years, every major Xbox 360 release causes the unholy specter of the Xbox 360's infamous ' Red Ring of Death' Death ' to return. The family interviewed in this BBC piece have an espec ially poignant tale: they just missed out on the three year warranty the product Microsoft said in a statement, RRoD and E74 "There is no correlation between carries for the RRoD errors.

the three flashing red lights error Kinect.. Any new instances of and Kinect the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental." We bel iev e it, giv en our ane cdo tal history. It's still of little consolation to anyone who was bl es se d wi th an ol d, ou t of warranty Xbox 360 that somehow hadn't died/broken/etc. BBC: Kinect caused 'Red Ring of

Death' on out-of-warranty Xbox 360originally 360 originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 16:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds. Permalink| Email this this|| Comments

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Psalm 3:3 01-05-11)


continued from page 58

of Orion Orion,, Dotson says, as well as the Civilization Civilizationseries. series. ZarkSoft has "worked diligently to make a game that lives up to t h e s t a n d titles," a r d s s eaccording t b y t h o stoe milestone Dotson, and has built an engine that supports up to 1500 players per game instan ce acros s 90,000 sectors of space. In announcing the game, the developer stressed that Empire of the Eclipse won't include microtransactions of any sort, in order to preserve a "fair and competitive play experience

for all." (V Verse erse of the Day ) There's no hard date or pricing yet -- just a promised release Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:00:00 AM window of Q1 2011 for the title. But you are a shield around me, Star with Trek Empire Online artist voyages to O LORD; you bestow glory on iOS of the Eclipse me and lift up my head. originally appeared on Joystiqon on 3:3(NIV) (NIV) Thoughts on — Psalm 3:3 Wed, 05 Jan 2011 16:30:00 EST. Today's Verse... My dad would Please see our terms for use of never let me walk slouched over feeds.. feeds with my head down. "Remember Permalink| Email this this|| Comments son, you are a Ware. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Even on your worst day you are still my son and a child of God!" God is

Everything is iPad dead is broken. Yup. These are (Scripting Scripting News )

word "dead." near His the premise is that HTML is dead in exactly the same way that RSS is (according to the guys who are spinning that idea). But they fail to notice that everything is dead the same way RSS is, including their employers, their job s, the ir way of lif e, etc etc . Because things change, and first visions of new things, even things that become wildly popular, are usually wrong. on Sunday. Jay just got an iPadon This was really interesting. He was showing me all the ways the

our protector and our proud Father. He gives us glory because he loves us. Because he is our Father who gives us such gracious gifts, we don't walk with our head bo w e d lo w a nd ou r s pi r it s slumped over. He gives us ultimate victory! Even on those dark days when victory is hard to find, we are still God's children. Our Father paints the sunsets and holds the stars in their orbits. He guarantees our future. How can we walk dejectedly when we

quite a few others. But a few short years later, these products were "dead." Same thing happened with RSS. Wasn't my fault, I told the developers of the second wave of RSS readers they were wrong to view RSS as email. News is more like a stream that you flip through. Skimming the headlines,

So, I reasoned, RSS readers should model the rush of news and take advantage of our brain's ability to skim. But programmers don't think this way, and I guess most programmers aren't news j u n k i e s . B e c a u s e i t w a s impossible to get through to them. No m atter, the m arket eventuall y decided. A lot of wasted time,

WYSIWYG WYSIWYGeditor editorwith andsuch haveathem a few paragraphs, create web pages tool, reading and reading the lead full text of even as if the page were somehow fewer. Compare this to email, central to what the web is. They which has the presumption (false) saw the problem as People Want that you're going to read and To Edit HTML, so they aimed to understand every word of every make it easy, and they did. message sent to you. Completely So the big products of the early different things. As different as web were editors that ran on your Hey Jude is from a single episode d e s k t o p . A p r o d u c t c a l l e d of FreshAir. One has permanence, PageMill was sold to Microsoft is almost an institution. And the a n d b e c a m e F r o n t P a g e . other is an episode. Yet both are M a c r o m i n d d e v e l o p e d MP3 files. See how that works? Dreamweaver. There was a News is episodic. Each story has company called NetObjects with a small value. It's the rush of news. produ ct call ed Fusio n. Proba bly No story is an institution.

which sucks, constantly but hardly the end of RSS. We're building new things with RSS. All you have to do is open your eyes, which is something most tech reporters are unwilling to do. Always has been thus, in my experience. Mathew asked if he gets a statue or some frequent flyer miles for seal of approval. I my expressedseal said no, but you do get Respect. that somewhere. Seems I heardthat

things I forgot when I learned how to work around them. Again, This is scary, but I'm beginning first views of things usually don't to become numb to the concept of match up with our eventual view. RSS being dead. I read this piece And sometimes the first view is by Mat hew Ing ram at GigaOm more accurate, not less. and found myself nodding my When HTML first came out, lots head all the way through, even of people thought the thing to do though its title put the name RSS w a s t o g i v e e v e r y o n e a Submitted at 1/5/2011 8:14:22 AM


remember this? My Prayer... God of glory, majesty, and might, I pr ai se yo u fo r al l th e ma ny evidences of your handiwork I see in nature. I praise you for the laws that hold our universe in place by your command. I praise you for the redeeming work of Jesus. So to you, God, I lift my heart, my hands, and my head and praise you for your grace and glory. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Upcoming: The minimal blogging tool (S Scripting cripting News ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 7:03:50 AM

I don't just write about the RSS , I'm working reinvention of RSS, on it. As with all things web, and all UPCOMING: page 60


Politics/ Food/

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UPCOMING: continued from page 59

th in g s RS S , it h as a sin g le Enter (or edit) the body of the unifying design principle -- post, and optiona lly a title and a loosely-coupled. link, to correspond to the three Loose-coupledness is a very key main elements of an RSS item.

next year or the year after. The important thing is that you and your ideas live outside the silo and are ported into it at your

idea. Forwith example, roads I drive on my car the are looselycoupled from the car. I might drive a SmartCar, a Toyota or a BMW. No matter what car I choose I am free to drive on the Cross-Bronx Expressway, Sixth Avenue or the Bay Bridge. Anyway, I wanted to revisit blogging tools in l ight of a ll that we now know about blogging, which is a lot more than we knew the first few times around, in the mid-90s to the early 00s. Here's what I came up with. A tool whose only output is a set of RSS feeds. You can have as many as you want. When you want to create a new post, go to the editor w e b s i t e e p o s s i b l y u s i n g a bo ok ma rk le t th at co pi es th e selected text, title and link from the page you're coming from.

pleasure. Youyour neverstuff haveout to of worry about getting the silo because it never lived in there in the first place. This is a piece of the looselycoupled system I envision booting up over the next months and years. PS: People who are familiar with Radio 8 will see the obvious resemblance. PPS: The name,, evokes (for me at least) the obsession of Gollumin Gollumin Lord of the Rings, who spoke lovingly of the ring as My Precious.

You alsoand linkthe to an enclosure. Clickcan Post new item is added to the feed and the feed is published. A realtime notification, via rssCloud, goes out to all who have requested realtime notification. Here's a screen shot shot of the pr ot ot yp e of th is to ol . You can see an array of previous posts, e ach wit h an Edit link next to it. Click the link, and the title, link and description fill the edit area. Make your changes, click Save and the result goes back out to the feed. Now, one of the apps that subscribes to the feed could be an agent that posts the new items and updated items to your blog. Or it could post the new item to Twitter or Facebook. Or to whatever new corporate blogging silo is popular

Democrat Mc askill Spurns Obamacare Insurance Mandate

(N Newsmax ewsmax - Inside Cover ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 11:09:13 AM

Wednesday, 05 Jan 2011 05:09 PM By Dan Weil Republicans aren’t the only ones who oppose the mandate under President Barack Obama’s new healthcare law that individuals must buy health insurance. Even Obama ally Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat who is expected to face a competitive race from Republicans in her 2012 reelection bid, has adopted that view, too, The Hill reports. reports . Congress should pursue alternatives to requiring individuals to buy health insurance, she says. “There’s other ways we can get people into the pool — I hope — other than a mandate, and we need to look at that,” McCaskill tells MSNBC. During the 2010 campaign, she said she understood why the

requirement was included in Obamacare but ways said to Congress should find other provide health insurance to more Americans. In August, 71 percent of Missouri voters approved a measure against the individual mandate. © Newsmax. All rights reserved. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Homemade Tartar Sauce (Simply Simply Recipes )

sauce with their fish, and those who will have nothing to do with it. I am happily in the first camp Confession time. I am a lover of and love nothing better than any

lemon, some tartar sauce, and of coleslaw.. Not all bottled course, coleslaw tartar sauces are created equal however. It's really hit or miss

Submitted at 1/4/2011 6:44:50 PM

tartar sauce. I think the seafood fish fillet my dad buys (he can eating world is divided into two spot the freshest) and my mom camps, those who enjoy tartar pr epa re s (s he 's got the tim in g

down), served with a slice of

good! Really! (Assuming you like tartar sauce to begin with, otherwise move along, this one's not for you.)

out there in the prepared tartar Continue reading "Homemade sauce world. world. So, I've made my Tartar Sauce" » own. And you know what? It's


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Boehner s Role Model? Nick Longworth, Gentleman From Ohio

Reid Facing Revolt Among Moderate

Tom Diemer (P Politics olitics Daily )

Circa 1925

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Cincinnati's old money families, graduated from Harvard and married Teddy Roosevelt's Correspondent For years, House daughter Alice. Boehner grew up Speaker John Boehner gazed at a in a wo rk in g class German portr ait on his offi ce wall of an Catholic family, lived for a time old-fashioned looking guy with a above his father's tavern and bu sh y mu st ac he -- Ni ch ol as worked his way through Xavier Longworth, the last Ohioan to University. hold the speaker's speaker's office and a Even so, Longworth's career in role model for Boehner. Congress got Boehner's attention. Like Longworth, Boehner grew Last October, with GOP prospects up in Cincinnati, served in the fo r su ccess in th e mid -term Ohio legislature, then set off on a election growing brighter almost slow but steady rise to power on daily, Politico reported that Capitol Hill. Both men had to deal Boehner had reread the chapter on with ideological divides in their Longworth in Dick and Lynne own party and pesky liberals on Cheney's 1983 book "Kings of the the Democratic side, according to Hill." Longworth, the Cheneys the Cincinnati Enquirer. And both wrote, was initially seen as a enjoyed a good time. The well- "In ad d itio n to th e o b v io u s lig h tweig h t b y so me o f h is liked Longworth, elected speaker Cincinnati connection, Boehner contemporaries. But he made his in 1925, could often be found in has been an admirer of Speaker mark by asserting the power of Washington holding court with a fiddle in one hand and a glass of bourbon in th e ot her. To denizens of today's Congress, the name Longworth is best known for the homely office bu il di ng th at be ar s hi s na me . Sandwiched between the Rayburn and Cannon buildings, it is the home office for Boehner, numerous other lawmakers from bot h pa rt ie s and th e pow er fu l Ways and Means Committee.

Longworth belief that the House runs for besthis when it remains close to the people," spokesman Cory Fitz told the newspaper. Boehner has quoted Longworth "a number of times recently while making the case for a more open government that listens to the American people." Fair enough. But there are also striking differences between the two Oh io an s. Th e p atrician Longworth came from one of

the House against the White House (Republican presidents in Longworth's day) and cutting a big tax dea l wit h the Sena te. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Democrats Wednesday, 05 Jan 2011 02:02 PM The Republican triumph in last year’s elections made Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s job more difficult in all kinds of different ways. Not least is the fact that he’s going to have trouble holding on to his Democratic Caucus, Politico reports. Moderate Democratic senators up for re-election in 2012 fear getting swept out of office just like their colleagues did last year, Politico reports. So they’ll want to shift to the right. “I’m already running in to it,” Reid ’s to p d ep u ty , Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-


Ill., told Politico in late December. “People say, ‘I’m up in two years.’ And I understand it. It’s part of being a senator and a candidate yourself.” But some liberal Democrats reject any kind of compromise with Republicans, so Reid will be stuck between a rock and a hard place . © Newsmax. All rights reserved. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


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Number of Americans Who Say They Are Democrats Ties 22 Year Low Bruce Drake (Politics Politics Daily )

direct XMBC support for wild next gen streamers

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Contributing Editor The fallen fortunes of the Democrats as the Republicans take control of the House and start the Senate session in a strengthened position is underlined by Gallup poll numbersthat numbers that find the percentage of Americans who identify with the party has fallen to its lowest point in the 22 years . a Gallup v e r a g e says o f 3that 1 pin e r c2010 e n t an of Americans said they were Democrats, a number the party last hit in 1991. That's a five point drop from 2008 when Democrats notched their 22-year high of 36 perce nt. The number of those identifying as Democrats still slightly outnumber those calling themselves Republicans. Twentynine percent identified themselves with the GOP in Gallup's surveys. Those identifying themselves as independents numbered 38 perce nt, up from 36 perc ent two years ago. But the advantage Democrats have enjoyed among independents has shrunk. When Gallup combines independents that lean towards one party or

Sigma Designs announces

Nilay Patel (E Engadget ngadget ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:30:00 PM

another with those that identify with each party, the Democratic edge is a bare 45 percent to 44 perce nt, its small est margin over the GOP since 2003. In 2008, Democrats had a 52 percent to 40

"Instead, the major movement in American politics since 2008 seems to be away from the Democratic Party and toward independent political status, rather than alignment with the GOP,"

Follow Poll Watch on Twitter Visit the Poll Watch Home Page and see all the latest polls in one place This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is

pe rc en t le ad ov er Re pu bl ic an when independent leaners were included on both sides. Gallup's conclusion from these findings is that while 2010 was a bad year for the Demo cra ts, the Republicans did not make much of a gain when it came to increasing the party's core.

Gallup said. "Still, the Republican Party appeared to capitalize on many independents' frustration with the majority Democratic Party, in much the same way the Democrats capitalized on independents' frustration with the Republicans between 2006 and 2008."

your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

XBMC XBMCmight might be most famous for Boxee,, but the original spawning Boxee project is still going strong -- and it just got a big boost from Sigma Design, which will support it directly on its new TV streamer SoCs. Sigma chips are already used in streamers like the Popcorn Hour and WDTV Live, Live , so we'd expect to see similar products make use of XBMC directly in the future -- just another sign that the connected TV space is growing by le ap s an d bou nds . Si gm a' s demoing its XBMC port here at CES, we'll let you know when we go check it out. PR after the break [Thanks, Chris] Continue reading reading Sigma Designs announces direct XMBC support for wild next-gen streamers Sigma Designs announces direct XMBC support for wild next-gen streamersoriginally streamers originally appeared on Engadgeton Wed, 05 Jan 2011 Engadgeton 17:30:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. feeds. Permalink| XBMC| this|| Comments XBMC| Email this


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Christine O Donnell Donnell To Resubmit Campaign Funds Records Christopher topher Weber (P Politics olitics

19 House Dems Vote Against Pelosi for Minority Leader

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Correspondent A lawyer for Christine O'Donnellhas O'Donnellhas informed federal officials that the failed Delaware Senate candidate will resubmit financial records for her 2009-10 campaign. O'Donnell, whose campaign finances are the subject of a Justice Department investigation,

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will refile the paperwork later this month after a comprehensive review, attorney Cleta Mitchell told the Federal Election Commission in a Dec. 21 letter, The Wall Street Journalreported. Journal reported. The Republican is accused of illegally using campaign funds for pe rs on al ex pe ns es , in cl ud in g meals and rent on her home. Mitchell wrote that the campaign would go back to the beginning of the election cycle "to reconcile all entries in the bank account to the FEC reports and in the process of prep arin g ame ndme nts( s) to the pr e vi ou s ly f il e d r e po r t s a s necessary." Politico Politico reported that Mitchell informed officials the amended


Wednesday, 05 Jan 2011 03:39 PM By Dan Weil It’s not just Republicans who are fed up with former House Speaker N a n c y P e l o s i . N i n e t e e n Democratic representatives failed to back her in the House vote for minority leader Wednesday, The Hill reports. reports. Of those 19 members, 11 voted for Rep. Heath Shuler, D-N.C., while others voted for Rep. John Lewis, the new whip from Georgia; Rep. Steny Hoyer, Md.; Rep. Dennis Cardoza, Calif.; Jim Costa, Calif.; Jim Cooper, Tenn.; and Marcy Kaptur, Ohio. Georgia Rep. Sanford Bishop voted "present," and Oregon Rep.

records would be submitted as part of the cam paig n's year -end filing to the FEC, which are required by the end of January. Mitchell admitted the campaign could not previously afford to hire lawyers and compliance vendors to p ro p erly acco u n t fo r th e camp aig n 's sp en d in g . O'Donnell, who made national

political rivals for what she called " thug tactics tactics." ." After her shocking Republican prima ry vict ory over Rep. Mike Castle, O'Donnell went on to lose to the general election to Democrat Chris Coons. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it

headlines as an outspoken tea p a r t y f a vo r i t e , h a s de n i e d misusing funds. Her campaign has called the Justice Department pr ob e "politically motivated." O'Donnell, who enjoyed the bac king of Sar ah Pali n, blam ed

on someone else's site, please read Peter DeFazio, who had expressed our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

opposition to Pelosi, didn’t vote. Costa other. and Cardoza voted for each © Newsmax. All rights reserved. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


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Nvidia s Ultra-Low-Power Processor Could Power Your Next Laptop Dan Nosowitz (Popular Science

we drool over--the Snapdragon, This could only happen now,

-News, New Technology, Science The Future Now )

Nvidia's first processor could mean huge battery life for future latops Nvidia had a surprising announcement left for the end of an otherwise hyperbolic press conference: a chip known as "Project Denver" (mysterious!) that'll be the company's first

Tegra 2, are Apple Hummingbird --those allA8, based on ARM architecture. It gives impressive performance with amazing battery life, unlike the more powerful but much more demanding x86-based chips like Intel's Atom (the p r o c e s s o r f o u n d i n m o s t netbooks). Nvidia is primarily a graphics company, churning out some of the best GPUs (graphics

really; Windows 7 nor Mac OSneither X support ARM-based p r o c e s s o r s , b u t M i c r o s o f t confirmed that the next version of Windows (Windows 8?) will support them. And, of course, there's that new OS on the scene: Google's nothing-but-the-browser Chrome OS. That means that your next computer, if it runs Chrome OS or Windows 8, could pack one of these ultra-low-power chips,

processor, theher ARM but de st inbased ed foon r hig -po core we r machines. What does that mean in real-world terms? It means your next laptop might have amazing battery life without sacrificing too much performance. ARM is a base setup used by pretty much every mobile device on the market, from the iPhone to the newest Android phones to the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All those other processors

pr oc e s been s or s )getting a ro u nd La t el y, they've into. systemson-a-chip with their Tegra 2 line, a single- or dual-core chipset that's powering a lot of the hotter smartphones we've seen so farat at this year's CES. But Project Denver isn't due for smartphones and tablets--it's aimed squarely at laptops and desktops, making it the first ARM-based processor we've seen that's intended to po we r en ti re co mp ut er s.

which would grant that excellent battery life,computer lighter weight, smaller size, and given N v i d i a ' s g r a p h i c s h i s t o r y , prob ably litt le los s in eve ryda y graphics ability. That's pretty impressive stuff, provided Nvidia can actually make and get these chips into computers people want. See the rest of PopSci's live CES 2011 coverage here

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The Daily Show Mocks San Francisco’s Happy Meal Ban

Brandon Stewart (The Foundry: justice justice”” is ill-conceived. “Parents, Conservative Policy News.) ) not politicians,” said Newsom in Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:17:37 PM

Posted January 5th, 2011 at 5:17pm in Ongoing Priorities Print This Post Last year, war was was declared on McDonald’s Happy Meals and their toys. These meals are so dangerous and exploitative of children we were told that government simply must get involved. Nowhere was this nanny state silliness more on display than in San Francisco, where that city’s activist board of supervisors banned Happy Meals and other kids meals. But the action isn’t sitting well with many, including California Lieutenant Governor-elect and Gavin Newsom (D), who feel that

an interview with CNNlate CNN late last year while mayor of San Francisco, “should decide what their children eat, especially when it comes to spending their own money.” But we simply can’t do a better job at pointing out the a bsurdities of this misguided crusade than Aasif Mandvi did in this excerpt from a recent episode of The Daily Show. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

the city’s “ agenda of food

Notion Ink Adam hands-on preview (video) Joanna Stern (Engadget Engadget ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:33:00 PM

You see that up there? Oh yes, that's the long-awaitedNotion long-awaited Notion Ink Adam,, and it's in our hands! Adam Indeed, we got some very intimate time with the 10-inch PixelQi

feeds . Android tablet this morning, and Gallery: No ti on In k Ad am see our terms for use of feeds. pr e vi ew | Email this| this | we have to say despite the doubts Permalink| Continue reading reading No tio n In k Comments we've had, we're incredibly Adam hands-on preview (video) impressed with what this India No ti on In k Ad am ha nd s- on based sta rt-up has achieved. Wi th p r e vi e w ( v i d e o ) o r i g i n a l l y that, we suggest you hit the break Engadgeton Wed, 05 for our in-depth impressions of unique Android tablets on the appeared on Engadgeton Jan 2011 17:33:00 EDT. Please what will soon be one of the most market.

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Casio s Super Compact, Super Flexible TRYX Reimagines the Point-and-Shoot Camera Corinne Iozzio (Popular

case, the sensor combines three

Science -News, New Technology, The Future Now )

rapid-fire i m a g e , t o shots b r i n ginto o u ta esingle ither bac kgr oun d det ai ls or a wi der color spectrum. The TRYX opens up many new design possibilities. Such advanced processors could easily wind up in everyday forms like pe ns an d wr is tw at ch es . Ca si o TRYX (M ) Sensor: 12-megapixel CMOS Lens: 21-mm, fixed Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:00

Winter-Sports Training Guide

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Casio TRYX Camera A swiveling arm holds the TRYX ready for a shot. Greg Neumaier Compact, ultra-fast image pro ce sso rs pow er hig h-q ual ity , shape-shifting cameras Camera makers are reimagining the boxy point-and-shoot.

-inch LCD spins to show you Shrunken sensors allow for crafty designs, while faster processors what's in the shot, be it around a create shots old models can't corner or over a crowd. A frame match. Casio's slim TRYX is the rotates around the lens to support the camera as a stand, handle or first of this new breed. The TRYX is nimble, turning hook. 180 degrees on two axes. Its three This lean package, however,

holds real power. The brain behi nd its 12- meg apix el sen sor Zoom: 4x digital Price:$250 creates four-times zoom without a More Info: pro tru din g len s and bri ngs out detailed lights and darks-known to pro s as "hi gh dyn ami c ra nge "without Photoshopping. In either


by Thayer Walker| Print Article Article|| Email to Friend As the days get shorter and the mercury drops, you've got two WINTER-SPORTS page 66

Cooking Light s 12 Healthy Habits (Cooking Cooking Light: Editor's Picks )

nutrition tips. Want to join us? Sign up for our 12 Healthy Habits

January's Healthy Habits Tracker regimen: at least 2 sessions per Cut your portion size of lessPDF. healthy or higher-calorie foods at week.

Forget the sgrandiose, New Year’ resolutions:impossible The path to a healthier lifestyle begins one little habit at a time. Welcome to our 12 Healthy Habits program: Each month this year we’ll focus on one healthy practice that you’re probably already doing but want to do a bit more (usually food-related, but we’ve thrown in a couple that focus on exercise). We’ll profile people and explore their challenges and goals, then recommend food or fitness strategies, and provide recipes and

nconversation e w s l e t t e r on a n dourj omessage in the boardsand on Facebook. You can boardsand be part of the conversation, online and in the magazine. The plan challenges you to add a new habit each month, and by year-end, the accumulated effect will be a much healthier you. Here's what to expect, month by month: January: Eat More Fruits and V e g e t a b l e s— s— A d d 3 m o r e servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet each day. Download

Feb: GetofMoving— Increaseyou the amount aerobic exercise do. March: Get Cooking— Cook at least 3 meals more per week than you are now, even if that means cooking breakfast or lunch (for freezing, maybe). April: Go For More Grains— Add 3 servings of whole grains per day. May: Eat Breakfast Daily— Eat a healthy breakfast every day. June: Get Stronger— Add strength training to your fitness

July: Ease Up on Salt— Cut back on salt/sodium and increase your sodium awareness. August: Go Vegetarian at Least 1 Day a Week— Expand the number of all-vegetable dishes that you eat by making 1 dinner or main-meal-of-the-day vegetarian. September: Go Fishing— Cook fish or seafood for dinner 2 times a week. October: Focus on Healthy Fats— Swap healthy fats for unhealthy fats in your diet. November: Be Portion Aware—

least once perEat meal. December: Mindfully— Be mindful of the Earth, be thankful, be giving, be happy this holida y season. This entry passed through the RSSservice service — if this is Full-Text RSS your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


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WINTER-SPORTS continued from page 65

options to prepare for winter: den up in the living room and put on a few extra pounds or train hard and attack the snow sports. We're

outdoor sport," he says. Snowboarding What Your Body Needs: The most crucial skills in

hips; try them while holding a medicine ball and standing on a Bosu ball, and you'll increase your core strength, too. Rotate your

Place one foot on an elevated surface, like a chair or bench, so your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Step up onto the surface.

pickin g t he Ice latteClimbing r. Here' s how to get started. What Your Body Needs: It's a technical sport, but training for it doesn't have to be. The key skill is is strength, says Will Gadd, holder of three international iceclimbing championship titles. "You need to be able to do solid squats and staggered grip pullups over and over again," he says. "That's the best possible training for ice climbing without actually climbing." How to Train: One of Gadd's favorite all-around winter-sport workouts doesn't even require weights. It's a circuit of 100 air squats, 100 pullups, 100 situps, and 100 pushups, with each exercise completed before moving on to the next. (Starting out, choose a more realistic number of reps.) "Anyone who can do that workout in less than 20 minutes isn't going to have an issue with any of the strength requirements in win ter climb in g —o r an y

snowboarding are flexibility and rotation, according to Chris Hargrave, manager of the Burton Snowboard Academy at Northstar -at-Tahoe. Mastering the sport requires improving four key ranges of motion: toe-to-heel ba la nc e fo r tr an sf er ri ng yo ur weight from toe edge to heel edge; flexing and extending the knees, ankles, and hips, which helps generate airtime; core rotation, which allows for controlled spinning in the air; and the ability to shift weight between the front and back foot, which allows the rider to move the board with momentum. How to Train: Vince Redondo, a snow-sport training expert at Sport Club/L.A. in San Francisco, suggests increasing your hip mo b ility with a sn o wb o ard focused workout: a three- to fiveminute warm-up on an agility ladder, side-to-side shuffle, and 90-degree hops. Squats will strengthen your ankles, knees, and

shoulders toeside s t a n d . from O n e side -arm d casa you ble rows—while standing on a Bosu—can help to make your ba ck an d co re st ro ng er an d pr ev e nt m us c le im ba la nc e s. S k iin g What Your Body Needs: Former U.S. Ski Team member Reggie Crist won X Games gold in ski cross and spends his winters working as a heli-ski guide in Alaska. He's done it all while avoiding one of the sport's most common injuries, a torn ACL. His secret? Strength symmetry. "Your quadriceps and hamstrings are antagonistic pairs of muscles," says Crist. "If your quads are more than 20% stronger than your hamstrings, you're more likely to blow out your kne e and end your season. A big part of training for skiing is preventing injury." How to Train: Most people have much stronger quads than hamstrings, so Crist recommends stepups to even out the imbalance.

For a tougher workout, doof lunges up your staircase—think it as basi call y a seri es of step ups for both legs . Rela ted arti cles : Top Travel Spots for Endurance Athletes Survive This! How to defuse four life-threatening scenarios Ski Lodges: Relax at these ultraluxurious winter destinations [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and more] This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?


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1 1 Ways Ways to Lose Lose Your Gut (

Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:00:00 AM

By Adam Campbell and Brian Article|| Email to Good| Print Article Friend Pages 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 The average man's body houses 43.2 pounds of fat. And at any one moment, that number is either increasing or decreasing—it's never stagnant. Spend more of each day burning fat than you do storing it, and over time, you'll bury your bel ly fore ver . Soun d simple? It is. You see, there's no single secret formula for losing fat. In fact, find 100 successful losers and they'll give you 100 different ways to win the battle of the bulge. But we did them one bet ter . On the fol low ing pag es, you'll find 101 tips designed to help you lose your love handles, bus t your gut, and def ine you r abs. Simply incorporate three or four into your life every day, and you'll finish off your fat easier and faster than you ever imagined pos ble . protein. Eatsimore About 25%-30% of the calories in each gram of protein are burned in digestion, compared to only 6% -8% of the calories in carbs. Do the math: You save 41 calories every time you substitute 50 grams of protein for an equal amount of carbs. Read labels.

Avoid foods with "high-fructose corn syrup" in the ingredients list. Since 1971, consumption of this sugar substitute—which is used to sweeten soda, commercial baked goods, and even condiments—has increased more than 350% in the U.S., paralleling the rise in obesity. Get off your ass. Do every exercise standing instead of sitting. "You'll expend up to 30% more calories," says Joe Stankowski, C.P.T. The solution for the bench press? Dips. Mix up your movements. When you lift, perform supersets in which you alternate between sets of lower-body and upperbody exer cis es. That way , your

lower body rests while your upper body is working. "This allows you to work your muscles maximally with very little downtime between sets for a faster, more effective workout," says Craig Ballantyne, C.S.C.S. Exercise blind. When you're using the elliptical trainer, try letting go of the handles and closing your eyes. (Be careful!) Without the visual feedback, your core muscles will have to work harder to keep you balanc ed, burning more calor ies. Embrace yardwork. View any type of physical activity—even those you try to avoid, such as mowing the lawn—as a chance to burn fat and condition your body. (Just make

sure you use a push mower.) Snack on dill pickles. They have one calorie per slice. Take larger steps. When using the stair climber, skip one out of every five steps. Then take one large step to get ba ck to yo ur no rm al wa lk in g p a t t e r n. T hi s s t e p r e c r ui t s additional muscle, upping fat loss, says Cameron McGarr, C.S.C.S. Rent motivation. Once a week, watch a movie that inspires you to exercise. Examples: Rocky (for the gym), American Flyers (for cycling), Hoosiers (for team sports), and Chariots of Fire and Without Limits (both for running). Break a record. Challenge yourself to run farther in the same amount of time—even if it's just one-tenth of a mile—every single workout. This ensures you're always burning more calories from one workout to the next. Read More > Pages 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6 [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and more] This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Boost Your Energy ( Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:00:00 AM

by Samantha Heller, M.S., R.D.| Article| Email to Friend Print Article| Pages 1| 2| 3 What do booze, an aching back, and a bad mood have in common? They all suck away your energy. But you can fight back. We mined hundreds of scientific studies and interviewed dozens of experts to compile of the very best tips to rev your 50 engines—right now! Nix the nightcap. Alcohol prevents your body from entering REM sleep (the most restful sleep phase). So, e ven i f you' re ge tting plen ty of sle ep eac h nigh t, you may not feel fully rested. Take a 'roid test. If you're tired all the time, you may have a thyroid problem . Other warni ng signs to look for include weight changes, a hoarse voice, lethargy, and hair loss. BOOST page 68


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BOOST continued from page 67

Drink more. Breathing, talking, peeing, e ven sitt ing—they al l use up the body's water supply. Let your body dry out, and your

Try L-carnitine. The vitamin-like amino acid may help your muscles recuperate more quickly after a hard day at the gym. To

are all necessary for the body's prod ucti on of ene rgy. Limit lunch to 500 calories. High -calorie meals take longer to

energyup. level will as lamp well. Light Turn on dry yourup desk or open the blinds and let in some sun. Your body needs vitamin D (from sunlight) in order to help keep energy levels at their peak. Have your BP checked. Up to 60% of men between 18 and 39 may have high blood pressure, a prime sourc e o f chronic fatigue . Get your snack on. Your body needs fuel to run at its peak. Skip even one meal because you "don't have time to eat" (sound familiar?) and your pep will pl um me t. Munch on berries. Doesn't matter what kind, they're all high in energy-boosters called anthocyanins. Bulk up your diet. Cardiff University researchers found that men with high-fiber diets have less fatigue than men with lowerfiber diets.

feel for the at jolt, trythree taking 500 mg a day least weeks. Get steamed. According to one U.K. study, up to 68% of men feel more energetic after a hot bath or shower. Eat more fish. Studies show the omega-3s in foods like tuna and salmon can help fight depression, leaving you happier and more energized. Don't like fish? Try eating more walnuts and flaxseed, or pop a 1,000 mg fish-oil supplement instead. Turn it up. A report in Online Journal of Sport Psychology says that loud music may be one of the most effective tools for relieving stress and fighting fatigue. Join the B-team. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that many athletes and exercise buffs don't get enough B vitamins. That's bad, since thiamin, B6, B12, and riboflavin

digest from and end up pulling away other cells inenergy your bod y. Take a hike. Instead of slamming some candy when the 4 p.m. blahs strike, take a quick walk around the block. Physical activity oxygenates blood cells, helping to refill your body's fuel tank. Read More > Pages 1| 2| 3 [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and more] This entry passed through the RSSservice — if this is Full-Text RSSservice your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

It’s Official: Windows to Support ARM Ben Parr (Mashable! Mashable! )

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:49:51 PM

The rumors are true: Microsoft has announced that the next version of Windowswill Windowswill support ARM-based devices. Windows currently supports the x86 architecture utilized by Intel and AMD’s processors. However, Microsoft is making it WIndows Live Division Steven clear that the next iteration of Sinofsky. Windows (Windows 8, we’ll call Word first leaked of Microsoft’s it) a will C h i palso( Ssupport o C ) athe r c hSystem i t e c t u ron e, including the one designed by ARM. More specifically, Windows 8 will support ARM-based systems from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. The upcoming version of Windows is separate from the Windows Phone 7 OS, which already powers mobile phones utilizing the ARM architecture. “With today’s announcement, we’re showing the flexibility and resiliency of Windows through the power of software and a commitment to world-class engineering,” said President of

intention to support ARM ARM lasta month. The move provides version of the OS that can run on low-power devices, especially tablet computers. More About: ar m , CE S , CES 2011 , m i c r o s o f tt,, W i n d o w ss,, Windows 8 For more Tech Techcoverage: coverage: • Follow Mashable Tech on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook to the • Subscribe Download ourTech free channel apps for Android, iPhone iPhone and iPad


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Battle royal over Bush’s PEPFAR program; George VI and other stutterers; the fashion in jea ns and cri noli nes ; and mor e. D erb-Wehner punch-up My month started off on a combative note, Peter Wehner and I trading insults over George W. Bush’s PEPFAR program to subsidize AIDS drugs for sub-Saharan Africans. If you missed it, here are: • December 1: 1 : Bush’s World AIDS Day op-ed in the

be ca use I tho ugh t en oug h ha d been said on both sides for readers to mak e u p th eir min d s fo r themselves as to who had the be tt er of th e ar gum ent . Definition of “enough”? Well, let’s see: Those links give you 768 words from George W. Bush, 3,721 from Lyman & Wittels, 227 from Kathryn, 2,797 from me, and 2,773 from Wehner. The total is over 10,000 words -- longer than Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. Does anyone really need more? In any case, I got my disputational training in my high-

blo ke’ s gro in. Pe rh aps it ’s an English thing. If you prefer the genteel murmured sonorities of a David Brooks or a Jonathan Chait, I’m not for you. Neither, clearly, is Peter Wehner. Do n ’t Ask , Do n ’t Tell th e Pathans Ah, the Pathans! (Nowadays “Pashtuns” or “Pushtuns.”) In the days of British India and skirmishes on the Nor thwe st Fro ntie r, these stern mountain men were famous for two things: utter deadly fearlessness in battle, and a certain reg rettab le ro man tic

Bardot was pouty before Shrimpton. Bony, however, she wasn’t.) wasn’t .) With only slight changes, you could put that Mila Kunis pic tur e on the cov er of a 196 3 fashion magazine, take it back in a time machine, and people would think it was the Shrimp. #page#To see the oddity of this, go back a further 47 years from 1963 to 1916. There were no famous fashion models in those days, but there was fashion, and there were beautiful women to show it off. The pictures (and a very nice video) here here give the

progress this past half-century. half-century. Stuttering succotash! I’m curious to see this new movie The King’s Speech.. For one thing, I have a Speech sentimental fondness for George VI. My sister and I came home o n e lu n ch time in my early childhood -- I think it was my first year at elementary school -- to find our mother weeping by the radio. Mum -- a professional hospital nurse who had witnessed every dimension of human suffering a hundred times over -wasn’t much of a weeper, so it made an impression on me. My

Washington Post. • Same day: day: My reaction to it here on NRO. to:: • The article I was referring to “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: The Unintended Consequences of Washington’s HIV/AIDS Programs” by Princeton N. Lyman and Stephen B. Wittels in the July/August 2010 issue of Foreign Affairs. • December 2: 2: National Review’s

school debating club, and I default to the standard structure thereof: Red makes its case, Blue makes the counter-case, Red answers Blue, Blue answers Red, audience questions, closing summaries from Red and Blue, audience votes. I have neither the patience nor the inclination for interminable who-gets-the-lastword nitpick-a-thons, and can’t believe many r eaders have, either.

ten d en cy. cy . That latter tendency adds some spin to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I refer you to the excellent mil-int blogger “In from the Cold” for the grisly details. details. Fashion stasis My daughter, who turns 18 on January 5, gets a fashion magazine titled Nylon. I’ve never read the thing. It’s all clothes, fashions, hair, styles, glamour, and other such stuff -- a

idea. Imagine one of those gals on the cover of a 1963 Vogue! The point is that aspects of human civilization change at different rates, and sometimes don’t change at all for long stretches. The latter is actually rather common, though we don’t realize this because the middle decades of the 20th century were a time of exceptional churning, and that has biased our

sister asked what was the matter. “The poor dear king is dead,” Mum sobbed. I think this was the first large public event to impinge on my consciousness, though I can recall hearing people talk Britaint t he about the Festival of Britain previ ous year . And then there’s the whole odd business of s tuttering . I ’ve met a fair number of stutterers and am surprised at how many of them

zone of the human parade in p e r c e p t i o n s . which my interest is, and always #ad#As with fashion models 1916 has been, at absolute zero. /1963/2010, so with, for example, She leaves Nylon lying around, commercial passenger planes. The though, so I got a look at the plan es of 2010 are very clos ely cover of the December/January similar to those of 1963, which issue. It features movie actress are utterly, radically different Mila Kunis Kunis in a modelish pose. from those of 1916 (to the degree “Good grief,” I thought, “it’s Jean that there even were any). Of Shrimpton.” course, the planes of 2010 and For those of you who weren’t 1963 were very different in terms prese nt, Jean Shrimptonwas Shrimptonwas the of the amount of electronics in

made it work for them. Some years ago I knew a stutterer who was a terrific ladies’ man. Women seemed to find his stutter charming; or perhaps it made them come over maternal, I don’t know. I actually suspected him of amping it up a bit for purposes of seduction. You can even parlay a stutter into a showbiz career: Patrick Campbell had quite a severe

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Kathryn Jean Lopez chiding me There is certainly enough material gently. in those 10,000-plus words to let • Same day: day : Me responding to you judge for yourself whether, Kathryn. for example, my description of the • December 3: 3 : Peter Wehner’s Lyman-Wittels paper or Wehner’s attack on my December 1 remarks is closer to the paper itself. about the Bush op-ed. Other readers -- and, vide supra, • December 6: 6 : My response to my colleague Kathryn -- regretted Wehner’s attack. the rancorous tone of the • Same day: day : Kathryn trying to discussion. I don’t really see their keep it nice. Lotsa luck there, K- point. I am of the sam e kidney as Lo. Waugh,, who the late Auberon Waugh

• December 8 8:: Wehner’s counter bei defined supermodel TV audiences them, as were the handbagsbut of stutter to my response. ng amopinion ong “th ejournalism vit upe ra tivase She brought of in the the early bony, 1960s. pouty Mlles. him for, but it. (That clip, by theloved way, Kunis and Shrimpton; #ad#Some friends urged me to arts.” I enjoy the sensation of my look that has been with us ever electronics is almost the only area DECEMBER page 70 respond to Wehner’s last. I didn’t, boot con nec tin g wit h the oth er since. (Yes, I know, Brigitte i n w h i c h w e ’ v e m a d e a n y


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includes some footage of the great Frank Muir, who had an interesting lisp. He was generally known in Brit showbiz circles as

for them -- seducing women, getting on TV, running for office. Natural waist One more fashion note. (Making a total of two: an

shopping trip to Sears I happened to notice that they still sell work clothes. Browsing around, I came across a stand of men’s jeans

much more sensible collection of passwords from, s ay, PayPa l, I’m sure. Or perhaps not. I was once

setting up the log-in page, he might even put in a filter so that when the user offered “123456” as a password he’d get a rejection

“Fwank.” frominbeing any hindrance toFar a career late-20thcen tu ry British TV, sp eech impedimentss were an advantage.) impediment In politics -- which is, after all, as Jay Leno says, just show business for ugly people -- an affected m ild stutter can come in handy when you need time to think while fielding an interviewer’s question. Tony Blair was a master of this strategic stutter. The most memorable stutterer in literature that I know of is George Mulliner in P. G. Wodehouse’s short story “ The Truth about George.” George .” Like King George in the movie, Wodehouse’s George was advised that if he couldn’t get the words out by speaking, he should sing them. Does this ever work? (It failed disastrously for Wodehouse’s George.) It’s certainly possible to stutter while singing: Ask Roger Daltrey Daltrey or Randy Bachman Bachman.. There are even a couple of stuttering parts in the standard opera repertory: Dr . Blind in inDie Fledermausand Fledermausand Don Curzio in inThe Marriage of Figaro. Figaro. (Though I’ve never heard either sung with a convincing stutter.) Stutterers don’t seem to have made much effort to get themselves organized as a Protected Minority, with all the victimological perks thereof. Why

all-time recordwe’re for me.) We all know supposed to suffer for fashion: actually to suffer pain or even death. The crinolinesworn by women in the crinolinesworn mid-19th century got so big the wearers lo st track o f wh ere massively inflammable garment ended and living room -- heated, in those days, by an open fire -b e g a n . T h o u s a n d s w e r e incinerated, including Longfellow’s second wife. Women kept on wearing the fool things regardless. What does a fiery, agonizing death matter, so long as you’re keeping up with fashion? #page#Fashion isn’t putting me in quite such dire peril, but I’ve been having issues with it. This arose from a previous epoch in Mrs. D.’s life, when she worked for a department store whose name rhymes with Bored Land Sailor. With her employee discount, the frugal Mrs. D. took over the buying of my clot hes, incl uding my jeans. However, the kind of gents’ jeans you get at a store like that are for fashion, not for comfort. The waistline of these things is set somewhere around the acetabulum. acetabulum. A guy who grew up wearing pants whose waistline is at the, like, waist cannot be

advertised as all things work clothes should bethe advertised as -“rugged” and so on -- but also as “Natural waist”! Water in the desert. I bought a pair and they fit wond erf ully . I shall buy more. They won’t be giving me one of those tickets for showing my underwear. Passwords If you have a blog, there’s a good chance your blog is owned by,, one of the big ge st onl ine new s and blo ghosting firms. You may therefore have been discomfited by the December 12 mass hack attack on Gawker servers. The hackers posted online details of more than a million Gawker accounts. The most interesting feature of the posting was the passwords Gawker subscribers use. The Wall shed the top Street Journal publi shed 50. No. 1, with more than 3,000 users out of 188,279, was “123456.” Runner-up: “password.” Third place: “12345678.” The rest of the top 50 were hardly any more imaginative. To be fair, the passwords being tallied there are the ones the hackers decrypted. Complex passw ords are harder to decr ypt, so it’s not a fully representative sample. Still, the fact that there are 3,000 people using “123456”

friendly locksmith who worked onwith safesa and strongboxes. He told me that if you want to open a safe made by Britain’s bi gg es t ma nu fa ct ur er of su ch items, try the combination “102030.” That was the manufacturer’s default factory setting, and a high proportion of safe owners never bothered to change it. When I started needing passwords I wrote a wee script t o pri nt off ten tho usa nd ran dom strings. I bound up the printed pages in a report folder , which I still keep handy for occasional one-off use. When I seriously need a password, though, I use R o b o F o r m, w h i c h i n t h e twinkling of an eye gives you p a s s w o r d s l i k e “VpA6s68#z!6MvjtM.” Here’s my p et p eev e with passw ords: When a site asks me to enter a password, it hardly ever gives me any parameters. How long can my password be? Does it have to include both numbers and letters? Is it case sensitive? They rarely tell you. The reason for this is that setting up the basic log-in page (user ID, e-mail, password) is the dumbest chore in web programming, and so is given to the 14-year-old intern to do.

message saying: “ARE YOU KIDDING?” There’s no craft in progra mming nowad ays. The programmer’s art Speaking of craft in programming, a reader passed t his on: New York ( CNNMoney CNNMoney)) -Itemize your tax deductions? Itching for a refund? You’re going to have to wait. The IRS said that it needs until mid- to late February to reprogram its pr oc e ss in g sy s te ms be ca us e Congress acted so late this year cleaning up the tax code. The bill, which includes deductions for state and local sales taxes, college tuition, and teacher expenses, wasn’t signed into law until Dec. 17. All I can say to that is, I just hope they’re using honest COBOL, not one of these newfangled tooclever-by-half coding languages. #page# World’s largest army Here’s another blogger who doesn’t get as much traffic as he ought: the brilliant TigerHawk. The state of Wisconsin has gone an entire deer-hunting season without someone getting killed. That’s great. There were over 600,000 hunters. Allow me to restate that number. Over the last two months, the eighth-largest army in the world---more men under arms than Iran;

aren’t they agitating for affirmativ e actio n ? P erh ap s they’re having too good a time making their impediments work

comfortable in them. #ad#I have been thus uncomfortable for a couple of years. No longer! On a Christmas

as a password is remarkable in itself. Do these people understand the point of passwords? Perhaps they just don’t care. You’d get a

T h a t ’ s a s h a m e . A b i t o f more than France and Germany worldliness comes in handy, even combined -- deployed to the for the lowest-level tasks. If a DECEMBER page 72 decent developer were assigned to


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peration Rewind W hile we like a good party now and again, the fact that House Republicans held no official gala to celebrate their accession to the majority in the new Congress reflects both becoming modesty and the accurate understanding that it is time to get to work. John Boehner, now speaker, acknowledged acknowled ged on Election Night that in modern America the preside nt, for the most part, sets the agenda. His job -- and that of Senate minority leader Mitch

also an integrated plan that cannot be fixed piecemeal or more than modestly improved. Republicans Republicans should not be intimidated by polls that appear to show that this or that aspect of the law is popular. Those features of the bill are inseparable from its least popular pr ov is io ns , th e pa ck ag e as a whole remains unpopular, and there is no reason to expect that to change any time soon. The ban on insurers’ taking account of sickness when offering policies and setting rates is popular in isolation, for example, but in

the law have to fear is not that it will become more popular but that the public will become resigned to it -- that it will come to be seen as inevitable, like death and taxes. Republicans ought to keep hope (for repeal) alive. On spending in general, the Republicans have to favor repeal as well. Non-security discretionary spending increased 24 percent over the last two years, not counting the stimulus. The run -up in the budget of federal departments has been spectacular: Since 2007, the Department of

must-have pieces of legislation to be nd th e fe de r al bu dg et to conservatives’will in one fell swoop. But one lesson from Newt Gingrich’s battles with President Clinton in the mid-1990s is that whichever side seems most eager to risk default or a shutdown will lose. Limited-government conservatism only recently recovered from that earlier defeat. But getting nothing in return for passing these bills would also be a mistake. Our preference would be to couple them with caps on discretionary spending that last

age entitlements, Republicans should concentrate on getting the discretionary portions of the bud get , and per hap s Med ica id, under control. Tax reform probably also requires presidential leadership -but Rep ubl ica ns can mov e the cause forward by advancing prop osal s to make the tax code less hostile to economic growth and middle-class families. Capping the deduction for state and local taxes, pruning back the mortgage-interest mortgage-in terest deduction, and broadening t he top tax bracket to

McConnell, and of their Republican colleagues -- is to work with President Obama where constructive cooperation is possible, and to begin making the case for starting on a better agenda than his in 2013. Undoing Obamacare must be near the very top of that agenda, and House Republicans were right to announce that they would hold a vote on repeal in their first days

order to work, it requires making the purchase of governmentapproved insurance compulsory. Senate Democrats and the pres iden t will bloc k full repea l, but Republicans should not let the struggle end there. Republicans should next attack Obamacare’s sources of funding. They could offer legislation to repeal the bill ’s taxes on medi cal devic es, for example, and make up for the

Labor is up 340 percent, the Department of Commerce 158 pe rc en t, th e De pa rt me nt of Energy 90 percent, the Department of Agriculture 68 pe r ce nt , an d s o on . Ho us e Republicans are committed to taking this portion of the federal government back to 2008 levels. It is only a $500 billion slice of a $4 trillion budget, but cutting that slice by 20 percent will be a

several years. #page#The long-term driver of our debt crisis is not discretionary spending but entitlements. One of the most heartening developments of the midterm elections was the success of several candidates who campaigned on entitlement reform, including new senators Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. In the House the reformers are led by new Budget

include more people should all be on the table, and any proceeds should go toward cutting taxes on investment and expanding the child tax credit. Republicans should not allow their message on taxes to consist wholly of the permanent extension of t he Bush tax rates, which over time will put them in the position of defending an unacceptable and unpopular status quo.

on the job.byThe law to weakens economy adding the costour of employment. It threatens our already-parlous fiscal condition by creating a new entitlement and only pretending to pay for it. It staves off real Medicare reform by rely ing on pri ce cont rols . It impedes upward mobility by raising effective marginal tax rates on low- and middle-income workers. It promises to retard

lost revenue by delaying Obamacare’s subsidies. Another bill could undo Obamacare’s cuts in Medicare Advantage and recoup the money the same way. Still another could bar Obamacare from funding abortions (an amendment to that effect passed by a lar ge marg in in a heav ily Democratic House in 2009, but did not make it into the final law). These bills would put supporters

significant, nay unprecedented, accomplishment. Every inertial force in Washington will resist this effort, not least the United States Senate. Conservatives will have two points of levera ge in the spri ng, but should be careful to use them with care. The debt ceiling must be ra is ed -- si nc e th er e is no chance that the deficit is going to be brou ght do wn to zero in sh ort

Committee chairman Paul Ryan. Unfortunately these reformers are still in a minority of Republican congressmen, most of whom do not understand the issues nearly as well -- an ignorance they share with the public. If President Obama proposes real reform of Medicare and Social Security, Republicans should by all means work with him. They should not, however, hand the Democrats an

#ad#Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac represent unfinished business. They were significant contributors to the financial crisis but have not undergone serious reform. Republicans ought to put them on a path to privatization or elimination -- and should consult extensively with Peter Wallison, an American Enterprise Institute scholar who sounded the alarm about the government-sponsored

medicalinconsistent innovation. And is flatly with itthe constitutional design. #ad#The health-care legislation is

of the spot. health-care law in very must order --beand a new to spending bill without o p p o r t uthe n i t prospect y t o d eof m aactually gogue tough They would alsoa keep passed keep the the controversy over Obamacare government from shutting down. enacting reform. If President from fading. What opponents of It will be tempting to use these Obama refuses to lead on the old-

e n t e r p r i s eseveral s e a r l yoptions a n d hfor as developed

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DECEMBER continued from page 70

woods of a single American state peer group, your school teac hers, to help keep the deer menace at ev il cap italist man ip u lato rs, bay. racism. But that pales in comparison to The actual science of the matter

fine, sensible talk she posted to Y o u T u b e, e, g i v i n g i t t o t h e environmental determinists with b o t h b a r r e l s . W e l l w o r t h

Big point here: The “Intelligent Desig n ” factio n n o f Bib lical creationists has set the gold standard for twisting science into

Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Joe Biden, but at last I had to admit she was right. We can express the notion, of

the 750,000who woods. o f 750,000 P en n sywho lv anare ia in th the is week huntershave have Michigan’s 700,000 hunters now returned home. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia,, and it is literally the case Virginia that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world. #ad#Steve Sailer pointed out a few months agothat agothat both halves o f o u r p aleo lith ic “h u n tergatherer” lifestyle are alive and well, at least in th e Up p er Mid west: In western Michigan, many men take off from work the first week of deer-hunting season each year. Many of their wives have, in turn, made it traditional to stay in hotels that week on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and hit the department stores and Oak Street boutiques. Environmental determinism The ruling dogma of our culture, so far as d iscu ssio n o f th e h u man sciences is concerned, is the one Steven Pinker called “See no genes, hear no genes, speak no genes.” Our elites live in cringing, gibbering terror of the idea that any human characteristic at all might be biologically inherited. Their core position is “environmental determinism.” Acco rd in g to th is d o ctrin e,

is, I pointed outbest-seller in chapter 7We of thatas tremendous Are Doomed, that of all the things we individually are, around half are genetically predetermined, the other half shaped by environment. “Genes load the gun: environment pull s the tri gger .” Thi s tru th is about as firmly settled as the orbits of the planets, but environmental determinists are putting up a fie rce rearguard fight nonetheless. We got a specimen of this from the blog of science journalist Mary Carmichael on December 22,, taking to task a disgraceful 22 tweet by food ’n’ agriculture bl og ge r Mi ch ae l Po ll an , wh o essayarguing arguing that linked to a silly essay genes don’t matter a bit. Ms. Carmichael: A number of people outside the genetics community . . . must have seen the essay [i.e. the one Pollan linked to]. Maybe some of them read it and thought, “Huh. My kid looks just like me, but these people are saying genotype has little to no effect on pheno type. Do they real ly think my kid has my distinctive Roman nose because he grew up in my house?” Yes, that’s what leftist environmental determinists really think. They struggle to present a

w a t c hmain i n g . thing one wants to The know about a human-science controversy like this is, What does Razib think? Here’s what he thinks . After reading . . . [the genesdon’t-matter essay] I don’t think they’re dumb, I think they’re being lawyerly. Much of the piece is a rhetorical tour de force in leveraging the prejudices and biases of the intended readershi p. This is the Intelligent Design version of Left-wing “Blank Slate” Creationism. They smoothly manipulate real findings in a deceptive shell game intended to convince the public, and shape publ ic pol icy . The ir suc ces s is evident in Pollan’s response. “X p a r a d i g m a p p e a r s t o b e collapsing.” “Why aren’t we hearing about this?” Does this sound familiar? . . . I think some of the criticisms within the piece are valid. Despite not being hostile to the maxim “better living through chemistry,” I do think that there has been an excessive trend toward pharmaceutical or surgical “cures” in relation to diseases of lifestyle (antidepressants, gastric bypass, etc.). But we go down a very dangerous path when we make reco urse to shoddy means toward ostensibly

pseudoscienc e for mass appeal to a politico-religio-ideological base. Now the radica l Le ft has learne d the creationists’ tricks and is applying them to its own ends. Science will survive, but people like Mary Carmichael, who write about science for a living, have to waste a lot of time rebutting these Luddites and Lysenkoists. Lysenkoists. Science is hard. Follow all those links in Mary Carmichael’s post and get down into the weeds on heritability, gene-environment covariance, twin studies, and GWAS. You’ll need to set aside a couple of hours and do some thinking. Which is exactly what the Left see-no-genes crowd, like their cousins at the Discovery Institute, depend on your not doing. There’s an old baseball adage: “You can b***s*** the fans, but you can’t b***s*** the players.” Science works the same way. A gap in the language My wife one day had occasion to utter the old Chinese saw Yi dong junzi, li dong xiaoren(, ). John Rohsenow’s invaluable AB C Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs translates this as: “A gentleman is moved by humanity and justice, [while] a petty person is motivated only by self-interest.” Hav in g u ttered it, Mrs. D.

course, as Rohsenow does have with “petty person,” but we don’t a single word for it. Which is odd bec aus e (a) the phe nom eno n is common enough to need a word of its own, and (b) we used to have a word for it: “caitiff.” “ Caitiff. . . Expressing contempt, and often involving strong moral disapprobation: A base, mean, despicable ‘wretch,’ a villain.” -Oxford English Dictionary “ caitiff. . . a base despicable person: a mea n and wicked man.” -- Webster’s Third William Drummond deploys the word “caitiff” very effectively in his poem “ Madrigal.” Madrigal .” He was writing more than 400 years ago, though. I’m sure I’ve never heard anyone use this word in normal speech. #page#Why do languages have gaps in them like this? Boswell raised the general issue with Dr. Johnson, who in his dictionary h ad d eclared th at th e wo rd “transpire,” in its secondary meaning of “to escape from secrecy to notice,” was unnecessary. What word would do for it, if it was unnecessary? Johnson. “Why, Sir, get abroad.” Boswell. “That, Sir, is using two words.” Johnson. “Sir, there is no end of this. You may as well insist to have a word for old age.”

absolutely every human trait is entirely a product of environment. You stutter? It must be the fault of your parents, your siblings, your

more sensible façade, but their ideology keeps breaking through, as in the essay Pollan linked to. Mary’s post includes a link to a

admirable ends. This sort of discourse is not sustainable! (just used a buzzword intended to appeal right there!)

observed that: “You don’t really Boswell. “Well, Sir, senectus.” h av e a wo rd in En g lish fo r Johnson. “Nay, Sir, to insist xiaoren, do you?” I did my best to DECEMBER page 75 stand up for the language of


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aliki Seeks a ‘Third Way’ The Iraqi prime minister battles unwelcome political interference b y s o m e o f h i s c o u n t r y ’ s neighbors. O n December 21, more than nine months after Iraq’s elections, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki finally announced his new cabinet. Many Iraq skeptics have used the delay to argue that democracy is anathema to Iraq. They are wrong. The problem is not Iraq’s democracy but rather its neighbors’ antipathy to

so me memb ers o f th e Iraq i Islamic Party, with Turkmen leaders, with technocrats and independents, and we even had some Kurdish politicians expressing a serious desire to be co me pa rt of ou r na ti on al pr oj ec t, ” Ab u Ri sh a re po rt ed . Then regional powers intervened. “Sunni politicians started coming to us saying, we would love to jo in yo u, bu t we ha ve be en th reaten ed [b y n eig h b o rin g states]. Al-Iraq iy a is b ein g pr es en te d to us as ou r on ly alternative,” he said. Regional

fear that their Arab neighbors harbor such sectarian hatred that they would again countenance repression of the Shia. This concern means that rather than repelling Iranian influence, the Saudi-Turkish strategy actually fuels it, as Iraqis turn out of fear rather than desire into Iran’s embrace. Perhaps this is why the Iraqi National Alliance — perhaps encouraged by Tehran — polarized the sit uation by pushing de-Baathification to the top of the agenda. As Iraqis prepared to vote in

authenticated the process even be fo re Ir aq ’s Su pr em e Co ur t could do so. Maliki saw this as a be tr ay al , an d Ir aq is sa w th e United States as again siding with Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s efforts to turn back the clock on Iraq’s pro gre ss. As cro wds of Ira qiya supporters reportedly went to the streets carry in g p ictu res o f Saddam Hussein, Iraqiya politicians promised to reintegrate the former Baath party into Iraqi po li ti cs as pa rt of “s we ep in g national reconciliation.” Against this backdrop of regional

They wrongly said Maliki would never confront the Shia militias. Few believed Maliki would work effectively with Sunni tribes to battle al- Qaeda, and few believed that American troops could depart without a complete deterioration in the country’s security situation. But Iraq in 2011 is a better place than it was in 2006, when Maliki entered office. As U.S. troops depart, security is much improved. Foreign investment grows steadily. We now look toward the future. The “third way” will build a

representative government and their interference in Iraqi politics. #ad#Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy worked with Turkey’s g o v ern men t an d Bash ar alAssad ’s reg ime in S y ria to undermine government formation in Iraq. In repeated conversations with President Obama and Vice President Biden, Prime Minister Maliki has complained about Saudi and Turkish efforts to

(and American) advocacy for former prime minister Ayad Allawi’s Iraqiya list forced Maliki into a corner and set back efforts to promote a moderate bloc for months. Unfortunately, the Saudis and Turks were somewhat successful at selling their plan to Washington as a way to co n tain Iran ’s influence. If the White House truly wishes to limit Iranian

M a r c h 2 0 1 0 , t h r e e c h o i c e s intrigue, Maliki is seeking a “third emerged: a largely Shia list with way.” He sees Iraq neither as part Iranian backing, a largely Sunni of an Iranian axis nor as part of a list headed by a ceremonial Shia Saudi one. Iraqis do not want to (Allawi) and backed by Saudi be party to t he regiona l c onflict s Arabia and Turkey, and Maliki’s that plague the Middle East. State of Law list, with a Dawa Rather, they want economic and core and a handful of Arab Sunni c u l t u r a l t i e s w i t h a l l t h e i r tribal sheikhs and independent neighbors, and with the world at pol iti cia ns. large. Regrettably, the State W h i l e v o t i n g w a s l a r g e l y Department has failed to use its pe ac ef ul , th e af te rm at h wa s influence to encourage Saudi

diverse alliance without back slid ing towa rd a Leba nese style confessional system. Maliki must now try to realize the vision of a free, peaceful, thriving democracy for which so many Iraqis and Americans have sacrificed. Let us hope that the United States and all responsible actors in the international community will help him succeed. — Jaffar al-Rikabi is a resear cher

support the formation of a Sunni sectarian list and defeat his efforts to form a cross-sectarian slate. “We were making good pr og re s s ,” on e le a de r fr om Maliki’s Dawa party said. Ahmed Abu Risha, the Sunni leader who heads the Awakening Conference pa rt y, sa id he wo ul d jo in th e coalition. “We had advanced talks with other secular Sunnis, with

influence in Iraq, it should avoid these sectarian games. Iraqis — regardless of their sectarian pr ef er en ce — ar e nat ion al is ts . Iraqi Shia are no more Iranian than they are Saudi. Still, Iraqi Shia suffered disproportionately under the Baathist regime, while many Arab states, as well as Turkey and the United States, often turned a blind eye. Iraqis

probl ema tic. Iraq ’s Inde pende nt High Electoral Commission was inept at best and corrupt at worst. At key stations in Baghdad, Mosul, and elsewhere, there were illogical results, with candidates from the Sadrists or Iraqiya winning almost 100 percent. The Saudis and Turks rejoiced, and U.S. diplomats, perhaps fearing instability with a true recount,

in Iraqi politics and economics based in London and Baghdad. Baghdad. He h o ld s an M.A. (h o n .) fro m Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. Jaffar al-Rikabi

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:00:23 AM

Arabia and the other Gulf Cooperation Council states to end their informal boycott of Iraq. Too many outside observers dismiss as a pipedream the idea that an independent, prosperous, democratic Iraq can emerge from the recent turmoil. Their pes sim ism is not hin g new , but Iraqis know better. In 2007, the same voices declared Iraq dead.



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Eleven for 2 11 Alan W. Dowd (FrontPage Magazine » FrontPage )

With showdowns over spending, taxes and health care looming in 2011, it would be easy to focus on politic s and domes tic policy this year. But the White House and Congress should keep an eye on what’s happening in the world. As President Kennedy reminded his

1. Danger in Iran. Iran’s been a dangerous place for American interests since the 1979 revolution. Ever since, Iran has funded and fomented terror. Now, as the mullahs race toward joining the nuclear club, things seem to be nea ring a tipping poi nt. It was a year ago April, after all, that a h ig h -lev el U.S . in tellig en ce officialconcluded official concluded that Iran could have a nuclear bomb in 2011. The

Israel is pressing Washington to transfer of power to his son, and do more—and soon. Perhaps as South Korea continues to push Washington is beginning to move, ba c k a ga in s t N or th K or e a n albeit quietly. All we can piece aggression, the odds are good that together are shards and fragments Korea will be in the news for all of evidence: vague reports that the wrong reasons in 2011. What Special Operations forces may be can we expect? North Korea’s d e p l o y e d f o r i n t e l l i g e n c e actions in 2010 were among the gathering in Iran, the successful mo st p ro v o cativ e an d least Stuxnet cyber-attacks and well- constructive of any in the past timed comments from military decade: missile tests, artillery o f f i c i a l s t h a t t h e U . S . h a s attacks and the sinking of a South

advisors, “Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.” What was true in 1961 is just as true in 2011.

Arab states have quietly given Washington a green light to strike. The Europeans have begun to put teeth into their sanctions. And

contingencyplans contingency plans to strike Iran’s Korean ship. We can hope for S u n g . I n o t h e r w o r d s , w e nuclear facilities. Nort h Kore a to be mira culo usly shouldn’t count on any of those 2. Testing Times in Korea. As transformed from within, like ELEVEN page 79 Kim Jong Il paves the way for the Eastern Europe in 1989; we can

Submitted at 1/4/2011 10:40:47 PM

hope for North Korea to learn from China and allow for economic liberalization; we can hope for China to start acting like a responsible regional actor and pull the reins on Pyongyan g; we can even hope that the end of Kim Jong Il will create an opening for peac efu l unif ica tion . Of cour se, that’s what everyone hoped in 1994-95, when Kim Jong Il took power af ter the passing of Kim Il


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Washington Goes Supply Side Both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are moving toward growth. ‘S top the bad stuff” is what John Boehner told a bunch of us at breakfast a few weeks b efore the election. That’s how he defined the GOP mission. Now he’s Speaker. And now there’s an opportunity for both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to move in the direction of a supply-side economic growth model to reduce chronic

bus ine ss con fid ence have been springing up everywhere. The economic upturn probably started late last summer, but it has pi ck ed u p s t ea m s i nc e t he elections. Car sales, ISMs, smallbu si ne ss co nf id en ce , 29 7, 00 0 ADP private jobs, and brisk holiday retail sales -- the indicators all look good. And what’s helping light things up? Low-tax-rate clarity. Stopping the pork-barrel, earmarked, omnibus spending bill. And now the potential undermining of Obamacare. Plus, the hope for

new House GOP mantra. And that’s fine, as long as the cut part includes corporate tax cuts to grow the economy and complement the hoped-for spending cuts. Growth is essential to the GOP political future, as well as the nation’s health and wealth. Over at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Barack Obama won’t be the first liberal to move in the direction of supplyside growth incentives, especially lower tax rates. Think John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Then

pic k for mer Cli nto n eco nom ic chief Gene Sperling to replace Larry Summers. Bill Clinton was a liberal who got mugged in the midterm elections, and he changed his stripes on the economy and taxes. And now we may be seeing Obama make the same transformation. But I repeat my own mantra: trust but verify. And there’s no smooth sailing ahead for the GOP. They’ll have to fight tooth and nail over the Conn Carroll (The Foundry: EPA carbon assault and the Conservative Policy News.) ) Obamacare health takeover if Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:00:48 PM they’re to stop these monumental

unemployment and really get the economy moving again. #ad#You can’t govern from the House alone. Boehner knows that. But he also knows that you can stop the redistribution, the big spending, the overregulation, the tax hikes, and the war against bus ine ss and inv est ors . The economy is picking up this new political vibe. Economic growth has shifted to 4 percent

broad-based spending limits, and even a corporate tax cut touted by Obama and hopefully the new House Republicans. Trust but verify. And right now I’m willing to trust. If Obamanomics has been replaced by Tea Party Reaganomics 2.0, the revived Gipper approach is at heart an economic growth message -operating through free-markets,

and now, the motives are undoubtedly political. Fine. It’s the results that count. Just today, the White House announced that Obama will speak before the Chamber of Commerce in order to improve relations with business. This is good. Next thing you know he’ll be speaking at a Tea Party event. And it looks like the president is Clintonizing his White House

economy and job killers. But stocks and the dollar are rising, and gold is falling. These markets are affirming the shift in po li ti cs an d po li cy . We ar e moving toward the supply-side. That’s good. Haven’t been there in a while. -- Larry Kudlow, NRO’s Economics Editor, is host of Reportand and CNBC’s The Kudlow Report author of the daily web blog,

from 2 percent (even though the Fed hardly acknowledges this). And just in the last six weeks, indicators of better jobs and

not government. And it’s not staff. He’s probably bringing in simply budget bean-counting busines sman and former Clinton Commerce secretary Bill Daley to either. Cut-and-grow seems to be the be chief of staf f. And he migh t

Kudlow’s Money Politic$. Larry Kudlow

“caitiff” would be worthwhile. Light on politics Scanning back over this diary, I see it’s light on po li ti cs . Oh we ll ; wi th 20 12 already visible on the horizon, you’ll be getting all the politics you want want real soon. Who cares about politics anyway? Some years ago George

number of people to cross a room to shake my hand, as do my treehouseand and Borispages. Borispages. Those treehouse are my long-term star items. Politics? Fuhgeddaboutit. Perhaps I should write a book about ba se ba ll . Math Corner The solution to last here.. month’s puzzle is here

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:00:26 PM

Dodd Frank Already Failing Consumers The Wall Street Journal Journalreports reports today: Banks are considering additional fees on credit cards and checking accounts. But they also are looking at new ways to make money on cash machines and especially debit cards as regulators pinch the cards’ conventional revenue streams. And what exactly is to blame for all of these new fees and restrictions? WSJ reports: “The DODD-FRANK page 77

DECEMBER continued from page 72

always that there should be one word to express a thing in English, because there is one in another language, is to change the language.” #ad#Far be it from me to try conclusions with the Great Cham of English literature; but I can’t help thinking that a revival of

Will observed that he had written three books about politics and one about baseball, and his publisher’s statements told him where America’s heart lies. I can second that. Nothing I write or say about politics ever generates one-tenth as much email, or inspires one-tenth the

This month’s brainteaser is the traditional one for the New Year: Find something c u r i o u s o r interesting to say about the number 2011. John Derbyshire



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Beijing Drops the Other Shoe James Carafano (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.) )

Ne ws ma x. com th at “ Russia’s legislature says the New START nuclear arms treaty ratified last month by the U.S. Senate restricts th e U.S . fro m b u ild in g an d operating missile defenses against nuclear attacks.” attacks.” All this news could not make the White House look more silly. And there is more, including recent rep o rts o f Ch in ese b allistic missiles designed to take out U.S. carrier strike groups groups and fresh evidence of a new Chinese stealth fighter aircraft. aircraft. So here the Administration plans Tait Trussell (FrontPage ) to “engage” with China having Magazine » FrontPage cut U.S. missile defense programs Submitted at 1/4/2011 10:45:04 PM by 15 per ce nt its fi rs t yea r in office, axing its only stealth The knives—and scalpels—are fighter in production (the F-22), out to cut ObamaCare to ribbons and signed a treaty with Russia or administer beneficial plastic that ensures that the U.S. will surgery. Here are developments bec ome a les ser nuc lea r powe r. that can accomplish a coup d’etat No wonder Chinese officials did or probably bring more rational not want to highlight what they health care to America. are up to—as far as what the U.S. Even with 87 new Republicans is doing, Beijing must be very j o i n i n g t h e n e w H o u s e o f

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:19:23 PM

Posted January 5th, 2011 at 4:19pm in American Leadership Print This Post Yesterday, Heritage China expert Dean Cheng mused that something must be up. up . He wrote, “As the world rang in 2011, one of the lesser noticed events is the absence of a Chinese defense wh ite p ap er fo r 2 0 1 0 . Th e bie nni al pub li c ex pla nat ion of Chinese military capabilities and

Ending ObamaCare

intentions was due out by the end of December. Yet as of Tuesday morning, no report has been released . Th is is a strik in g omission, as the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been assiduous in producing these reports in a timely manner.” Ch en g th o u g h t may b e th e Chinese had something to hide. There are a couple of high-level U.S.–Chinese meetings on the calendar: a visit of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates next week, followed by President Hu Jintao’s coming to America. So Cheng wondered that “there may be something to the report or its context that the Chinese are hesitant to highlight.” Well, now a Japanese news network seems hot on the trail trailof of what that might be, reporting that

itself faced with a critical situation in a war with another nuclear state, internal documents showed Wednesday.” The news that Beijing is more than willing to pull the nuclear trigger is a sobering story indeed. Surely, it will come as a major emb arrassmen t to P resid en t Obama, who was leading the high -fives after the Senate ratified the New START nuclea r agree ment,

t h e “ C hlaunching i n e s e m ial ipreemptive tary will consider nuclear strike if the country finds

the Senatethat in the debate hailing the first step assured over ratification it did not. on the how “roadthis to was zero”—a world without nuclear weapons. The fact William Chedsey reports for

that the Chinese proclaim they have no interest in getting rid of nuclear weapons—except perhaps in an exchange of mushroom clouds—makes the White House look pretty foolish. foolish. This headline comes on top of news out of the Russian Duma that it intends to declare that the Ne w ST AR T ag re em en t do es indeed limit U.S. missile defense—which the White House

happy with the way things are going. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Representatives, a repeal bill has a steep hill to climb. But Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has said it is important to go through the processeven process even if the Senate rejects such a kill or the President vetoes it. The Rasmussen Poll shows “59 pe r ce nt of th e vo te rs fa vo r repealing it. And it’s important to respond to the voters.” Even in the event of a failure of full repeal, King says conservatives have another strategy. They control the purse ENDING page 77

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continued from page 75

continued from page 76

proposals, released last month, are part of the Dodd-F rank fina ncialoverhaul bill that was enacted last year.” So much for Congress’

Todd Zywicki detailed yesterday how Dodd-Frank was enabling the return of the loan shark: And how will the market respond

lenders have prospered as a result strings and will shift their focus to from health programs to devise of credit-card regulations. defunding the new law through more efficient and less expensive Nontraditional financial products appropriations Congress must ways of dealing with health serve an important role in the pa s s to f in a nc e th e f ed er al pr ob le m s. “ Me di c ai d is th e

claim that Dodd-Frank would save consumers money. Before the bill was passed, Heritage Foundation analysts David John and James Gattuso predi cted: The bill would also eliminate part of the fees paid by retailers to credit card companies for the use of debit cards. The part that is be in g el im in at ed go es to th e financial institution that issues the card, and the loss of this income may cause certain issuers to either drop their cards or limit their availability. This fee applies only to large banks, with fees going to smaller financial institutions, state governments that use debit cards to pay certain types of benefits, and certain other card issuers still being allowed. … Rather than make the financial system safer, it reduces firms’ ability to handle risk. And rather than help consumers, it raises their costs, reduces their choices, and hinders the capital formation necessary to make them more pro spe rou s. Also in the WSJ WSJ,, George Mason University Law School Professor

tAmendment o t h e s o -toc athe l l e Dodd-Frank d Durbin banking reform law, which places pr ic e co nt ro ls on de bi t- ca rd interchange fees (which retailers pay for acce pting cards) ? Pursuant to the law, the Federal Reserve announced before Christmas that it plans to slash the interchange rate to between 7 cents and 12 cents, a 90% cut from the current rate. While this will provide a major windfall to bi g- bo x r et ai le rs a nd ot he r merchants, the impact on consumers will be devastating—and again lowincome consumers will be the hardest hit. … Many low-income Americans will be unable to qualify for free checking under the new fee regime, meaning they will have to pay higher fees or simply drop out of the banking system. Financial prod ucts that cat er to unban ked consumers—check consumers—ch eck cashers, pawn shops, purveyors of nonbank pr ep ai d ca rd s— ca n ex pe ct to b e n e f i t f r o m t h e D u r b i n Amen d men t, ju st as p ay d ay

marketplace for count the millions of consumers who on them. Even pawn shops and loan sharks are mo re p alatab le an d less ex p en siv e th an th e b o u n ced checks and utility shut-offs that would result in their absence. Still, low-income consumers aren’t better off when they have to rely on such lenders because pa te rn al is ti c re gu la ti ons ha ve deprived them of a credit card. And just wait until the Consumer F in an cial P ro tectio n Bu reau comes on line, increasing costs and further restricting credit for low-income consumers. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS RSSservice service — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

progra “It isofesse ntial thatwho we have a m. record lawmakers vote for repeal and those who do not,” said King. The incoming chairman of a key health subcommittee, Rep. Joe P itts (R-Oh io ), to ld Hu man Ev en ts Dec. 1 4 h e p lan s a “piecemeal” effort to repeal the law. After voting for full repeal in the House, realizing this is quite unlikely, “we will then move on rep ealin g select p o tio n s” o f ObamaCare. He said he will meet in a strategy session with Speaker -designate John Boehner (R-Ohio) as well as Rep. Fred Upton (RMich.) who will chair the House Energy Committee. Under Finance is the health subcommittee Pitts will chair. Pitts said the “first strike” will be to pass last year’s Stupak-Pitts measure, to ban any tax dollars for abortion in the health legislation. Pitts also said high on the assault list is the tax form 1099 regulation. It requires more tax paperwork and documentation of expenses by health providers. Pitts called the regulation “onerous.” He said the plan to repeal it directly is sure to have widespread support—people in the health care industry are wondering, along with reasonable p e o p l e e v e r y w h e r e , w h y government needs all this information. He also said he met with several state governors to discuss possible state waivers

bi gg es hope t pr ob m, turn of as co much ur se . But…I welecan as possible over to governors. The governors can provide lots of innovation; so I want to bring them in in a big way,” Pitts added. As to White House opposition: “We’ll just take our time,” Pitts said. P ro -Ob amaCare Demo crats won’t sit idly by while Republicans try to defang ObamaCare. A regulation was put in place Jan. 1, for instance, to pay doctor s who advis e patie nts on options for end-of-life care, wh ich may in clu d e ad v an ce directives to forego aggressive life -sustaining treatment. The provis ion was dropp ed from the health bill before it became law beca use it was so cont rove rsi al. Now, Dr. Donald Berwi ck, head of Medicare and Medicaid, an advocate of cost-cutting and rationing, will be in charge. rationing, Doctors will be discussing with seniors at annual physicals the choices for ending life at some stage of illness. Anything to cut the cost of lingering illnesses–which in some cases may improve. Then what happens when an advance directive says: “Stop treatment.”



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Energy Policy at the Rich Trzupek (FrontPage Magazine » FrontPage )


OPERATION continued from page 71

moving to a market-based system of housing finance. One prom isi ng ide a is to shr ink the co mp an ies’ p resen ce in th e

Submitted at 1/4/2011 10:43:11 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Petroleum Institute released its “State of American Energy” report today at a media event held at the Newseum in Washington. API President and CEO Jack Gerard outlined the oil and gas industry’s perspective on energy policy and released details of an API commissioned study looking at the effects of natural resource access and tax policy. This reporter was invited to attend the event by API, which paid for my travel expenses. There is little doubt that America has arrived at another energy policy cross roads . Oil price s are rising because worldwide supply has remained relatively flat while China and India demand more and more crude to fuel their economic growth. While America has far more proven crude oil reserves

vast reserves of “shale gas” trapped in huge underground formations. American energy policy will follow one of two roads. The Obama administration’s preferred approach is to continue to ban

and natural gas. In releasing the “State of American Energy” Gerard and API made their case for the latter course. Gerard argued that the United States will continue to consume vast amounts of oil and natural

for decades to come,” Gerard said. “A lot of it will come from deep sea well – and if it doesn’t come from here, then we’ll import it.” The industry’s perspective is that increased domestic oil and natural gas production can lead

than anyone suspected even a most new offshore oil exploration decade ago, a good deal of those and, perhaps, to levy an energy reserves lie offshore in areas that tax as a means of both reducing are currently off limits for new consumption and raising federal drilling. Offsetting that somewhat, revenues. The other path, of domestic natural gas production is co u rse, ru n s in ex actly th e robust and supplies and prices opposite direction: aggressively have remained very stable. Much pur sue off shor e exp lor ati on, in of the good news about natural both deep and shallow waters, and gas supply can be tied to tapping avoid any new taxes on petroleum

gas, far into the future. Industry estimates project that fifty percent of all energy used in America will come from the combustion of natural gas and petroleum pr od uc t s by th e ye a r 20 35 . (Currently, sixty percent of all domestic energy use involves oil and natural gas). “Our nation will require more oil and natural gas

the way to economic recovery, but only if it has access to these natural resources and if additional taxes are not imposed on energy product ion and distr ibution.

market gradually the size o fbymo rtg ag esreducing th ey are allowed to buy. They could then eventually be dismantled without disrupting the housing market. Studies have shown that Fannie and Freddie have done little to reduce mortgage rates or increase homeownership, and claims that they are necessary to stabilize the market are at this point a sick jok e. Who nee ds the m? Not a reformist, free-market-minded House majority. The new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Darrell Issa, is making Fannie and Freddie one of his first targets for hearings, appropriately. All signs are that he will be extremely energetic on all fronts, giving the administration a strong dose of the accountability it h as n o t g o tten fro m th e legislative branch over the last two years. As long as he does not get diverted into obsessing over minute scandals, as congressional Republicans did too often in the 1 9 9 0 s, Issa’s wo rk will b e welco me an d imp o rtan t. Speaking of scandal, Republicans must have zero tolerance for it in their own ranks. Every new majo rity co mes in p led g in g pu ri ty . Th e n hu m a n na t ur e intervenes. It is always easy to find an excuse for giving your own side a pass -- personal OPERATION page 80


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Jihad Strikes a

low in Pakistan

Nichole Hungerford (FrontPage Magazine » FrontPage ) Submitted at 1/4/2011 10:46:29 PM

For the second time in three years, the beleaguered nation of Pakistan has lost one of its most prom ine nt sec ula r ref orm ers to Islamic radicalism. Salman Taseer, governor of Pakistan’s popu lous Punj ab Prov ince , was killed Tuesday in broad daylight by Ma li k Mu m ta z Q ad r i, a member of the governor’s own security detail. The assassination was expressly political, with Qadri citing Taseer’s opposition to Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy laws as the motivation behind the killing. The tragedy leaves much uncertainty and turmoil in its wake, especially with respect to Pakistan’s willingness to help pac ify ant i-A me ric an for ce s in neighboring Afghanistan. The event also puts into question the viability of the fragile Pakistani secularist movement in the face of b u r g e o n i n g violent fundamentalism. Taseer was a member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, a secular reformist party once represented by former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto, a champion of modernity in Pakistan, was also murdered in a fundamentalist gun-and-bomb attack in 2007. In fact, Taseer’s death comes within days of the

commemoration of the event. Like Bhutto, Taseer vocally advocated for women and minority rights. Ms. Bhutto’s husband, Asif Ali Zardari, is Pakistan’s current president and was close to Taseer. Taseer had aggressively carried on Bhutto’s legacy, becoming one of Pakistan’s foremost opponents of Islamic extremism. In the weeks preceding his death, Teseer faced intense opposition from Islamist elements over his objection to the country’s draconian blasphemy laws, which carry the penalty of death. In a highly publicized case, a Christian woman named Asia Bibi, who

aanniversary s s a s s i n a of t i ohis n , compatriot’s a grim

lived in Punjab, was sentenced to

death for a blasphemy offense. She is currently in prison and is appealing her sentence. Taseer publicly supported Bibi and railed against the blasphemy laws, which prompted Islamist factions to call for his ouster. Some groups issued an edict of blasphemy for his involvement in the case. Qadir’s intention was to fulfill this decree. He was led away from th e scen e smilin g o v er h is instrumentality in Allah’s divine ju st ic e. “I am a sl av e of th e Prophet,” he told a television crew, “and the punishment for one wh o co mmits b lasp h emy is d eath .”



continued from page 74

outcomes . President Obama’s goal in 2011 will be the same as that of his predecessors: to avoid another Korean war. That’s how

opportunities to prove it is a resp o n sib le reg io n al p lay er. Beijing could start by playing hard ball with Pyongyang. It

U.S. administrations measure success in Korea. And given what a second Korean war would look like, it’s a worthy goal. 3. Muscle Flexing in Japan. Japan is definitely preparing for the worst on the Korean peninsula. Doubtless, Tokyo is bracing for another North Korean nuclear test and watching the skies for another North Kore an ICBM disguised a s a “satellite.” Stung into action by North Korea’ s a rtille ry a ttack on South Korea and the North’s ongoing development of longrange missilery, the Japanese government has announced plans to deploy missile-defense assets “on all major Japanese islands,” UPI reports. With an eye on Beijing, Tokyo also plans to build up defenses in its southwestern territories and strengthen security par tne rsh ips wit h Sout h Kor ea, Australia, India and the United States. 4. Opportunity for China. As alluded to above, 2011 will pre se nt Be iji ng wit h ple nty of

could alsoTaiwan, stop itsslow missile buildup opposite its military sp en d in g b in g e, ex p lain its deployment of new carrier-killing missilery, and act more transparently in military matters and less aggressively in territorial disputes. But as with North Korea, the United States and its Pacific allies cannot base their defense policy on hope and hypotheticals. The odds are that Beijing won’t make the most of these opportunities. And so, Australia, Japan and the United States will continue to pursue a hedging strategy vis-à-vis China; India will continue to gravitate closer to the U.S.; countries like Vietnam and the Philippines will seek deeper partnerships with the U.S.; and the Asia-Pacific region will continue to be a dangerous plac e.


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OPERATION continued from page 78

relationships and political considerations crowd out ethics and standards. The last Republican majority slid down

stunning setback by defeating a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill in the lame-duck session. If nothing else, the new Congress will stop

this path until it became watchword for corruption. Thea Tea Party movement is partly a reaction against that self-serving politics, and Republicans had best not forget it. W e should not end on an admonitory note, though. Instead, pause to consider that even before they arrived in Washington, the new Republicans had effectively ended most earmarks, forced President Obama to accept an extension of all the Bush tax cuts, and dealt Senate appropriators a

Obama’s legislative cold, and that in itself is agenda a wondrous change from the last two years of arrogant and overweening liberalism. Operation Rewind can’t truly succeed without a Republican president in 2013. If congressional Republicans help set the table for one, they will have done their part in inaugurating a historic era of conservative reform. The Editors

Samsung Reveals Its New TVs PCs Smartphones and Tablets[LIVE] Ben Parr (Mashable! Mashable! )

2:10: John Revie, SVP of the

Submitted at 1/5/2011 4:11:05 PM

consumer business division, is now on stage with Baxter. 2:11: In 2011, Samsung thinks there will be 6 million 3D TVs. 2:12: More larger 3D TVs. 60% of its lineup will be 3D TVs. It will also have a lot of smart TVs, connected to the web. 2:13: Samsung has unveiled three new TVs with ultrathin bezels. The D700, the D800 and the D6500 plasma TV. You can

The spotlight is on Samsung here at CES as the electronics giant prepares to launch new P Cs, TVs, monitors, ultrathin displays and tablets. Samsung is about to hold its press event here at the Venetian hotel in Las egas. We’ve heard rumors that the company is 2:02: 300+ applications for TVs. working on superthin flexible 2:03: 10 million Samsung Galaxy displays displaysand and an ultrathin Air competitor. We alsoMacbook see new monitors, Here are my live notes: Samsung Press Conference: Live Notes 2:01: David Steel, SVP marketing for Samsung, has taken the stage. 2:01: 3DTV sales have surpassed 1 million units sold in 2010. Samsung possesses 70% market share. He says he’s aware people are questioning the market po te nt ia l o f 3D T Vs .

ph on es so ld . We pr ev io us ly reported this number. 2:03: His talk is now focused on home appliances and cameras. It’s focused on Samsung’s achievements thus far. 2:05:“the smarter life” is the theme for this press conference. Smart design, smart experiences and smart connections. 2:08: Tim Baxter, president of the consumer electronics division, is on stage.

barely tell there’s a border from a distance. CES,, CES 2011, 2011 , More About: CES p,, gadgets , Hardware , l a p t o p samsung , Samsung 9 Series For more Tech Techcoverage: coverage: • Follow Mashable Tech on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Tech channel • Download our free apps for Android, iPhone iPhone and iPad

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Golden Voiced Homeless Man Scores Job Offers After Video Goes Viral Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable! Mashable! )

need for their businesses, etc.”

we’re one of the largest lenders in

Before this week, the name “Ted Williams” most likely brought to mind the phrase “Teddy Ballgame.” Now, the name has b e c o m e s y n o n y m o u s w i t h “Golden-voiced,” as a homeless man with that moniker has shot to stardom as a result of his br e a th ta ki ng vo c a l c ho rd s . Recently, Columbus Dispatch

The results were overwhelming: “I received anywhere from 70 to 80 job offers for Ted in my personal messages alone ove r the past day and a half, som e coming from people claiming to represent the interests of nationwide radio pr og ra ms , te le vi si on sh ow s , businesses looking for someone to do their voice systems, ads, ads and more ads, musicians wanting Ted to contribute his voice to their

o f ev en ts h as p resen ted fo r Williams — his lightning-fast ascent to the viral video firmament has also garnered him job off ers from the like s of the NFLand the Cleveland Cavaliers NFLand (and, by proxy, Quicken Loans). The Cavs also offered him a house. Quicken Loans President Jay Farner heard about Williams’s

America. Houses are something we know and do pretty well, we figured that it would make sense to find a home for him — a place he could get established, get on his feet. Hard to start a new job if you don’t have a place to call home.” Williams hasn’t accepted the offer yet, but Farner says that the talented man seems excited by the pro spe ct — and the fe eli ng is

videographer Doral Chenoweth III filmed a brief interview with the Brooklyn-born Williams, who — until rece ntly — panh andle d on the corner of a highway. Yesterday, the video went viral, and has (at the time of this post ing) rac ked up more than 5 million views on YouTube. This ascent is most likely due in no small part to the Reddit community,, which took up the community cau se after Red d it u ser an d Columbus-dweller “shiggiddie” posted the video to the site after hearing about the interview on a local radio show. “I had already seen the immense good the Reddit community is capable of doing,” shiggiddie says. “I hoped that maybe through the community I might find out who this Ted Williams character is, and how we might be able to help him get on his feet with some work other redditors might want/

tracks, and toeven radio hosts wanting him join their shows as a full-time jockey,” shiggiddie says. “I haven’t even gotten to the news sources asking me for more information, of which I’d guess I received personal messages from at least 20 to 25.” The video spread from boards like Reddit to viral culture blogs, leading to appearances on major news outlets — from print to radio to television. radio In fact, the awestruck Williams CBS’s The recently appeared on CBS’s Early Show, Show, where he he tearfully told viewers that he’s on his way bac k to Bro okl yn to rec onn ect with his 92-year-old mother. From the side of the highway to television to New York — that’s a p r e t t y r a p i d a n d d r a s t i c p r o g r e s s i o n . But the trip back to BK isn’t the biggest opportunit y tha t thi s t urn

great talent “We’re working on alast lotnight. of marketing over here at the company, voiceover work, commercials and websites and all kinds of things for Quicken Loans and a variety of our companies who would need that. People heard the voice and thought that might be a great fit. And when I saw that he was in Ohio, I thought that was excellent bec aus e the Cav ali ers are righ t there and we’ve got a Quicken Loans web center down there. We’re kind of partial to helping folks in the Midwest.” Dan Gilbert, the principal owner of Cleveland Cavaliers, is also the founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, so the companies tend to work together rather closely. Still, the job would mostly entail doing voiceovers for the Cavs’s arena. When asked about the housing offer, Farner replied: “Heck, we’re in the mortgage business,

mutual. “When you’re looking for voice talent or someone to go out there and represent your brand, you could do all the focus groups in the world, you’re never going to get 4.5 million people to tell you someone has a great voice,” Farner says. “If 4.5 million people think a voice is great, that’s about the best focus group you could ever get.” ted-williams,, More About: reddit, reddit, ted-williams viral video video,, youtube For more Web Video Videocoverage: coverage: • Follow Mashable Web Video on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Web Video channel • Download our free apps for iPhone and iPad Android, iPhone

Submitted at 1/5/2011 3:01:49 PM

5 Web Technologies and Trends to Watch in 2011 Josh Catone (M Mashable! ashable! ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 2:51:34 PM

In 2010 we saw the rise of HTML5 HTML5,, the maturation of CSS3, CSS3, 3.0,, and the the release of Rails 3.0 widespread adoption of [emailprotected]@fontface selector(part ( part of CSS3) — among other things. things . In short: it was a busy year for advancing web development technologies. What will 2011 hold? Below is a list, compiled by Mashable editors of some of the web technologies and trends we think should be on your radar for the coming year. These aren’t all straight up web dev technologies, per se, but they’re all things that will have an impact on website and app development in 2011. 1. jQuery Mobile jQuery has become practically synonymous with JavaScript, in large part because of its extensibility, ease of use and strong project leadership. With WEB page 82


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continued from page 81

th e g o al o f b ein g a to u ch optimized web framework for tablets and smartphones, jQuery Mobile is one of the most visible

- Ben Parr, Co-Editor 3.Node.j 3. Node.j s integration of share buttons and and Server Side JavaScript the gradual adoption of desktop The Node.js website describes it c l i e n t s , w i d g e t s a n d as an “ev en ted I/O fo r V8 boo kma rkl et s, whi ch al l ma de

another. As Ted Dziuba wrote wrote,, “by replacing MySQL or Postgres with a different, new data store, you have traded a well-

pro oseb spl a je tf ct orsm,ai mi c rng os sto - detavikec ecrw development for mobile browsers to the next level. As more and more developers consider bui ldi ng ap ps wit h HTM L5, a solid mobile JavaScript framework becomes more and more enticing. jQuery Mobile has the pedigree to become the de facto JavaScript framework for mobile. - Ch ristin a Warren, Warren , Mo b ile Reporter 2. Hardware-Accelerated Web Browsers Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is lightning fast, thanks to its use of DirectX 10 and hardware acceleration, vastly improving the speed and capabilities of the brow ser ver sus its com pet ito rs. Thanks to that envelope-pushing from Microsoft, Google and Mozilla are quickly scrambling to match the hardware acceleration capabilities of IE9. Next year, your browser is going to feel a lot faster.

JavaScript.” Essentially, it’s a toolkit for writing event-driven servers in JavaScript. What does that mean? In simple terms, it means no waiting around for slow I/O operations to complete before moving on to other operations; and for Node.js specifically, it means doing it all in server side JavaScript. For things like realtime web apps, web crawlers, file uploading, streaming, etc. — where speed is paramount — this is v ery imp o rtan t. No d e.js represents the beginning of what I expect will be a wider spread adoption of server side JavaScript in 2011. 2011. For more on what No de .j s is an d ho w it wo rk s, check out this excellent overview blog.. on Simon Willison’s blog - Josh Catone Catone,, Features Editor 4. Real-Time Clickstream Sharing There are tons of ways to share wh at y o u ’re read in g o n th e Internet — social sites and other online publishing tools made wav es th is y ear, with mass

enumerated w a r t s f o r list a of n elimitations w e r , p o oand rly understood list of limitations and warts.” Still, the explosive growth of alternative database systems in the pas t cou ple of yea rs def ini tel y singles NoSQL out as a web technology trend to watch in 2011. - Josh Catone Catone,, Features Editor More About: jq ue ry , jq ue ry mobile,, List, mobile List, Lists Lists,, node.js, node.js, nosql nosql,, real-time clickstream tracking tracking,, 2011,, things to things to watch 2011 watch in 2011, 2011, web browsers For more Tech Techcoverage: coverage: • Follow Mashable Tech on Twitter • Become a Fan on Facebook • Subscribe to the Tech channel • Download our free apps for iPhone and iPad Android, iPhone

sclickstream h a r i n g e asharing s i e r . Rise athe l - t next ime step in sharing your personal online experience, and 2011 is the year that will decide if the Internet is ready for it o orr not. Keep on Sitesimon,, Voyurl Voyurla a nd sites like Sitesimon . Swallow,, Assistant Editor - Erica Swallow 5.NoSQL 5. NoSQL Da tabases NoSQL, a loosely defined term u sed to d escrib e altern ativ e database engines that generally d o n ’t fo llo w th e trad itio n al relatio n al d atab ase sch emas widely in use, has been on the rise in recent years. Notable alternative databases that gained attention recently include Google’s BigTable, Amazon’s Dynamo, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Voldemort and Riak. Of course, let’s not throw the baby out with the bat hwa te r — dif fe re nt doe sn’ t necessarily mean better. There are alway s trad e-o ffs wh en choosing one data model over


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Money Rules All Women Should Live By

(Financiallyfit Financiallyfit on Shine )

In The Recessionistas, a new novel by Wall Street financial whiz Alexandra Lebenthal, the economic crisis hits the Upper East Side — sending four socialites scrambling in their Manolos. As their worlds and their bank accounts take a serious hit, these fierce females power on, stopping at nothing to get what they want. Related: How to Get (and Keep!) a Job in a Tough Economy

months later, she delivered her manuscript. Here, she doles out some free money advice (thanks, we'll take it!). it!). 1. Teach Yourself. "One of the great things about the internet is that it really gives people the ability to learn things without having to expose themselves as a neophyte. So, whether it's a site like iVillage, which has a great basic money and investing section, or the website of a mutual fund company, you can go at your own pace and figure figure out what you want want

sometimes when men are dealing with women, you don't get that kind of dialogue and that comfort level. There are some great male financial advisers, but I just do see a lot that women just feel more comfortable dealing with women." Related: 12 Ways to Save Money Fast 3. Start Saving and Investing Early. "I would recommend that people have both an IRA and 401K at their company. The great thing about a 401K is that most

and determine how much you can really afford to save. Use the calculator at bankrate.comwhere where you can put in, say, "I'm going to save $3,000 a year for the next ten years, and let me just say it's going to earn five percent." And then you can see what that builds up to. As I said before, the earlier you can start, the more time you have to let that money build up over time." Related: 6 Money-Saving Switches Read more at! Become a fan of Cosmo on

Lebenthal has first-hand experience with these kinds of characters in real life — as the President and CEO of Lebenthal & Co, a financial advisory firm, she entered the world of finance when she was just 23 and was running the company by age 31. A few years ago, Lebenthal began writing a column on, where her witty commentary on the

to learn and then have enough information to talk to somebody further. So I think that's a great place to start ." Related: 4 Money Questions You Must Ask Your Guy 2. Find a Financial Adviser You Feel Comfortable With. "I think that a lot of times women really are better off dealing with women because there is just a natural comfort level and it's a

companies match the contribution to a certain point. So if you think about it, its really like you're making more money than you thought you were because your company is giving that money to you. The other great thing about a 401k is that it's not something you have to do consciously. So you make the determination about what percentage of you want to contribute and then it

Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Want More Sex & Love Advice? Subscribe to Cosmo & Save Up to 75%! This entry passed through the Full-Text RSSservice RSSservice — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php Five Filters Filters featured site: So,

people who won inhabi the world of Wall Street ant army of fans. One such fan happened to be a literary agent, who convinced Lebenthal to write a novel based on actual events. Three short

natural conversation. Women like automatically happens. It's not to talk, so you want to have a like you have to make a choice, it conversation about it, you want to just happens." ask questions and say, "What do Related: Save $250 in 30 Days you think about this/what do you 4. Set a Budget. think about that?" I think that "Take a hard look at your budget

Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?.. Again?

Submitted at 1/4/2011 7:09:46 PM




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Texas Instruments announces DLP Pico HD chipset slew of pico projectors CES-bound Laura June (Engadget Engadget ) Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:19:00 PM

Microsoft shows off off next generation of Surface has per-pixel touch detection Paul Miller (E Engadget ngadget )

Submitted at 1/5/2011 5:46:00 PM

allow for some pretty wild UI improvements, but Microsoft's primar y de mo w as the tried-a ndtrue rippling water effect. The technology was developed in conjunction with Samsung, and measures four inches thick -- it's obviously not going into your next tablet. Under the hood is an

with writing on it on top of the screen / sensor. No word on when this is coming out, but Microsoft says it will be cheaper than the current generation of Surface when it does. We asked about the p o t e n t i a l f o r t h i s s o r t o f technology in smaller form factors, and were told it only

to bring Surface to Joe Consumer any time soon. Microsoft shows off next generation of Surface, has perpixe l touc h dete ctio n originally appeared on Engadget Engadgeton on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 17:46:00 EDT. Please feeds.. see our terms for use of feeds | Email this this|| Permalink|

Microsoft's Surface still isn't for consumers, but it's getting a whole lot wilder. We just saw the next generation of Surface, which has infrared "pixel sense" detection in each pixel, meaning instead of multiple single points of touch, AMD CPU GPU combo. The and scales around 24-inches, the screen can image your entire wildest part, /however, is pictured wedown reallytoget the feeling that Comments hand in all its detail. This should above: placing a piece of paper Microsoft doesn't have any plans

Texas Instruments Instruments has just announced its latest DLP proj ect or chi pse t, the Pic o HD. The newest, tiny chipset offer HD WXGA resolution projections of up to 100 inches, and promises to be br ighter and c learer than ever. So what does this mean to you, the consumer? Well, Texas Instruments is promising a host of hardware partners showing off their brand spanking new projec ting wares . We don't have full details yet, but we do know that we can expect to see Acer unveil its HW300T pocket proje ctor, while View Sonic will show the PLED-W200 DLP Pico pr oj ec to r, an d of fe ri ng s fr om Optoma Optoma and LG to boot. We'll track them all down for you as TEXAS page 85

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TEXAS continued from page 84

soon as our tiny hands possibly can. And that, in a nutshell, is our Texas Instruments pico news of the day. The full-fledged, not in a

DLP Pico HD chipset, slew of pi c o p ro je c t or s CE S- bo u nd originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 05 Jan 2011 17:19:00

nutshell press release is after the of EDT. Please see our forthis use| break. feeds feeds. . Permalink | terms | Email this| C o n t i n u e r e a d i n g T e x a s Comments Instruments announces DLP Pico HD chipset, slew of pico p r o j e c t o r s C E S - b o u n d Texas Instruments announces

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